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Marble Pie doesn’t drink that often. When a party for her sister causes her to drink too much she finds her self in a scary predicament. She’s sleeping next to a stranger!

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What have I just read???

Nevertheless, great story


As they say:


:rainbowwild: But I must say, I'm disappointed with Vinyl, I thought she would be more like:

“There’s that face. Your sister is intense. So... round two?”



oh no she did'n

Vinyl and Marble...... I can dig it. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that's a unique pairing!

With the character tags, I was immediately worried that going into this blind would mean incest ickiness. However, I'm so glad to be proved otherwise. Silly ponies and strange pairings are always something there ought to be more of.

Well, this was fun. :pinkiesmile:

Be nice to see this continue.

Comment posted by Short-tale deleted Apr 4th, 2021

Howdy, hi!

Here is a review from the mansion.

Depending on Vinyls characterization in the universe of this story, this could turn out to be quite... awkward after all. One night stands have a tendency to produce a lot of fallout. Obviously, I'm gonna hope for the best, for poor Marble's sake. Maybe it does work out.
Anyway, enjoyable story.

Thank you.

It does the next one is slowly being editted.

So this is technically the first one in that Maud-Light trilogy you've made (plus the Spitfire and Limestone)? Short and sweet, I adored it, nice read :heart:

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