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Twi X Sombra is best ship, Luna is best princess, King Sombra is best villain, and Twily is best pony!!!!


Chrysalis is minding her own peaceful business. That is until Discord shows up and as he does, her peace is nothing but a memory.

And on a side note, Chrysalis really hates Discord.

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:rainbowlaugh: A Swiss Cheese melt...
:flutterrage: Cheese? I'm your Flutter Butter!
:duck: Marsh Mellow?
:moustache: Toasted Marsh Mellow?
:pinkiehappy: Mmmmmm Pie!
:ajsmug: Apple
:twilightoops: Grape?
:moustache: Beats Egg Plant

He should have done this over his other, uh, “plan” from Season 9.

A simple premise, but enjoyably executed to be sure. My biggest complaint is probably that this story felt a bit too quick. Here you have an interaction between two very grandiose characters who could easily go on about this topic for an hour, so it feels a bit underwhelming to have them speak so quickly and plainly. I feel like you have a good understanding of the characters, but your actual dialogue doesn't do the best job of conveying that understanding. I think this would have been better if you'd spent more time on it to beef it up a little and clean up some minor weak spots.

I just couldn't stop laughing when I read this!

Hehe, sorry. :twilightsheepish:
I'm afraid I was a bit lazy when I wrote this. But your totally right! They could go on about this for hours nonstop. But it was just a random idea. I'll try to build some patience in myself for more, not rushed stories. To be honest, right after I published this, I did feel as though I rushed it.

I guess I'll try by best when I post a new story.

Ah good ol' Cheese Legs

The changeling snapped to rage instantly. "I don't do any of that friendship nonsense, and never will! I already saw how disgustingly it infected you, I won't let that happen to me!"

What she thinks will happen if she would ever look too deep into friendship:

XD :rainbowlaugh:

I died on spot when I saw this. It's a pretty cute drawing though! I love her design!

I know, right?
Then you might also like this one:

Or this story, where she gets reformed by accident:

EQueen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)
An alternate ending for "Frenemies"
RainbowDoubleDash · 3k words  ·  1,235  16 · 17k views

Awwwww, thanks! I'll totally check it out!

This totally feels like a in-canon conversation that probably took place between these two at some point during season 8 :rainbowlaugh:

you again decided to delete the second sequel?

As mentioned, I've deleted many of my stories. The ones I wasn't satisfied with, I go back and delete them without hesitation or second thought. Sorry.

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