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With all the other Pie sisters in relationships, Limestone feels left out. A family trip to the Choosing Stone is not what she needs. But she when she is left home a large unnatural storm appears with an agenda all it’s own. It’s up to Limestone and Spitfire to figure out why it’s there and what it means for each other.

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Not sure if that is good or bad.

Limestone: 😠
*an opportunity to cause pain appears*
Limestone: 😃

Oh my god, this is to good of a story to not like

couldn't agree more pinkie

Limestone woke up from her bed feeling hoarse and dry.

Wait, isn't she always feeling hoarse? Because she's a pony?

Ya know, a little hoarse?

Get it?

...I'll see myself out.

Howdy, hi!

A review from the mansion to you.

I really enjoyed reading this. Such a rare ship to find stuff about.
I think you nailed their personalities which is a pretty tricky thing to do. Only wish it was longer :pinkiesmile:

Even those offending tears didn’t fear her anymore. They soaked into the misshapen pillow, and Limestone didn’t stop them.

I'm so glad I got to this one last. In the later entry, Limestone was harsh, as suspected, but finding out the fueled context after reading Returning Home feels rewarding. And, I do relate to her. All of my siblings are either in or were in good relationships while I'm— well, things don't work out for me. The power of fics: making me adore a character who I would've never thought to adore.

“No shit!” cried the blue mass. Limestone smirked. Finally, another pony not afraid to use profanity. She found a pair of blue hooves clinging tightly to her beloved landmark.

at first I was rolling my eyes like a slot machine because of the swears but actually, this fic would feel so strange without swearing. I smirked with Lime

She sighed. Her hoof gently touched Spitfire’s back. The pegasus started to quiet down with some gentle rocking. It felt strange to touch another pony like that. It was the softest touch she’d ever used.

oh, those embers and tingles are heating up inside me:fluttershysad: this is so cute! I was trying to sleep once when a—well, friend of mine done something like that to me. It was a pleasant memory. This fic makes me reflect a lot about myself unlike the others for some reason...

“Well, you have something shoved up there.” Spitfire said deftly. She turned to the kitchen before Limestone could retort. The nearby table took a hoof-filled comeback instead.

Short, you've mastered situational comedy. My favourite.

“Hoofbasco sauce?”

of course.

“Feel better?” the Captain asked, still standing over her.

Limestone said nothing. She marched out of the kitchen and went to her room. She opened the door and nearly screamed in fury. Her bed was in disarray and covered in yellow feathers. How could a pegasus lose that many feathers in a single night and still have any left?

Sorry for these long comments. I am hooked! And the timing on that was so good! Ok, I think this is my favourite out of the series. Do the Nurse stories connect with this... probably not... I am so used to rambling in the comments when there's a lot of other comments so I apologize for— the comments?

Limestone turned her head as she saw Marble do hundreds of times so that her mane blocked her face. She could feel the redness burn her cheeks but knew it was part of the look she was going for. In a shy soft voice she asked, “would you like to go out with me?”

I was waiting for a moment like this! gaww this is adorable!

“No way! I love Pontera!” Limestone shouted, climbing out of her chair. “I have all their albums! I haven’t seen them in concert yet.”

they both have good taste in music! It's always the common interest in music to spark something

“Yes! If you really want to know, I can feel everything another pony feels just by looking at them. I don’t know their thoughts, or why they feel it, but I can feel their emotions and I hate it. I willed myself to stop a long time ago. I don’t know why it’s back now.”

I wish this wasn't revealed in the narration earlier. I kind of hoped to get that, “I knew it!” moment. You know, where you have to piece together this built up mystery....

“Hey, Limey, guess what? Guess what? The Choosing Stone refused to choose without yo—“ The sound of Pinkie’s voice cut short with the sound of her door opening. “Well, it’s about time you two got together. Sheesh, I wrote that book ages ago!”

I giggled like mad here.

Yeah, this one was great! I think it may be my favourite like I've said but it's a little disappointing how their relationship was... all planned out apparently, although I did find that funny. It made it seem as if it random chance had nothing to do with their relationship. Holder’s Bolder also maintaining some sentience takes away from the mystery about it. Obviously it's an unborn dragon, crystalized in an egg but I liked the air of mystery about it. Ok, that nitpick was petty. But that's because this one's my favourite. Limestone is such an interesting character and I now ship her with Spitfire :heart:

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