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Galaxy Night

Twi X Sombra is best ship, Luna is best princess, King Sombra is best villain, and Twily is best pony!!!!


  • EThank You, Twilight
    Every Hearts Warming Eve, Celestia forlornly watches as her subjects thrive in happiness and give one another presents. Celestia hasn't received a gift in years. Until this year that is!!
    Galaxy Night · 1.9k words  ·  121  1 · 1.1k views

The time has come for Celestia to have a one-to-one lesson with her personal protege, Twilight Sparkle. She is, no doubt, a bright young unicorn and it doesn't take her long to understand the overall concept of the teleportation and transfiguration spell. That is not to say the lesson went perfectly well as Twilight's magic takes a haywire spin and does things unimaginable coming from a foal.

Edit: Oh the stars and galaxies, this thing got featured on 05/02/2023!!! Thank you!!!

Second Edit: OMG! This is the first time my story landed on top of the featured list. Thank you so much!!!

Third Edit: Audiobook version by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbCgCNefS8A

Fourth edit: Featured on Equestria Daily

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Okay that cover art is adorable.

Very cozy :twilightsmile:

I see you took inspiration from "Between Dark and Dawn" for Sunbutt's character?

"I forgot to tell you this but Canterlot is actually visited by Ghost Ponies every time the Summer Sun Celebration comes. It's a rare occasion, but they come and they apparently really like cake. They must have taken it. But that's alright. And don't be afraid of the Ghost Ponies, they're really friendly."

Oh, is that how she excuses her cake raids, hmm? :trixieshiftright:

Cute Boi :twilightsmile:

It makes me wonder what Celestia did when she learned the teleportation spell.

No wonder the unicorns are afraid of Cake Ghosts! Another case of the jynxies

Twilight's magic takes a haywire spin and deas things unimaginable


redmar #14 · May 3rd · · ·

This is a nice story.

Oops! I'll fix that. Thanks

She probably teleported herself to the Sun or (even better!) the human world dimension.

Lol was that really a reference to the Cake Ghosts in Foal Food?

Celestia being a mom was exactly what I needed right now.

Momlestia is Best Tia!! :heart::heart::heart:

What if you could add to the description?

'Third Edit: Audiobook version by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan!'

I'll work on it next if you would like.

That sounds wonderful!!

Dan #27 · May 4th · · ·

I half expected Adult Alicorn Twilight to be briefly yanked through time by her filly self, and Celestia has to use memory-wipe spell or call a SMILE agent.

Recorded for the audiobook version. I'll aim to get it edited and finished for Sunday.

My mind wanders I say. It wanders far and wide. It's the skill of an artist :raritywink:

new55 #32 · May 6th · · ·

That was a good story.

What Twilight saw as blunders ended up being blessings for Celestia even if the former didn't quite understand it. I especially loved the Ghost Ponies bit.

The mistake ends up being the thing to save the day. And thanks!!

Story keeps randomly changing between present and past tense.

More important problem; there doesn't actually seem to be a cohesive plot here, just a series of insubstantive events that happen without a thematic or causal link that makes this into a compelling conflict-driven story - and those events aren't even very believable to begin with.

It's... cute. And maybe that's all it was supposed to be. But there's not much else besides that to give it a more satisfying depth beneath a sugary surface.

The whole point of this story in particulat, was to be random and not have a carefully planned out plot. In the future, when I want to write a longer story is when plot stuff needs to be looked appropriately upon.
However, I appreciate the feedback nonetheless. No doubt, it will help me write better for my upcoming stories (which I hope I'll have enough :twilightblush: for)
Actually, can you do me a favor, just a small one?

Depends on the favor. What would it be?

Simply review one other story of mine, please.

Yep, I felt the cuteness.
It's SoL and the plot is random by design I think, so I'm not going to write a bare knuckle critique for this one.
The fic would benefit from an editing pass, tho. The flow of the narration is a bit bumpy.

I was skeptical about filly Twilight -filly as in tiny foal- learning/practicing and eventually pulling off teleportation. A spell that apparently 99.x % of adult unicorns never master or even attempt. But I ended up positively surprised and with a big grin on my face. Wittle Twily is adorable, their interaction heartwarming and the complexity of the spells being cast a non-issue.
While immersed in the story it felt totally natural for tiny magic horse to struggle much more with controlling and containing her magic than with understanding and casting top tier spells. I mean, she is Twilight "The Inevitable" Sparkle, of course she could teleport when she was in first grade ... the only question was what else got teleported and where to^^.
I don't think canon Celestia would've taught her dangerous spells at such a young age ... and maybe that was Tia's mistake. (imagine a carefree, even more powerful Twilight with Sunset level self confidence ... yeah, maybe too much awesome)

A fun short fluff piece.

Grammer is my weakness. This story wasn't intended to have any deep purpose. I just wrote out a cute filly Twi, Mommylestia thing.

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