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Many things can sow the seeds of friendship. In the case of Rarity and Twilight, it all began with a gust of wind, and a bookmark.

Special thanks to Themaskedferret and FloydienSlip for editing.

Written for the Barcast contest Make Rarity Not Garbage

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Oh wow Lise right in the feels at the end there. :twilightsmile:

:duck: Opalescence stop being so rude, get off of him.
:moustache: Why'd you name this fuzzy meat grinder Opalescence?
:raritystarry: ????
:unsuresweetie: My sis is funny like that..opal likes warm places
:moustache: Maybe 'fuzzy Meat Grinder' was taken? :flutterrage: ANGEL BUNNY STOP THAT!
:unsuresweetie: Rarity likes it hot too!

Oh, that's wonderful, Lise. :pinkiehappy:

Lise, why do you do things with my heart. :fluttercry:


It is warm:facehoof:Do you ship Ririlight?

That was deeply cute, but also kind of sad.

Oh. That was adorable and a bit sad. Very nicely done.

so was Twilight pretending not to know Rarity when they meet again? or will it be different when they meet again, and Twi nicer to Rarity when they meet?


Liked and shelved.

“Opalescence,” Twilight said, putting the book back in her saddlebag. “My favorite word is Opalescence.”

:raritydespair: right in the feels man... well done. I like how they both left a gift for one another. I like how Opals are the month stone for October.

Her coat is a white as Princess Celestia’s

*as white as

to go to hospital

*the hospital.

Can you read me a bit?

*Can you read for me a bit?

Do want Sequel. Or Chapter 2. Or something.

Good setup though.

Thank you :) It’s not that sad, really. They got together again, so everything’s fine... right? O:)

Lol. Hillbe, never change :D

Well, can’t call it exactly a ship, but Rarilight is a thing :)

They were both very young, so Rarity forgot and Twilight was too focused in her books (she forgot the names of her friends on Amending Fences :))

Thanks :D And huge thanks for finding those. :) Sadly won’t be able to correct them until after the contest is over... O:) I will after, though! ;)

Glad you enjoyed :) Who knows? Maybe this is the prequel to my Rarilight date fic? :P (just joking :))

No problem dude, I just catch them naturally. Good luck with the contest my dude.

it seemed you made it more of an impact with these 2, so I would of thought it be more memorable, as she be one Twi's first friends, and Twi has to live knowing that Rarity has forgotten her

This was beautiful.

The narration truly reads as something a child would think, even one who finds dictionaries so fun to read she begged her mother for months to be gifted one. This was particularly in character, and then you use it to weave Rarity's condition and Twilight's knowledge of it seamlessly into the plot.

And after that, you have the origin of Opalescence's name... and the heart tingles only increase at the same time that same heart cracks when you realize that while Rarity will never remember her meeting with Twilight, she remembers the "warm and special" feeling it filled her own heart with.

The treatment-induced memory loss just makes Rarity's “And maybe have something to remember me by.” that much more beautiful and poignant.

The only failings in this story, if they can even be called that, are a few spelling mistakes;

“Uh huh.” Rarity Smirked.

“Uh huh.” Rarity smirked.

H was achievement nonetheless considering ten circumstances.

H was achievement nonetheless considering the circumstances.

her mother levitated a masked from the hallway into the room

her mother levitated a basket from the hallway into the room

I also particularly liked this short sentence;

Twilight shouted silently.

Simply beautiful!
Does Twilight still have the bookmark?

Some childhood friendships, mostly brief ones, are ephemeral and get lost like so many other memories from the time. And some come back.

Nice, comfortable and warm. A bit like a blanket. Thank you for this story:raritystarry:

I liked this story, it's a very sweet and relaxing read! Nice work!

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