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Fluttershy buys a bag of Dog treats that say they'll put the pup back into anything that eats them, she's not sure what that means but it sounds like a good thing until one of them turns Spike into a Dog.

This doesn't take place in the Equestria Girls world

Cover art is cool, don't know who it belongs to

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um your side description said dig not dog lol

Good start good start.

Once again, you have my attention Silver.

Well f in chat for Spike for becoming a dog in Equestria

Well, this is a rather interesting premise that could lead to a lot of interesting shenanigans. However, there is also quite a lot of typos and a bunch of some pretty lengthly run-on sentences. Most of these could be fixed quite quickly and I'm sure it'd help the story a lot. Furthermore, it might be good to emphasize this is not happening in the EqG world to avoid confusion.

your welcome to edit what every you wish my fair friend, and I shall take your advice.

Well, I wasn't exactly offering my services as I'm editing schedule is full right now, but rather just suggesting what exactly needs to be fixed... but I assume I could take a look at it and give you a few tips. Wanna talk more about it in PMs?

I think the art belongs to someone titled justasuta. They've got their signature in the corner

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