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After finding a bald-faced hornet in her bedroom, Twilight Sparkle takes advantage of her time alone to perform a series of experiments on the insect in the name of science.

Pre-read by TheBritishPony

Edited by James Fire.

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This stung to edit.

Why a hornet? D:

But then I can't edit the other stories Vertigo has waiting...

Twilight and the Hornet. Rated M, with the sex tag...

Don't deny that it might well exist.

The internet is dark, and full of terrors.

Have you ever SEEN the internet?

I think there's a story about Fluttershy and some bees...

The birds and the bees, eh?

No. One that centers on Fluttershy being a mellisophile. (shudder)

And that pun was terrible. More please? It would be the bee's knees.

Did it bug you? Hopefully you aren't a featherweight when taking these puns. If you were, I would suggest you fly as far as possible.

Not really. I'm not that airheaded or flighty. Unlike a certain Queen, I'm not going to bug out at the first sign of trouble.

Damn bird brains.

This was a laugh-inducer from start to finish! :rainbowlaugh:

But it also highlighted why I don't like hornets... and stinging insects in general. :twilightoops:

That ending, though... I can only wonder what the response would be if this truth got out.

(I would've tried to make a pun, but I couldn't think of one...)

8545019 I could you could say the ending was...

quite the stinger.

So this is the prequel..

Huh.. I guess that hornet bugged Twilight to no end.

8545067 Yup. Decided to subvert expectations. Hope you liked it!

Also, great pun. ;)

Well, that was painful. :pinkiehappy:

I think all wasps keep their stingers when they sting: it's bees which are disposable assassins.

Bwahahaha awesom!


Better yet, why a creature that is commonly mistaken for a 'true' hornet (Asian giant hornet, European hornet, Japanese giant hornet, etc)?

Bald-faced hornets lack the hair-trigger temper of their smaller yellow jacket relatives, outside of nest defense (and their large, football-shaped nests are hard to miss anyhow). Now, an Asian giant hornet or Japanese giant hornet, on the other hand...

:rainbowlaugh: LOL that was great.

Not the point I was making, if it has a stinger, has stripes and flies around then they can all die in fire!!!!!!! I hate anything related to a bee!

I hope Spike talks some sense into Twilight before she decides to don her MGS sneak suit, break into Dr. Stable's radiology department at Ponyville General to steal some radionuclides in order to experiment with forced, radiation-induced mutations on bullet ants... (All in the name of "Science" of course!)


The birds and the bees, eh?

Well this is Fluttershy. More like "birds and the trees"

Came back to say:
Fuck you Germany, for Yellow Jackets. Seriously.


Bald-faced hornets regularly eat their smaller yellow jacket relatives, but seem to have a preference for eating several types of biting flies, such as deer and horse flies.

And unlike yellow jackets, bald-faced hornet adults are exclusive predators of live insect prey, while only rarely sipping from sugar sources; they won't show up to bother you at a picnic or barbecue, though a few adults may show up to catch and eat the flies and/or yellow jackets that might come first.

I got stung by a bee at the roof of my mouth, after taking a sip from a soda.

Twilight, do you know what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is... doing the exact same thing... over and over again... expecting something to change. That. Is. Crazy.

I'm afraid we're going to have to have you committed to the asylum.

Dude, I gotta catch up with the sequels to Celestia vs a Cockroach now. This was an awesome read and the pay off is hilarious. Praiseworthy.

8574400 Hope you enjoy 'em! Thanks for the watch too!

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