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A good story displays a moral, the best ones attach you to the characters who display them.


When an experienced huntress finds an abandoned egg deep in the Darkwood and claims it as a trophy, she has no idea the adventure she's signing up for. Will she be able to handle the burden of raising the hatchling in secret, or will the unwary child be her death? And what happens when the child befriends the daughter of the most powerful mare in the province?

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I'm curious about rarities and big macs past

Nice! I've been looking for an interesting alt universe for a while and this looks like it will scratch my itch. Well written and promising! please continue!

Thanks! I'll do my best to live up to the hype. :twilightsmile:

All will be revealed in time.. :trixieshiftright:

This be a fantastic fic and i eagerly wait for more:moustache:

How long do you think this story will be?

In planning, around 20-30 chapters. :twilightsheepish:
I know you really want to get to the next Fleurax story, but my hands are tied right now. I'm acting according to the polls, and this story had the most votes. I'll be getting to that story when the time comes. :twilightsmile:

Aren't the image source supposed to link to the actual image? (And for anyone who's looking http://fav.me/darrzlx )

Whoops! :twilightoops:
Little oversight in editing, that'll be taken care of quickly! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for pointing that out!

Beeeeautiful~! :rainbowkiss: I can't wait for the next part, been waiting for ages actually :pinkiecrazy:

Wow this is really good!:twilightsmile: Good job!:scootangel:

This was an interesting start.

When is the next chapter

It's been a bit delayed due to numerous circumstances beyond my control, but I'm hoping to get it out by the end of November. :twilightsmile:

I know I already aksed this six months ago but I’m asking again plus while I’m a patient man, at times when things take too I eventually get impatiant. How long do you think until this story will be finished?

I'm afraid I can't give a direct estimate, or even a vague one. Deadlines aren't something I'm good with.

Alright then. Here’s to hoping the story gets finished by the end of 2019. And then moving on to In the Courtship of His Majesty.

I wonder what her reaction is gonna be when it hatches

Thank you for the update! It's great to see this story alive.
One question - does Rarity hunt without any camouflage ?
How does she make it work? Does she use any spells or anything to help her blend?
Looking forward to the next chapters.:pinkiehappy:
Also - happy New Year! :twilightsmile:

This can't be good

:eeyup: where am I?
:trollestia: my inner sanctum, cake?
:twilightsmile: take some it's really good!
:moustache: mommy?
:duck: not yet.
:moustache: daddy?
:raritystarry: don't ask
:pinkiehappy: Okay! I'll ask!

This keeps getting better and better.

How delightful to see another chapter !

Feels are felt :fluttercry: Time to get back on reading the stories in my tracking :rainbowdetermined2: Lovely how you set up the atmosphere!

Thank you, Sums! :twilightsmile:
Don't worry, the feels are only starting. :pinkiecrazy:

Uh oh. Loos like Twilight might be the bad guy in this story, and that CANNOT BE GOOD FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED.

Keep your eyes open, the villain may surprise you. :raritywink:

Mmkay, but for now, Twi looks mighty sketchy :trixieshiftright:


The hooded figure stood outside the ornate building, smiling to themselves with an air of satisfaction. \.

She may have set all this up, and is happy at how Rarity is acting with the kid.


One thing that I learned was that if you kept on writing each day as it doesn't matter how much you write you wouldn't be able to stop any project because it would have become a habitat. It could be 1 sentence or 100 in a day you just write. If you get stuck just take 20 minutes to look over your notes or you can create even more notes. This process helps me when I get stuck. I hope you could find this bit of information helpful.

Thank you! I'll try putting that into practice. :twilightsmile:

The real villain is fluttershy.

They were lovers, but something (Applejack) came between them and caused them to be distanced.

When are you going to update? This story is pretty good.

Don't be so quick to assume Applejack was against it.

I've hit some roadblocks with the next chapter, but I am planning on updating it as soon as it's finished.

oh boy, the situation is tense, I don't think Twilight just let them go and I hope I don't have to say goodbye to one of them
I will be attentive to new updates

well let the pain begin.

The time skip felt natural and that ending who boy that is intese

Twilights Reference to spike as a pet messes with some of my theories, but doesn't make me disregard them as it feels somewhat like Twilight is playing with them.

Yes! I found this again. I had read the first chapter then forgot to bookmark it and forgot its name.

Ok, consider me a fan already! Added to my watch list! :twilightsmile::raritywink:
I've always wondered about the prospect of Spike and Rarity's roles being shifted from potential lovers to that of a mother and child, but it seems no authors had considered it.
This was honestly well-written!

:twilightoops: It talks?!
:ajbemused: Like you wouldn't believe
:duck: And a whole lot more. . .
:pinkiegasp: almost a year...

Eager to see where this goes.

Apple Bloom and Spike have similar birth dates.
Going by the cover art, I wonder if they get raised together, of sorts.

What a story that would be. Some hidden, forbidden family friendship.

Ah~, finally! Spike and Apple Bloom meet! Can’t wait to see the romance blossom~.

Applejack being a racist slave owner makes...a little too much sense, lol (I love AJ, I swear)

Twilight is very interesting in this story, and I very much like her. Her save when Apple Bloom nearly blew Spike’s cover was my favorite part of this chapter tbh

Rarity is always likable. I love Rarity.

This is very good, and I can’t wait for more~.

Can't wait to see how you react!

Honestly, racism isn't the angle I was going for as far as her servants are concerned.

Glad you like how I'm presenting everyone!

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