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Two fake vegetarians and a vegan sell weed, contemplate love.

Prereading by SockPuppet
The Spring Fling Contest entry. I don't interact with any other contests.

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How can someone be a fake vegetarian or a vegan?

Surreal but enjoyable slice of life for the happy thruple... aside from that ending. Yikes. :twilightoops:

Still, best of luck in the judging.

The reason a story description makes you ask questions is because you're supposed to read the story to get the answers.

“Do I look like Freddy Krueger in this sweater?” Wallflower asked.

"I try to change things up a little and go with a green and red sweater rather than brown and tan, and all I get is mockery!"
"I don't think it's as much the sweater as the glove with the knives on it."
"But it's so convenient for pruning!"

After reading this I feel like an accomplice to something XD I'm so happy to revisit this continuity again!

"At least she hates latex, too, and I'm not allowed to wear a condom," Sandalwood said.

Hmm, maybe Sandalwood should look into that

Nice :pinkiehappy:

Well, it's technically not quite the same continuity since Sweet Leaf is neither a vegetable nor a cyborg, but it's quite close.

Hmm, maybe Sandalwood should look into that

Yeah, he may end up learning how much impact a baby has for one's carbon footprint...

Hey, how much wondering I don’t want to ask, but have you ever done a request

Ooh, that final sentence just turned the entire thing on its head! Anyway, another wacky and enjoyable fic from you, Samey. :D

This was a snappy, sharply written, and amusingly OOC (well, to the extent that two of these characters had any to begin with) bit of fun, even if their operation seems rather unbelievably large. The bit about Wallflower’s new cats was particularly amusing. Thank you very much for the submission.

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