• Published 2nd Feb 2018
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Gee, Tempest, Why Are You So Tall? - Super Trampoline

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“Hey Tempest?”

“Yes, Twilight?”

“What’s the real reason you’re so tall?”

“Well actually, it’s mostly a combination of tall genes and having all that energy that would normally go into growing my horn go into growing my stature instead. Real boring answer, I’m afraid.”

“Huh, okay. Another question. How did we end up cuddling in my Canterlot castle guest suite?”

Tempest tried to recall as a tiny spark danced off her horn. “Hmmm, details are
fuzzy, but I believe alcohol and gay horses were involved. Last I remember, I was telling you about how my legs also make happy cat noises.”

Twilight snickered and rolled on top of her friend, breath still thick with whisky. “Legs that make contented feline sounds?! You think I’m trotting into another awful pun? How about”—she leaned seductive inches from Tempest’s face—“you stop talking and use that long tongue for eating me out instead.”

Tempest Shadow grinned, and thus this story ends not with a limb purr, but with a bang.

Author's Note:

Thanks for reading!

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Comments ( 77 )

Hope it lives up to your expectations!

Yup, it makes complete sense. :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight wanted to get in Fizzly's pants, and achieved her purpose. :trollestia:

The picture in the A/N is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

P.S. Congratulations on the feature.

That little pony has her own jet airplane!
That little pony is a millionaire!




~Skeeter The Lurker

She's a big mare.

OH okay! Yeah, I noticed that part, but I thought you were mad-libbing it so I just remained confused :'D

I believe alcohol and gay horses were involved

yeah, that's basically me, watching Season 6 and 7 episodes... and I was the one needing alcohol.

Tempest Shadow grinned, and thus this story ends not with a limb purr, but with a bang.

No regrets. No regrets at all. This was glorious :rainbowlaugh:

no, who's that?

Goddamnit Trampoline. It's been forever.

Funny reviewer known for his irreverent Totally Legit Recap series and his unhealthy love of alcohol.

I love it when someone calls him a reviewer, just because it gets on his nerves

Though I am suprpirsed that there are still people in the fandom that do not know of him. Hes our favorite horse loving internet hobo.

blink blink


Who ate the last fries?

In seriousness though, good fun was had by all. Good show!

Oh god, that art! :rainbowlaugh:

*groan* :facehoof:

Have an upvote for extended and aggravated punning and a truly low sense of humor.

I'm not that interested in these countless reviewers, analysts and so on. Only watch like 2-3 people on occasion, look at art and read fanfics.
If you want to know how behind I am on all these 'horse-famous' people, I still think of Digibrony as a brony-analyst and I had no idea who this ToonKritic guy was before that whole scandal.

DWK is pretty fucking funny though, you should give him a shot.


If anyone mentions that wannabe pretentious bullshit Southland Tales, It's my boot up their ass.

Again... I fucking hate you. :rainbowlaugh:

Gee, Tempest, Why Are You So Tall?


Come on Twilight. For gods sake, you're supposed to be the smart one here, you tit!

Confused messages, much?

Wait...so it wasn't a piss-take on the name Markiplier?

Mark Knofler was the lead guitarist and singer for late 70s/80s rock band Dire Straits.

You're welcome. :pinkiesmile:

I swear, Twilight and Spike, make the best characters for bedding villains/reformed villains!

Good story. Drunk Twilight, always good for a laugh and a good time!:twilightblush:

I’m glad someone appreciated this reference!

The artist behind that video needs a f**king straitjacket. Those evil haunting eyes, man...what the hell!?!

Thing is, if I do that, people might accidentally spoil the feghoot while scrolling down.

This was absolutely cutting edge when it came out in the 80s.

Tempest took performance-enhancing horn-mones.


Sir, your puns are both cancerous and radioactive. Have an upvote and a favorite.

No argument there. But still...those freaking eyes...

Drunk off home, you're pissed. LOL

Pffft. I loves me a good pun.

Sing the first two lines of the theme song.

tries to think what would require a profanity tag

"I dunno, but I'm great at Basket Ball."

Edit: :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the video explanation.

Replies on separate chapters don't send alerts. He didn't see your sick burn.

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