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More Fleur smut! :yay:

Fleur needs more love. Especially in the form of a human penis. :trollestia:


Especially in the form of a human penis.

Such lewdness. :fluttershbad:

That pic. Is Fleur a vampony? :rainbowwild:

Hopefully this Fleur story gets a finish. And pre-read by 8868534. This man has more writing to get done.

Don't be. Whilst she isn't technically a vampony, she's a certain something else that has vampony-ish tenancies.


This man has more writing to get done.

Yes, he does. :eeyup:

So far so good! Not too sure about the meme reference in the resume though...

I'm working on it! :raritydespair: :ajsleepy:

I'm revising the final scene of Chapter 9 of GL:A. Once that's done and my proofreaders have had a chance to look it over, I'll publish it, then switch over to my long-planned, long-delayed Shimmysmut one-shot.

You mean that follower special one-shot we've been waiting 2 years for?


That's the one. I'm a terrible author for promising things I can't deliver on. :raritydespair: :ajsleepy:

Yeah, I'm not any better in that regards either.

I like what I've read so far, but I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. I also really really like the fact this human has a name as well instead of some slacker BS like "Anon" or some mythical name no mother would ever actually give their child. No I'm not bitter... :ajbemused:

Well, Luke is pretty bad at writing a good resume? :twilightsheepish:

Thanks! :yay:

Yeah, naming a character 'Anon' is pretty lazy. (Also, why the hell is the dude green? That ain't normal, man) Then you get the guys who try to disguise their laziness by just typing it backwards or something, as if people wouldn't notice, right?

Wait... What's his last name again? Damn... I probably should've caught that. :twilightoops:

Fair enough :) bad resume or not I get the feeling he's still going to have a better job than me!! Looking forward to the next installment; I do like Fleur stories

So far I like it although Luke sounds a bit pride, I mean yeah Celestia was and something tells me, IS and WIl continue to mother Luke, but in hard times it still a small solution while he continuos job hunting. But I like that, he is not perfect and can always improve.

The lamp joke was pretty good too and you could milk it some more in latter chapter.

P.S: Is it me or something in Luke is making Celestia mother sense tingly?

Luke Nona

  • A punctual, reliable individual, with an excellent work ethic, scrupulous attention to detail, and a passionate sense of pride over a job well done.
  • Doesn’t eat ponies! Princess Celestia can confirm this.
  • Will only distract you from your working day with the freshest, most dankest of memes.

This is not how you write a resume. 0/10 Would NOT employ--ever.

Yeah, she kinda has a Momlestia vibe going on.


This is not how you write a resume. 0/10 Would NOT employ--ever.

Oh, I agree. This 'resume' isn't doing him any favours. Thankfully it becomes somewhat irrelevant once Celestia steps in. :ajsmug:

Honestly I'm a bit surprised he hasn't tried to move out of Canterlot to a city that just doesn't give a damn.... I kinda got that vibe from Manehatten in the show. Ah well, at least he's about to land a nice job. Gonna be interesting to see what Fleur is gonna have him doing.

And yeah, I'll agree that the lamp thing was pretty hilarious, especially considering it took him so long to notice. :rainbowlaugh: Nice to see that Celestia is doing her best to take care of her subjects, and is being a pretty nice friend while she's at it.

Also, Succubus, I'm totally calling it.

loved the chapter man. you have my interest so far and indeed french pony is Best Nobel Pony. i was wondering how often you plan to update this story so i can keep an eye out for it.

Awesome and I can even suggest how Luke can follow up with that lamp joke.

'Oh geez a new lamp, I wonder from who it could be?' Luke say sarcastically 'Oh but look its unplug, better fix that' He tells with a sinister smile while thinking.

/jeje this will make her think twice before trying this again

'Now where is plug' He start to touch her body 'AH found it!'

At that moment in the street of canterlot

A group of ponies stop confused and look up in the sky 'Did the sun your moan?' A pedestrian ask.

Back to Luke

'Ew, Ew, Ew!'

Interesting lead-in. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Also: NEED MORE FELIX. Siren pone needs love too...


Then you get the guys who try to disguise their laziness by just typing it backwards or something, as if people wouldn't notice, right?

And then there are the guys who try to disguise their laziness by simply adding a 't' after the first 'n' in "Anon." :trollestia:

Luke span on his heels,
Spun perhaps?

I like it.


Gonna be interesting to see what Fleur is gonna have him doing.

I really wanted to make him a photographer, but Tex and I agreed it'd be too similar to LBP's C'est La Vie. (Love that fic btw) So we decided on something else. I wont say what it is yet. :twistnerd:

Also, Succubus, I'm totally calling it.

Close, but no cigar. :ajsmug:


2nd chapter is done. Just needs a couple more pre-reads. I'll try publish it tomorrow.
3rd chapter, almost done.
A fair bit of the 4th chapter is also written.

Updates may slow after the first four chapters, but I'll do my best to finish the fic in a reasonable time frame. :scootangel:


I'll keep that in mind. :rainbowwild:



I see someone's been reading Slipstream. Everything is better with Felix. :heart:


And then there are the guys who try to disguise their laziness by simply adding a 't' after the first 'n' in "Anon.":trollestia:

Now you're just making me look bad. :trixieshiftright:


Now you're just making me look bad. :trixieshiftright:

:trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia:

I do hope you plan on finishing this.

Who Succubus, Fleur? or Celestia? Because the author say that Luke awoke her mother instincts and they hit her hard.

Can't really blame her actually. A lost soul with no way to return home and no friends to turn? Probably the only of his species and with the concept that maybe he will be the first and last of his kind if he can inseminated either a pony or a minotaur( What would it be the female equivalent?…Minocow? Minacows? Cowtauros? You get the idea). So she is probably looking at him like you would be looking a sick puppy trying to build a home out of card boxes, in the middle of a very heavy rain…and the puppy is crying!

Would you be able to stay still and do nothing while looking at that?


A quick google search reveals that whilst both are correct, 'span' has fallen out of fashion. Good catch. I've changed it. :raritywink:


That is certainly the plan. :rainbowkiss:

1:2 she's a ghost/sprite or otherwise incorporeal undead just look at how white she is

1:2.5 shes a vampire, pink is still a color of red and let any new aged 20,000 coloring box tell you otherwise and she has the pinkest eyes i ever did see

1:3 she a changeling royal/drone/ tie-die reject -uhrm- i mean reformed or some other form of our favorite buggy ponies

1:10 shes the pony equivalent of an elf look at her lanky frame and pale fur tones its as plain to see as Tia's cutie mark

1:25 frankinpony or werepony enough said

1:50 on all other bets

only equestrian bits expected no refunds, all bets are final, this cluase does not prevent multiple bets being made, host will take a 200% share of the pool. please call (919)-this-is-notarealnumber for our gambling help hot line

I have it on good authority that you're way off on all of those guesses. :trollestia:

Oh, its been... forever since I found a new story that I like. A good start, it wasn't super short, and then there is the fact that it actually was good! You sir (or miss), have my attention. Now... time to peak at your other stories and see if any of them interest me as well!:yay:

Oooo... this one looks like a keeper. Star'ed and watched. I look forward to the next chapter.

Really, Celestia doesn't seem to know how well off her kingdom is. If her new human acquaintance told her about Haiti, or Somalia... that might help her to understand just how much she's done for her people.

Certainly an intriguing start here. I'll be watching to see where it goes.

Oooh...I know this isn’t canon with Slipstream, but I’m reasonably sure who Felicity’s mom is, now. I only suspected as much before. ;)

Perfect amount of detail, great writing overall, dank memes promised? This shall be a very fine story indeed.


Thanks. My Starlight Glimmer fic has been fairly well received, but I'd say the 'hidden gem' is Slipstream. The views and L/D ratio aren't all that great, but I'd only just started writing in 2014 so it didn't get the best start. Of course, the earlier chapters have been edited since.


Thanks, and yeah, ponies don't know how good they've got it.


I'm sure I've seen you lurking in a few GLA gdocs before... :rainbowkiss:


Bruh. :twistnerd:


Thanks. I dunno about the memes... It was kinda just a cheap gag to show how much Luke sucks at writing a resume. :rainbowlaugh:


When will they learn?

I'm confused... Learn what? :rainbowderp:


Sorry but,this J'adore... wasn't there another fic with the same character, four chapters long? I'm confused.

What do you mean?

Are you saying you've seen a fic of the same name, or that you've seen a fic about Fleur? :rainbowderp:

Thanks for the plug, dude!

Also, Fleur is so damn smexy. :rainbowwild:

There's been a few with a human and Fleur in recent months.

I'm not complaining at all, Fleur is a babe.

Is Fleur a vampire pony or something?

Hmmm. Smells like an adventure is about to happen.

I can relate somewhat with Luke on the job hunting.

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