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This story is a sequel to Six Characters in Search of a Point

Rarity, formerly an artistic and well spoken pony of high class, is currently a medicated mush on her fainting couch. Twilight Sparkle pays her a visit to make sure she's alright.

It gets weird.

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Comments ( 98 )

The finish here delivered on the tendencies of the bit I read earlier in a very good way. Very nice!

1: did Super Trampoline suggest this?
2: I have access to powerful psychotropic drugs; I could
<bad idea>

no he did not

I have given up on Serious Fics (trademark) and surrendered to entropy


Okay I’ll say it, the title of this fic is dark. Although I’d be lying if I said can’t partially relate.

Living with anxiety can suck at times.

klonopin is best taken with a cat and blankets and no needful things to be doing

Well I’m already on medication for it and it keeps it under control but there are still things that can trigger it despite that.

honestly I feel you. My weird snarky joking thing aside I am prescribed it as needed, and was popping xanax to get through the school day before I quit because a student assaulted me. I'm a nervous wreck. I kinda poke fun at myself.

Oh this was just adorable! :twilightsmile:

Although some parts oddly hit a little too close to home for me... :rainbowderp:

The wine in question was a pinot noir. Twilight hated pinot noir. Okay, hate was too strong a word. She disliked it. Hatred she reserved for targets of her ire more needful, such as Shiraz wines and muscatto. The former was too dry and miserable, the latter was bubbly and annoying. Wine had two duties--red and dry, yes--but to err too far on either side was to tip order itself into disorder.

It disturbs me that Twilight dosn't appreciate a nice Shiraz. I'm sure she would change her mind if she were able to procure, by some means, a nice South Australian Shiraz from the Barrosa Valley. Is she a fan of Merlot?

Much like the prequel this is a masterpiece.

Just reading the title, I thought to myself “this sounds like a Cynewulf story.”

Lo, I was right.

A long bout of habitual drinking in her graduate years had convinced her never to let herself become too familiar with fancy bottles of intoxication, and so she was demure regarding her tastes.

And I’m working (off and) on a story where twilight masturbates a bit too much to alleviate stress. It’s almost like we are using her as an author stand in or something.


Wouldn’t be one of your stories without religious allusions

like a constellation drawn by a drunkard.

Ooo, I love this simile

Twilight loves Merlots the most.

Amusingly, several people asked if you were ghost writing for me

We are merging comrade

I haven't read the fic but the title is very disturbing. I take this medicine for several reasons on a regular basis, and I know very well it's a controlled substance and needs to be taken care of carefully. It almost looks like some kind of joke based on the title, and I don't care for that at all. It just sounds very disrespectful to all real life people who take this medication.


Might also wanna try this medication too:


The author is my girlfriend and she takes this medication. And the joke is that Rarity's anxiety has caused her to not responsibly take the medication. Which is a thing people do.

That said, I understand your concern.


That was kinda crass and rude, they were legit concerned, give them a break.


I worked hard for my shitposting license.

And I'll be damned if I don't get to use it where it's needed the most.

Hey. Firstly--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off that way at all. I also take it. It's actually currently kicking my ass because I stupidly was like hey I'll be fine if I lay down for a sec. I fell asleep. Because I'm dumb.

My intent was primarily to poke fun at myself and at self destructive habits I have that are small and mostly harmless, like being whiny baby 2.0 abouts by medicine. I asked a fellow med-taking friend if she felt the joke seemed to be too easy to take the way you understandably did.

Sorry about that.

Well that was a bit mean

wasn't needed, mate.

I want to upvote this again. Man, it's so good.


I'm a product of filthy frank, 9/11, and dank memes.

I'm a bit mean.


Shitposting its a lot like that cleaning solution you buy for a surface that isn't in your house: you never need it, but it's always super-satisfying whenever you get to spray it all over the place.

That's nice. Can you do it somewhere other than my girlfriend's comments section?

Can you and your sock puppet please go be a dirty cumrag somewhere else? We get it, you're a mouth breather edge lord. The world is very impressed and you have secured your place in heaven

I'm going to derail the shitposting and say I approve of this casual Flarity you're mixing with your Raritwi.

The former was too dry and miserable, the latter was bubbly and annoying.

Wait, are we talking about wine or Pie sisters?

In any case, I'm pretty sure this is the ponyfiction equivalent of one of Dali's melting clocks. Fascinating, bizarre, and drooping. Plus, it offers an excellent explanation for the prequel. Thank you for it.



To be honest, I was gonna leave anyway. I never find much fun on this side of fimfiction. Usually my edgy, metal personality acts as a kind of magnet that attracts other edgelords. But it seems all I attracted here was the other crowd. You know, those weird people that are kind and respectful, and think about how other people might react before making a comment. They scare me and my edgy memes.

I don't get it, its just a joke. You really look like you're overreacting to something clearly not that serious

Rarity's an odd duck, isn't she?


Not sure I agree that the concern was legitimate. It comes off as "how dare someone make a joke about something that is serious". Which... is what jokes are. Jokes can be funny - but also crass, rude, outright offensive, and definitely out of place. Even enraging. But that doesn't change what they are, just how people react to them - which is why constructing and delivering a joke is essentially an art form, if you choose poorly you will get a negative reaction. But at the end of the day you are making a joke at the expense of a situation that is usually not funny in itself. Yet what was happening here wasn't even a joke, so already they've made an upset post about something they've done no research on, as your dear partner has already pointed out that she's on this medication herself (hope things clear up for her) prior to this person's post and a cursory reading would have shown this person that.

So it's not necessarily legitimate just because someone is over-sensitive towards the subject. The rest of the world also has to put up with people making jokes or outright insulting things we take some stock in or put faith behind, usually on a daily basis. It's just a part of mass interaction, and is something we all have to deal with - one person allowing themselves too much concern in the issue that they have to actually make a post about being nettled over it is more embarrassing than it is worthy of extra consideration. We all have to learn to deal, unless it's something so severe that we are forced to take a stand. Which this was not, objectively. I posit that this was an oversensitive knee-jerk reaction made without any information that was easily obtainable by this person in seconds had they actually cared.

I don't like saying it but the mean and edgy memelord shitposter was, essentially, correct. Just kind of an ass about it.


As for Cyne, this was a wonderful story, off-kilter and heartwarming somehow at the same time. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I don't get it. Why would you make such a shit joke and not expect people to call you on it?

Translation: I get off at the thought of making other people upset.

arguing with the overly medicated it a fruitless endeavor

That is true, having been the medicated and the sober(?).


Moreso I have a sense of humour that is extremely abraisive and non-PC, which makes it so I don't gel well with people that do care about upsetting people with offensive humour. I have a laugh with shitposting, and those people have a cry. Different strokes for different folks.


Read up on this for you own good

Also Translation: "Waaah I'm immature and choose to insult people rather than ask them nicely to stop"

There's calling someone out and then there's insulting someone for posting an image that honestly isn't that bad.

Different strokes for different folks doesn't work when you're directly being confrontational.

I literally just called him crass and rude.

I thought you were lecturing me about being too sensitive to insults?


"Can you and your sock puppet please go be a dirty cumrag somewhere else? We get it, you're a mouth breather edge lord"

Is what I'm referring to

It was a shitty joke that wasn't funny to a person who legitimately was upset who I wanted to give an honest answer to like an adult. After 5 years of "lol just a joke" I'm really tired of people filling my comment sections with their "look how special I am for being a b r a s I v e and not p c" humor which is like, almost never funny and generally just devolves into long comment threads of neckbeards trying to outsource each other. Five years. So forgive me if after basically quitting writing serious fic because of this constant bullshit, I'm a bit exhausted by it.

Forgive us poor proles for not being nice and gracious to a self-described abrasive rando with obvious sock puppet accounts and a name that's literally cat fucker for not being able to resist the urge to mind their own goddamn business. Sorry I'm tired of 5 years of this bullshit in my comments and PMs constantly having eroded my patience for it.

Well here's a suggestion:
Just Delete the comment if its really that insulting to you, its your story so you have the option to rather than mouthing off at people and making yourself seem more immature as a result.


No, the different strokes bit comes into how I was being directly confrontational.

The delicate art of shitposting is a balancing act between that offensive nature of the comment vs the obvious memey/jokey nature of it. You have to find that sweet spot between the insult being enough to get the fire going, but the meme/joke aspect of it being enough to let the person you're chiding know that it doesn't come entirely from a place of meanspiritedness and is moreso an invitation to a tête-à-tête of sorts, a mostly-harmless challenge in which both 'players' insult one another with a large enough layering of memes/jokes to keep it all in good fun so that they can shake hands and part ways at the end of the 'duel' with smiles and hopefully some new shitpost material.

If I were being actually directly confrontational, I'd probably called him a little pussy-faggot who is the poster child of why women should be allowed and encouraged to get abortions. Probably would've thrown some shit in there about how they're a perfect example of how men can mostly function without testicles or whatever, but since I don't tend to be openly mean-spirited on the internet to people as that kind of conversation is just-uneducated, hurtful, shit-flinging that I want to part in, I tend to jab and prod at people with a grin to see if they'll bite back and play for a while.

You guys obviously didn't because you're not the kind of people that enjoy this kind of thing and I can understand that. It's why I probably won't do it again because it upset you and your partner, and I can respect that you don't appreciate my joking and don't want it around yourselves at all, which is why, if I ever do come back to a story written by yourselves or Cyne, I'll refrain from shitposting on your stories because you don't like it, and I don't want to start genuine arguments on the internet.

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