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The Idea of a song. Is to place the staff within the key. As the song of the vorlon sings to you. Oh for the end of the Shadow war is but a taste John..Just a taste. How it works is pain.B5


This story is a sequel to A Dragon's Trek to Michigan

{A recording on a tape recorder plays.}

May 23rd, 2015. The world changed, I want to be able to explain but I can't. Greetings to any other souls out there. I'm known as Russell, but a friend I have gained through my journey named me Malla. I have been with her ever since The Event happened, traveling from Wyoming to Michigan. You ask yourself, are you really alone in this new world? What happen to this world? All I know is that most of the world vanished in one night.

I for one sadly don't know but there is hope. I am held up in a old Meijers, near the Kellogg airport. Don't worry to those that recently returned back from wherever. I'm willing to take you in and bring you up to speed and help you in this new world until you're back on your hooves, claws or whatever else you have now.

The world did end on that fateful day. I wish I could be the bearer of better news. But we humans well creatures changed from humans to whatever now. We have to stick together it’s all we have left is each other. If we allowed this even to make us lose sight of our hearts we will fall. So please come and be welcomed.  

Welcome to Dragon’s Rest.

{Recording ends}


Take's place in Ponies after people universe created by Starscribe.

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If folks wonder what the heck is up with the start of the story. My editor felt it would bring some heavy bite into it. Welcome to my new story I hope you folks love it.

I know it's a a month or two early in the timeline, but I'm curious if there's going to be any interaction with Alexandria in this story. They're pretty close, relatively speaking.


There might be I am not to sure yet. If there is I want to do it right. But if there is it won't be for awhile. Of course at the moment they will be focused on taking care on things within and maybe like in The coming storm it will just a chatter through the radio.


Make sure to read the story before it.

I steer clear of M tags cuz shit gets real weird.


Eh don't worry about it. Nothing strange really goes on with it but eh up to you dude.

Good chapter please continue with the story


I am we will be getting more out when we can.

Have you read book series called wings of fire by tui t.sutherland the story all about 7 dragons heroes trying saveing the world and land and their home and everyone stopping a war and evil Force destroy everyone and them there's no human in the story at all just dragons check out the story


Hmm No I haven't i will take a look for it.

Comment posted by Andalite79 deleted August 7th

twelve chapters are all done just need to be edited. I am slowing down on writing for awhile but will still write just not as much as i was till my editor and I catch up on a lot of it.

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