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This was a good story that i still remember, glad you reuploaded it and i can give it my upvote back

Was looking for this the other day and couldn't find it anywhere. Much appreciated!

Huzzah, it’s back!:pinkiehappy:

I knew I recognized this somewhere. Great story.

Nice to see this again. It is truly an amazing story

He hates feminism? That's an..odd detail.


*chucks a hunk of wood onto the pyre behind me while ThatAverageDude sobs and proclaims their innocence*

-that's really all we need these days to burn the heretics. :twilightsmile:

*Editor's note: I have not read this story yet, possess no context, and retain my right to selectively edit my comment to retain some semblance of social fiduciary, just because I found your comment kinda funny (I'm so sorry).

**Editor's Note #2: I still have not read the story, but mere minutes after typing this I'm having buyer's regret and also suffering from the very real realization that I must have assumed your meaning from a very scarce internet comment, and the longer I type this edit the more sure I am that this endeavor is far less funny than I originally imagined. I can only hope that, after actually reading this story, all of my haphazard replies to you make some sort of sense and provide some degree of entertainment to whatever malcontents actually read story comments.

***Editor's note #3: I still have not completed the story, nor reached the point that Hamburgertime made a comment about, but I have read a sufficient amount that my preconceived notions will already provide a conclusion for me, and said conclusion is that Hamburgertime is opposed to me politically and thus must be set on fire. I have no idea what Hamburgertime's political views are, and no idea why I've embarked on this weird comment thread about Hamburgertime's innocuous comment (with heretical likes...), but I'm drunk and willing to let bygones be bygones so long as Hamburgertime fixes his/her/their ellipsis.

Three periods, bruh. Three!

Also, I'm a couple chapters in and the story seems wonderful, although very strange because I don't understand why random strangers would marry one another for green cards. However, I'm also very drunk.

Stay tuned for a very hungover fourth edit wherein I apologize for every opinion I've stated in the last seven years, assuming I remember tomorrow (ediotr's [sic]: no fcking way I remember this comment, happy Halloween! Alsp, I'm very sorry, DatAvgDude, I should really not be allowed on social media after getting rum.)

(Actual edit: ThatAverageDude, I'm really sorry that you've got a huge comment on your story that basically isn't discussing it at all. Just know I only made the comment because I like your story, got drunk, and found a comment that tickled my funny bone. I'm sorry you lost your original stories and wish you all the best!)

This was an amazing story! I was actually giggling like a madman for the majority of it. 9001/10, one of the best stories on this site.

Probably just modern feminism. Which can be debated but it’s not that uncommon of an opinion for people to have.

Dude I had a feeling something from my favorite list was missing!

I've already read this a couple of times under your old account and thoroughly enjoyed it, may as well give it another crack! Great story :twilightsmile:

And back to my Fav list.

Not an uncommon one though, I hate it too.

I'm all for equality, but modern feminism is not. Nowadays it's genuinely used as a means to hate on men, thus why it is mocked and hated by a vast majority of people, women included.

Thanks for all the kind and positive words I have received so far, people! :pinkiesmile: Y'all are the best and I hope to upload my other two stories soon!

There is no non-modern feminism. Feminism is one of names for woman suffrage movement in 20th century. All similar motions in 19th century had different names and either failed or happened gradually in countries which expirienced Great War, famine, following pandemy of 1920, revolutions. Those event created a power and productivity vacuum filled by women. But even in USSR they weren't treated as equals. Now USA, Greece, Spain, Italy, Australia never expirienced that in same way as let say, Reich regime also was pro-strict gender role. Those countries fell back.

The fuss some annoyed by is created by suffrage warfare of 1920-1950s, and center of those were USA , south Europe, Australia and former colonials where women were treated as property and still are often treated in demeaning way. The mass media amplified this into backlash which some people, who never saw anything like this, do not understand, and there are those pro-suffrage, who overreact (SJW of a kind, they aren't really feminists).

I loved this story when I read it on your old account. I look forward to reading it again :twilightsmile:

I so loved this story. Thank you for bringing it back.

Let me get this right Gold Platter you whinney little baby colt of an inbred Royal Shaden frued. You are going to ruin Fluer-Di-Lis' career that will guarantee you a lot of income because she hurt your pwide. The hell! What are you 3 years old. Do you want you assistant to bottle feed you and change you diaper to you juvinile colt trapped in a Stallion. Dear Celestia grow the hell up. If you can't handle your "Pride" being hurt quit your bucking job and run home to your momma crying and let momma take care of her widdle baby colt. Sweet Luna! Sorry about my rant i don't like immature bullies like Gold Platter. But i am enjoying this story only a handful of stories can get me to react as visceral as this. Take pride in this, because if a story can get me to react like this it earns an instant like from me. Keep up the good work. Also if you find what said here hurtful or offensive feel free to delete this comment. Just so you know my tirade was directed at the character Gold Platter not you the author. I'm sorry if i hurt or offended you

Wow, I did not see that coming. I'm lovin' it!

This was good! Hope to read more of your creations. :moustache:

Shame this got deleted. Really loving the chance to read it again

I remember loving this story. Was there a particular reason this was deleted, if you don't mind my asking?

Oh. Wait. I misread that bit in the description.

Флер де Лис просто красавица и она заслуживает быть счатливой!

A very sweet story!

It's statistically plausible, but doesn't make sense as a detail to include in the story. Tribal signaling breaks immersion, and makes the protagonist seem like a self-insert; Any similar "ism" would be equally out of place.

And here I am again to enjoy this gem!

That was a great fanfic. Keep up the good writing :raritywink:

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