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There was an angel only two lockers down that Muffins never noticed. Now that she had she couldn’t take her eyes away. She felt weird, and scared just being near her. What should she do? What was that feeling? Maybe angel magic? Muffins asks her friends Lyra and Bon Bon to help figure it out.

I kept her name Muffins because that’s what she’s listed as in Equestria Girls. I know she’s Derpy, you know she’s Derpy, but in that world she’s Muffins.

Written for the Spring Fling Contest. Thanks to Stinium Ruide for editing.

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Very interesting. It's sweet, but not too sappy and really gets across Muffins struggling with her emotions.

Is Muffins intentionally written as neurodivergent here btw?

Very sweet. The first person perspective works great here.

Ah, the confusing nature of crushes and the sweetest girl to ever bake a muffin has to deal with hers. I get it.

Wow this sure is a nice couple! I wonder what they'll be up to in their next adventures, sure hope it isn't some wacky shenanigan!

That's a good Drepy Thumbnail.

Thank you that was so sweet mod pie is 1 of my favorite ponies!

This was a pleasant little story that gives Ditzy/Muffins a very likable narrator voice and does a nice job showing things through her eyes. Unapologetically fluffy, but without feeling overwhelmingly sappy. The Pinkie Pie scene was quite fun, and while I felt like Maud was a bit too blasé about the whole thing (even accounting for her monotone reactions), it’s a good little story you have here. Thank you for the submission.

Hello! Have a review. I'm pretty much in agreement with EileenSaysHi in the previous comment: this is a sweet story, and I appreciate how you wrote Muffins' character. As ESH mentioned, though, maybe Maud is slightly over the top. Still, I definitely enjoyed this. Have a like.

PS: I'm probably too dim to see something in front of my face, but why Muffin's Angel rather than Muffins' Angel?

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