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Unable to convince anyone she isn't Anon-a-Miss, Sunset ends up leaving Canterlot behind, and thanks to a mysterious benefactor, she moves halfway across the world to begin a new life in Domino City, Japan. She has no interest in making friends, but fate has a funny way of intervening

She will meet a young boy named Yugi Muto who is obsessed with playing games. Especially a popular card game called Duel Monsters. Little does Sunset know that this fateful meeting will be the start of her new life. Even with a new life, those she left behind won't give up that easily on her.

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“I draw!” Rainbow drew. “I’ll summon Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat(LV 3/1200/400) .” A pink cat with an amethyst on it was depicted on the card. “Her special ability allows all my Crystal Beast to attack you directly bypassing both the rule against that and your monster. The only condition is that the battle damage is halved. First, Amethyst Cat will attack you.”

I thought it allows only itself to attack directly?
Or this means you will sometimes alter existing cards' effects?

Just Amethyst Cat can attack directly and it will only deal 600 points to the opponent's life points

Sometimes, I'll use anime effects, there will be oc cards, or I'll beef up card effects within reason. The seven core Crystal Beast, except one, I have given their advanced Crystal Beast effects. I'll be sure to list this in the author's note of this and next chapter.

having been reading Dragons and Swarm over on Spacebattles, seeing another YGO-GX/(insert franchise) x-over has my interest.

"I summon princess Celestia in attack position!"

"That's not even a card in this game... wait, what!?!"

"Sunset, my dear former student, where am I and what am I doing here?"

"Killing something for me. Go! Attack for maximum damage!"

"Again? Damn it, Sunset!" :trollestia:

Okay, that got a chuckle out of me. Good job.

this might get interesting.

I do have one concern: If this is going to go the way I believe it's going to, wouldn't it be too much to ask that for certain parts of Duelist Kingdom story arc that the decks aren't impacted heavily from the addition of certain Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ monsters? Specifically, Kiaba's first duel with Yugi, Mai Valentine's Dual against Joey, and Maximilian Pegasus's deck in its entirety? I feel like those first two duals would be ruined if they were tweaked by the new Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ summons and thus lose all meaning behind them as Kiaba's first duel with Yugi I feel doesn't need any changes to it as it's meant to be this really epic moment that sets up the rest of the show in its entirety. With Mai Valentine's Dual against Joey during Duelist kingdom, I also feel that if you put too much stock in the Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ summons for that specific duel, it would ruin the concept of Mai having to think about rebuilding her deck later on in order to challenge Yugi later during the Duelist Kingdom Finals.

But with Maximilian Pegasus's deck in general, I don't know...I just feel like you'd have to physically alter the entire thing front to back to reflect the new summon methods when the whole gimmick of Pegasus's deck is him having Toon World.

Joey & Mais decks don't need to be impacted to heavily by extra decks. That's easy enough.

As for Pegasus, his deck won't use any other methods, except ritual, this arc as that is his relinquished, but I'll still beef him up with newer toon support and such

As for yugi vs Kaiba, i could go with exodia, but my plan was for Yu-Gi-Oh to actually use the fourth Blues-Eyes, I have a way for Yugi to get it before Kaiba tears is, and use a fusion if it and Dark Magician to beat Kaiba.

The third one, what do you think?

You could probably still use said fourth blue eyes and the dark Magician during their second duel at Duelist Kingdom. But I feel like if you take Exodia out of their first duel, it would lessen that duel’s impact. Plus, I feel like Yugi using the belief of his friends and his deck to be able to be the first person to summon Exodia would also be good for Sunset too in this story if you get what I’m throwing down here.

Yeah, I hear you. Well, either way I will still have Yugi garner an intact Blue-Eyes, the fourth one, so I see no problem keeping their first duel to canon.

I sent a PM along for further clarification on what I was talking about as I don't want to put everything here in the comments. Felt like something I needed to do as I'm not trying to tell you the way things should be written, but as a fan of the original anime and certain character developments, and wanting to help you make sure you tell the best story possible, I figured I'd pass on a few suggests to avoid certain pitfalls that would no doubt come up if you changed too too much of the Duelist Kingdom Story Arc if that makes any sense. As someone who's once tried to make their own Zelda Timeline and as a fellow story writer, I know there are pitfalls that can be easy to miss falling into if you're not careful when dealing with making an AU version of shows.

Just came across this story and I’m really enjoying it.

I am a big Yugioh fan so seeing a mlp crossover with it is nice

Interesting to see how with some of current summon methods will be use in this story and like how it takes place in beginning of yugioh

If YOU ARE interested I don’t mind helping you with ideas.

Whenever it’s coming up with some idea OC cards and maybe some additional characters canon, or even more OC characters for main protagonist if interested :raritywink:

Again this is only if you’re interested as overall I’ll like this and support the story all the way :heart:

I was glad I could be of some help to you. If you ever need some advice, you can PM me anytime. Especially since I might be able to think of some ways to help you out as I tend to watch episodes of the original Yu-gi-oh anime in my spare time so I know that there will possibly be pitfalls that can be fallen into if your not careful.

Guess what I'm saying is, if you ever feel like your getting stuck, feel free to PM me with your concerns, and I'll see what I can do to help you out both as a fellow writer and an avid watcher of the original anime.

So, Kaiba never tore the Fourth Blue-Eyes?

Nope. Didn't get the chance.

Yeah, and now yugi has one Blue-Eyes of his own

Are you open to Original Fusions?

Sure. I already have a couple myself, but they obviously haven't appeared in story yet, so by all means

The Blue-Eyes Black Soldier.

What about Blue-Eyes Luster Soldier?

Okay, so what's it's stats and effect?

3500 Attack/ 2900 Defense

Effect: This card gains 500 points for any warriors or dragons in the graveyard. If destroyed, you can special summon either material monsters.

Thanks. My service is open for you.

Cool. I'll keep that in mind

No payment necessary, Following Optional.

Since I control a spellcaster, I can target up to two dragon monsters, one of those must be at least 1 Normal monster, and special summon them to my field. In exchange, you will take no battle damage this turn. If you’ll recall, I did discard a card to use King of D.”

Didn't Kaiba say he had to discard a Spell/Trap for King of D?

Just a thought that popped into my head.

If Sunset uses elemental heroes like Jaden, does she have the ability to see and talk to duel monsters spirits

Because IAlways wondered what the dark magician thought of working with both Yugi and the Atum

Things are sure getting very interesting.

I do wonder who Pegasus could be referring to when he mentioned “her”

things are getting heavy. super heavy. like my super heavy samurai deck.

I always thought it was crap. Yugi's grandpa gets out of the hospital only to have his soul taken when he's barely had time to settle back in.

Yeah, it sucks, but what I will say is that Sunset's magic, that she currently has, just isn't a true counter to the power of a Millenium Item. It just happens to be able to offer her some form of protection. Believe me, Sunset was wishing, in that moment, to take back Grandpa's soul. She just couldn't.

What about the sirens? If you put a on a miss before the battle of the bands, it means they will go to CHS without sunset and without a means to contact twilight, unless of course you change that part of canon too, though you should explaining it at some point, in another note, sunset could still call for twilight or talk to her amor Celestia, don't think they will go to Japan but at least a conversation must occur for some new answers regarding sunsets origins.

The sirens are still around, but they are just somewhere else currently. They'll show up eventually.

As for Sunset asking about her original, well you'll just have to wait on that. All things considered it is a whole can of worms to open.

I like your story and feel sad for sunset

Thank you for the compliment. Rest assured I am working on the next chapter, and it should be up tomorrow bar any sudden surprises.

You're welcome I like how at the end of the chapter how the three girls came clean but they also let Sunset start new

Well, they are willing to let Sunset start a new, people still want to know where she's gone, so they can at least apologize.

I can’t Wait to see how sunset interacts with Mei Valentine.

One small problem. I forgot, until I got to the first duel, that I had a second duel planned to be in this chapter... maybe it's officially a two parter... I still have to write this chapter is what I'm saying. So, to you and anyone who comes looking, I am working on the chapter, but it's taking longer than I thought.

Nah, it's cool. Honestly spaced just how much I was going to be doing with the journey to duelist kingdom. Anyways, I am hard at work continuing the story.

I was wondering if you would, from the bottom of my heart, say, oh i dunno, maybe STOP WEEVIL FROM THROWING EXODIA OVER THE SIDE OF THE SHIP?! :twilightangry2: That would be most helpful. :twilightsmile:

I hear what you're saying, and I have a little plan for what will happen to Exodia this time around; however, that is to be revealed next chapter.

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