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Igneous Rock and Marble Pie play chess.

Written for Sockpuppet's Father's Day Not-a-Contest.
Preread by: Cinder Vel and hawthornbunny

Marble vector by Kooner-cz, table by grievousfan, pieces designed by Mundschenk85.

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Now, the rooks stood proudly in the corners of the board, resembling the old towers of the past age, the ruins of which could still be seen around Rockville.

That raises some interesting questions.

White Queen, king, and bishops menaced with the spikes of jet; similar spikes of marble adorned the black pieces.

All craftsponyship was of the highest quality.

I admit, my chess literacy is nearly nonexistent, but this was a nice father-daughter moment. And I can't help but feel that there's more to that cough than Igneous is letting on. That whole family is as stubborn as their crops.

In any case, thank you for this.


That raises some interesting questions.

Well, I already wrote one fic with a Pie sister sitting at the table as a cover, so I'm already coming up with stuff in case I write two more.

All craftsponyship was of the highest quality.

When Marble's art switched to elephants and cheese, Igneous started to worry.

Also, the story is based around this game. I specifically chose one where I was suffering for most of the game.

A short and sweet story! My comment substantially mirror's FoME's but let me say: thanks!

1/10 Marble talked too much. ;) No seriously, this was really good and sweet. Like Fan I don't know much about chess ma covering, but I could still feel tension there.

This was a nice story.

Marble, however, was different. She just kept trying new things, figuring them out and working hard at improving herself.

I guess you could say that when it comes to chess strategies she really leaves no stone unturned.

An intimate portrait of the Pie family and a good game of chess. I’m curious to play it out later when I have a chance.

Anyway loved it.

Reminds me of the first time I beat my father at chess. (And of all the chess sets we've gifted each other over the years.)

I played the elephant gambit, which is objectively bad but resulted in a tricky midgame. He resigned after blundering his bishop.

30... Qc6?? 31. Qg3?? was a nice touch; very "human" mistakes in a game that otherwise mostly follows stockfish recommendations.

It's based on this game, actually. Funnily enough, I only spotted the queen blunder when writing the fic and I made it a plot point.
Also, a while ago someone played the Elephant Gambit against me, but they blundered badly - eventually the black king got checkmated on a2 or a3. I'd have to look it up.

Ah. I suppose if you're rated 2000 then it's not surprising to see so many stockfish-approvedTM moves. A nice swindle though, and a good lesson in why it's worth playing out a losing position. (And the sort of life lesson I reckon the Pie family would approve of.)

I can barely maintain a 1500 without the patience to learn book openings or actually calculating my moves. And I'd never dream of trying to play elephant gambit above 1600. I remember looking up a video of GM Yasser Seirawan talking about it and the ultimate conclusion was "if it were any good 1. e4 would be unplayable" :rainbowlaugh:

But I do enjoy occasionally getting to trap white's queen on e2 during the opening. :trollestia:

My best was 2153, though it didn't last long... Also, I specifically chose a game where I played badly as it made for a better story.

Btw, this is the Elephant Gambit game. I didn't delve deep into this gambit, tbh, but I think neither did my opponent (also, it's very telling that Stockfish prefers 16. Ra2+ instead of Rb1+ because then black can give up the queen for a rook and knight (I don't think a human would play this).

I'd agree your opponent probably wasn't very familiar with this gambit. Watching his king move all the way across the board is hilarious.

4... dxe4 looks awful to me. My main line here would be Nf6. The whole idea I play is to sacrifice the center pawn(s) to draw white into an over-extended open position while black castles and plays Re8 asap. Even then, it really only works against opponents who get confused and blunder early- or mid-game. I have zero plan for any sort of endgame play.

Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, 5. Bc4 is already a move with tempo, forcing the awkward Nh6. Be6 was no better as Bxe6 and Bxh6 just shattered the kingside and the rest was history.

“It is fine, my child,” Igneous said, pushing the pawn on b2. Marble furrowed her eyebrows, staring at the pawn and at her father again. Then she took with her a-pawn, and when her father took it back, she took another pawn with her bishop.

Given the context, I believe you meant for Igneous to play 25...b3. The move you described here is illegal.

“Hm?” Marble asked, moving her queen to g3. “No, I don’t want a draw.” Igneous shook his head, so Marble moved her bishop to c2.

You have Marble making two moves in a row here, also not legal. Since her queen later moves to a space it can reach from f3, and she doesn't do anything with her queen in the meantime, I'm going to assume you meant for her to play 29 Bc2.

he moved his queen to c4 and when Marble attacked it with her bishop,

The highlighted wording here is ambiguous, as it can refer to either Bb3 or Bd3. I only figured out you meant the latter further down the story when Marble played Be4 for move 34.

She moved her queen to g2, hoping to attack the pawn on h6 with her bishop.

g2 is currently occupied by one of Marble's own pawns, she can't move there. I assume this is where she is supposed to play Qg3.

Having said all of that, I must say these are all minor mistakes that anyone could have easily made. They do not detract from the quality of the story, which is quite good. I absolutely adore stories in which the characters' personality and mindset is expressed through the medium of a board game. Honestly, I only notice these things because I went over the game with a fine-toothed comb the second time I read. And the only reason I wanted to do that was because I liked the story that much.


Given the context, I believe you meant for Igneous to play 25...b3. The move you described here is illegal.

Yeah, we'd all want those pawns to go faster, but it was indeed b3. Seems I sometimes confuse the second and third rank :derpyderp2:

You have Marble making two moves in a row here, also not legal. Since her queen later moves to a space it can reach from f3, and she doesn't do anything with her queen in the meantime, I'm going to assume you meant for her to play 29 Bc2.

Yeah, I changed it to her pointing at the square to ask if he wants to repeat the position.

This was a sweet story between father and daughter.

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