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No dictator, no invader, can hold an imprisoned population by the force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Babylon Five


A long time ago in another Galaxy, there was a war. A station known as Babylon Four had to be sent back in time to fight this war. Many years after Sinclar gave the station to the Minbari it had been drifting in space after all this time. During the new war between humanity and the Shadows. A Vorlon planet killer finds the station adrift. It uses its planet-killing weapons to fire at the station.

The blast caused the time device connected to the station's core to turn back on and teleport to another galaxy. The station causes a magical disturbance that causes the gates of Tartarus to crack causing Cerberus the defender of the gates to die. To counter this Equestria goes through a technology boost to counter this and then go to the station.

2000 years later the station is now a staging ground to fight a new threat in the galaxy. A threat of the army of Disharmony and Harmony fighting each other with the ponies in the middle. Now with Twilight and a new group of elements to fight and defend this galaxy to fight for harmony in all of the Galaxy. 

Welcome to Project Harmony One.

Mlp owned by Hasbro Babylon 5 owned by WB

Cover by Scarletsfeed

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Welcome everyone to Project harmony. Enjoy the story i shall do it as quick as I can but with good spelling and pure fun.

I think you should have described what the Descendants of the Mane 6 Looked like


Lol i knew i forgot something i can go back and fix that.

looking good but two things.

1: I don't think their flight would be affected by a non magical enviroment, Hat magic is internal so flight isn't an issue. the weather stuff on the other hand.

2: I don't think Luna needed to say that on war. this is TWILIGHT we are talking about. Celestia trained her personally. So her stance on war will already be the same as Celestia. Heck i think Luna would be the more military minded out the 4 princesses.


Yup still work in progress things will change.

You should describe all the girls without referring to their ancestors. Especially from the POV of one of them. They haven't met those unquie ponies.

Also don't mess with the weapons man. i don't see what they could change it with that won't be infeiror

Sorry for taking so long..Been working on the chapter off and on. But it will be done soon.

okay 1. i don't see the decendants of the element bearers hating each other. And the second in command nearly 20 years older trhen the commander. That doesn't make sense.

you lost me here. having the decendants not like each other doesn't make sense.

ok i fav your story and so far it reads just fine...i could be the fact i have watched some of B5 before but still looks great to me. :twilightsmile:

Sorry folks working on the next two chapters. Remember it's a two parter in one chapter. So it will take time. I just started it because i have been busy irl

Alright folks my editor can work on my stories again. So I started this one up again.

One thing:

" Peace only comes if one friend dies."

"Peace only comes if one friend dies."

Remove the top one, that may have been my mistake :twilightblush:


No that was my mistake the copy system went nuts.

7607918 Ah right, just thought I would point it out to ya :pinkiehappy:

Love this! I'll get working on editing your new chapter tomorrow

Babylon 5 got me here, lets see hows this story :twilightsmile:


heh remember it is based on it but its not going to follow everything right to a T though.

Project Harmony is going on Hiatus for a month or so. But I promise when it comes out there will be chapters ready.

The story is out of hiatus i will be posting chapters a bit slower though. Till the summer starts

I wanted to like this, but your writing style is driving me up the wall. And you start out with two really basic grammar mistakes in the first real paragraph. I hope you've improved, but without some serious editing I don't think I can slog through the beginning.

Sometimes there is no way to say your sorry to the one's long gone.

*you're, *ones


oddly it has been edited many times..But I think he misses them sometimes.

I agree on the grammar needing help, but I also can't help but feel from the sometimes rushed pace that English is maybe not your first language, or possible the same case as the Proof Reader. Overall It's a good story.


Of course but my issue I have been searching for one never been able to find one.

ok after the second chapter I feel it is time for a comment.
I do know B5 rather good and I do know the back story for B4 so yes this would work.
now before you grab the pitch forks and redstone torches and point out the fact that my spelling and praising sucks I know this.
ok that out of the way I can see ware this story code use a bit of editing, phrasing and wording is just a bit off, it is all fixable it is just time.

ok now to the story at this point I am liking it I will not vote till I am convinced the story will hold together but that is just me and my style.


Ah thank you. Now I do have an editor like I said. But I am missing a proof reader.


But still I talked to someone back in 2015. He told me about a book that had B4 drifting in space. So I felt I would use it. But the thing is something is going to happen to the station to make it more Equestrian then humanish and that is happening in season three.


I know this is an old post oddly it does make sense. Sadly no matter what friendship's won't last forever. Its more realistic to me even if it's a world of friendship not all friendship's last through time. Just my opinion of course.

Actually it does. If you watch the first two eps carefully, you'd see they weren't friends UNTIL they met twi.
They were aquaitances until then

I don't know but it just somehow seems that Luna's behavior is deeply hypocritical and unforgiving especially given Luna's past and the whole thing about harmony but maybe that is deliberate.


That's the point In fact later that's going to be pointed out to her. But that's later down the line.. When the trial happens.

Project Harmony will be going on Hiatus for awhile. I have new chapter's coming but they won't be out for awhile. But I am going to keep working on new chapters for it. Just for right now the chapters comming out for it will be slow and might not happen around the first few months of next year.

Well, I felt some feels. Solid start otherwise (errors aside). Wonder if you can hear me typing over Discord though. :derpytongue2:


Heh yeah many do also more will be coming sorry for the long wait of more chapters. But a lot more is coming and I can tell you things will get better for her. I have a ton of chapters ready to go just need to be edited they will be done soon.

Since I finally learned how to use Grammarly I am going to be releasing this story without my editor. If there need to be any fixes or spelling fixes let me know I will fix it. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me

There you go readers four chapters for you folks to chew on enjoy. I will be releasing more after I am done working on them. Again if there is any issues let me know. My editor is busy with another story of mine. This story is the most popular of them all so I feel I need to get this going again. Thank for waiting so long.

I haven’t watched Babylon 5 in over a decade but that’s a confusing synopsis.


Yeah I need to rework it a bit. Mainly to update it a bit. I will be doing that now.

This story will be going back on hiatus for maybe two weeks or so.

The story is back enjoy. Also, these next coming chapters were made back a few years ago. There are only three left.


Heh heh it's meant to be Babylon five but I do mix stuff in it.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

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