When a confrontation with a new magical enemy goes horribly wrong, Twilight and Rarity find themselves trapped under rubble and dirt and twisted metal together. There is no light, no more air, and perhaps also no hope of rescue.

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is [CW, rated M!] https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450701/city-of-lights, and you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content here, https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/873741/the-raritwi-bomb-masterpost.

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This sounds depressing :( .

I'm a little surprised that there isn't a tragedy tag.

Tragedy implies some degree of choice, or at least the illusion of choice. Being trapped in a hole isn't tragic.

It’s also already made its mind up about what actually happens after the final word.

No, that ending!

This was really good. Great job writing Twilight and Rarity's experiences with identity. Twilight mentioning feeling like what she's doing in the moment is what she's always been doing is how I sometimes feel, especially when sick. And good to see more trans characters.

I will admit the instigating incident is a bit contrived, though. I feel like giving a more mundane explanation would have been better, rather than them fighting giants on a bus.

I would disagree with that. Even classic gouge-your-eyes-out and stab-your-mom-to-death tragedies can end with exile, and exile is a new beginning.
More of a hopeful beginning then that maybe something will magically happen to pull Rarity and Twilight out of the hole and prevent Twilight from dying due to DIC or acidosis or shock or something. Even with magically induced happy endings being a literal possibility, the closing of this feels more like discretion than ambiguity.

I do like Rarity's childhood, and her madness at the idea she built all that for nothing. Funny that she goes from being the philosophical one in the conversation to going crazy in her own head.

So alone, in the dark, with only the desperate knowledge that there is someone there - another human, to have, to hold, and whisper secrets to they're the only thing more real than the knowledge of your own death.

I hate this. It's beautiful and I hate it.

Good job, Cyne.

I will say, as dark and existential as it got, I'd appreciate the chance for a frank discussion or two like this right before the end. At least you'd feel suitably somber and introspective. Left to my own thought spirals, I'd probably die while trying to remember the lyrics to a pop song that I never actually liked but heard often enough for the melody to get caught in my head, and that would be a terrible way to go.

Jokes aside, this is a nice fic. The way the characters' dread creeps in and out of the conversation felt extremely real, and their attempts to fend it off resonated with me.

god, this was such a goddamn good fic

thank you

I like that it looks like your profile pic is offering her heart as a thank you.

The ambiguity of the ending is maddening. I understand that was the intention, that you set it up and made it so one could interpret things in a positive or negative way, but it's still maddening. You did a very good job in that respect—it's just that I do feel rather unsatisfied by how it ends so inconclusively.

Rarity snorted. “Which is what, exactly?”

My thoughts exactly.

“If it helps, Peach and I are still friends. She and her boyfriend are part of my local TCG playgroup, so I see her every now and then. Your first kiss?”

So, Twilight stated just a couple of lines ago that both girls were lesbians. Now Peach has a boyfriend? If she's bi (presumably based off what Twi's saying) wouldn't it make more sense to say that?

“What transition?”

Dense Twi is cute, trapped in a life or death situation or not. I love your depictions of your self insert trans Rarity and can't believe that you tease it in pretty much every story she's in dangit. It's not enough to sate my craving for trans Rarararara stories.

Rarity chuckled, genuinely chuckled without a bit of regret. “ Oh indeed. I’m honestly very pleased you didn’t know. It means I pass well. At least, I’ll take it as a sign for such.”

haha the thought of actually being able to pass :,)

Also, that ending goes so either-or it's amusing. Dark, thoughtful, and sweet. You're certainly back, and this is such a teasing reminder that I REALLY missed your prose. It's sooo good!(I'm surprised that there's no Rarity being dramatic for the cover tho.)

What does this have to do with Trans-gender


“Early on in my transition, very early. I’d barely started.”

“What transition?”

Rarity laughed. She laughed bitterly, and openly, and eventually kind of genuinely. “Twilight, god, really? Even right now, you’re not going to let a single rock be unturned, are you? God, I really love you, you know that? And you don’t even know.”


P.S. is there a part 2 ?

Transgender isn’t a noun.

There is not a part 2.

This was beautiful, artfully done. I've definitely drawn my own conclusions about what happened next, so in that sense I guess I'm glad you didn't contradict them.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for writing about identity. Having an alternate universe where Rarity is transgender makes me feel empowered for her, on her journey towards a happier body and life, and greatly sad towards what she had to go through to get there. When you wrote about how she felt during that process of discovery, the waterworks were about to come. It's awful going through a constate state of unhappiness towards yourself for being born into something that does not feel right. And yet, you still don't completely know because sometimes, it isn't as obvious, but you know something is wrong. The constant questioning, and doubting, and questioning is a long, and tiring journey at times. And the way people judge and the little they teach about identity, and so, it feels as though one is alien and weird, and stupid for being and feeling that way. Although I'm not transgender, I heavily relate as someone who is a questioning non-binary. And so, this means so much, being able to see that someone else feels the same way. And thank you for the beautiful, realistic, and most humane reactions, while in-character towards a situation like theirs.
That being said, RariTwi for liiiife heee!!~

Impressive. Kind of seems like a long convoluted test to see if you are an optimist or a pessimist. A very good read regardless.

This was gripping. I would die, metaphorically, for a followup.

Why no part 2? We need to know what happens!

There's no part 2 cause none is needed. It's Lady or the Tiger. You tell me what happened.

No offense, but it kinda feels like a cop out. Like you want to write a proper ending.

If that's what you want to read a pretty conventional way of leaving off on a story as, I literally can't stop you. It seems a bit shortsighted at best, and kinda throws out a whole way of writing fiction. But, again, the whole point was to lean on your active engagement as an interlocutor, and a refusal to engage is itself engagement, so it works either way.

I’ve never experienced anxiety in real life but you manage to hit me with it.

Author Interviewer

Not gonna lie, that first touch between them brought tears to my eyes.

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