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The Idea of a song. Is to place the staff within the key. As the song of the vorlon sings to you. Oh for the end of the Shadow war is but a taste John..Just a taste. How it works is pain.B5

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This story is a sequel to A Dragon's Trek to Michigan

{A recording on a tape recorder plays.}

May 23rd, 2015. The world changed, I want to be able to explain but I can't. Greetings to any other souls out there. I'm known as Russell, but a friend I have gained through my journey named me Malla. I have been with her ever since The Event happened, traveling from Wyoming to Michigan. You ask yourself, are you really alone in this new world? What happen to this world? All I know is that most of the world vanished in one night.

I for one sadly don't know but there is hope. I am held up in a old Meijers, near the Kellogg airport. Don't worry to those that recently returned back from wherever. I'm willing to take you in and bring you up to speed and help you in this new world until you're back on your hooves, claws or whatever else you have now.

The world did end on that fateful day. I wish I could be the bearer of better news. But we humans well creatures changed from humans to whatever now. We have to stick together it’s all we have left is each other. If we allowed this even to make us lose sight of our hearts we will fall. So please come and be welcomed.  

Welcome to Dragon’s Rest.

{Recording ends}


Take's place in Ponies after people universe created by Starscribe.

Chapters (1)

There are stories of long bridges many of them. There are stories of crashes walks along them. But I never would have thought of what I found. I wake up learning that an event happen. I am three hundred or more years some say even longer late. But this is my story of how I met the Battle Creek Battalion. A battalion that normally doesn't come out this far. But they came out here for a hunt there is a rumor there are secrets on Maniack island. Secrets I know nothing about. This island was a tourist trap. What do they expect to find on that island?

But the problem is we are so far from the right side. From what I have learned it's a training group trying to learn what has happen to the rest of Michigan since most of them are from Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

I would like to Thank my Editor Dragonoidsix Seekers for taking time with editing this story.


This story is based on PAP ponies after people made by StarScribe

Chapters (1)

May 23rd— a day that humans became ponies, but Danna was not so lucky. She came to this cruise hunting for a criminal mastermind, but before she could track him down, magical disaster struck.

Now Danna must learn to take advantage of her new magic before it's too late. But she won't be alone: she finds an unexpected ally in the very criminal she was chasing.

Can they leave their differences behind? Or will their shared past be too much to overcome?


Linked to RuinQueenOfOblivion's story in the same name. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/393908/cruising-into-the-unknown

Chapters (2)

Scoots has a dream to fly. She wishes on her birthday for the ability to fly. But this wish comes as a pony from the past shows up from the either of time and space itself to give her the training to fly.

A story from someone who lives with a disability and has learned to soar because of help from another.

This story is a one shot enjoy.

Chapters (1)

The swat kats have failed. They couldn't stop Dark Kat, The Metallikats, The pastmaster, and Dr Viper from destroying megakat City. Thanks to the Pastmaster. T'bone ,and Razor end up in another universe. Ending up in the magic land of Equestria with their jet..That is beyond repair. They must befriend the ponies and find a way back home..Before it is to late.

Chapters (2)

Harmony and Disharmony, at war with each other in the universe. A station from another universe, that found it's way into our universe two thousand year's ago. It took a thousand year's to build a rocket into space. Another thousand to build it up for Equestria souls. Follow the story of the new Elements as well as Twilight Sparkle, as she learns down the line that all she knew was wrong. Friendship and harmony is what keeps the universe from harm, not just Equestria. War is starting and Equestria is the main target of Disharmony. Welcome to Harmony one

Mlp owned by Hasbro Babylon 5 owned by WB

Cover by Scarletsfeed

Chapters (34)
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