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Cloak and dagger.


Edited by James Fire.

The vast, infinite cosmos can provide escape from the horrors of reality. To Twilight Sparkle, however, they're something of a home.

And it's a home that never stops calling her name.

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Hundreds of lights; all of then calling me name.

No need for the semicolon, a comma will do. And My name, perhaps?

The threat of punishment from them often meant something that felt alien to foal, especially one whose babysitter was a princess!

To a foal?

She said that magic correlates to my astrological sign in certain parts of worlds.

Parts of the world.

Overall, I liked it. You seem to be good at this.

Huk #2 · August 10th · · ·

I usually don’t like SOL stories like this, but somehow this one was a very enjoyable experience.

Although, shouldn’t it have a ‘Sad’ tag?

9102180 I dunno about that. It didn't quite strike me as a "sad" story. Did it really come across as that to you?

I'm also flattered you like it. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Huk #4 · August 11th · · ·


Well, it struck me as kinda sad, yeah. But, perhaps it is just me, don’t worry about it :twilightsmile:

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