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An interesting story for sure. Will have to wait and see how it goes.

Odd pairing, I like it.

Your writing is improving!

Damn dude another one... maybe knock out a few of the outstanding fics.

So far I'm quite interested....though I would love to see an update for either 'Enter the Dragon...Layer' or the story where Spike and R63 Twilight Sparkle (Dusk Shine, if you aren't familar with the name) are princes and need to make harems since they are rare male royals of Equestria (and yes Spike's a dragon; he's also a Prince since Princess Celestia is his adoptive mother).

Also, I'm surprised that Wallflower Blush and Saffron are the ones chosen--very intersting, considering there are few stories with either of them, much less both of them together...:twilightsmile:

Welp here goes another of MrWriterWriter stores I'll be tracking.

> Spike gains a pair of willing and enthusiastic succubus sex slaves

> turns on the tv

> mfw :facehoof:

Sweet beginning.

Most excellent.

This is looking off too a good start

Congratz, you got featured. 10/1/2019

So rut-signing?

It's Blush's turn.

I wonder 'Hoo' could it be?

They know each other?!!?!!


So when did Fluttershy become a succubus?

I agree, but writers do have to get those great idea to print while the thoughts are hot!:trollestia:

Great start! Keep it rolling!:moustache:

Damn this is already an awesome story! Cant wait for more!

Nice see the dazzlings get some love

It's Wallflower blush. And I think they're actually going with the idea that she's an extremely shy girl which I full on support the interpretation of.

Oh noce, it lives.

Niiiiiiiiice. Hope to read more soon!

Awesome job. And Happy Holidays

Not a bad set up. I hoped that this story wasn't dead as it has great potential. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

Merry late Christmas

Let's not forget about the air conditioning.

"We succubi have a term for that." Saffron piped up, despite the fact Adagio had no knowledge of her presence. "'Trying to suck the other tip of the cock.'"


Adagio is so easily turned on by Spike

Can only imagine how Sonata and Aria gets turn on differently?

Sweet, sexy fun.

"You think something big happened?" Sonata asked. "Like the bus got lost...or she's getting some hot and hard nookie without us!?"


Oh, Sonata, this is why you are my favorite of the Dazzling sisters--you are so sweet and a bit clueless at times, but it's so hard to be mad at you for long...Anyway, you have no idea how on the nose you are with that statment. :raritywink:

This is sounds like a really interesting story with a really interesting beginning I can't wait to see where this goes

Time to "mark " his second girl

Like they say it always the the quiet ones that that are the freakiest or loudest or both in bed :raritywink::raritywink:. I can't wait to see who that was at the end.

I loving that the Dazzlings are getting in on this.

This was a cute and funny chapter I'm officially hooked to see where this goes.

Looks like Adagio will be the first Dazzling to join Spike harem, this just keeps getting better and better.

man. talk about hot in the best way.

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