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One night, a rare meteor shower streaks across the sky of Canterlot, illuminating the city down below with an array of twinkling stars shooting past one another.

But not all meteor showers just pass by, and as Sunset Shimmer and her friends are about to find out, this one shower might just end up changing all of their lives for better... or for worse.

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At least we've got teenagers with attitude. :trixieshiftright:

:duck: What'd you think of the new movie, by the way?

8057219 Haven't seen it yet, but I've heard good things about it.

8057245 Seems like they can be some interesting villains.


They remind me of the Diamond Dogs, even though they aren't. On the other hand, the fight in space reminds me of how "Beast Wars" began.

8057246 Thanks! I didn't want to make it so that it's all the old Power Rangers villains from Mighty Morphin' or anything around that area. A new Power Rangers IP needs some new teenagers with attitude and a new threat for them to fight against. That's the basis of a new Power Rangers series.


A new Power Rangers IP needs some new teenagers with attitude and a new threat for them to fight against. That's the basis of a new Power Rangers series.

Just because of this, this might be one of the few PR X-overs I will look into.

EDIT: Aaand there's the writing... look, there's no nice way to say this: It has issues. I'd recommend for you to find a proofreader.

Ooh! This is going to be fun! I LOVE Power Rangers! And speaking of them, the next episode of Death Battle is the first Megazord vs Voltron! That is going to be so much fun to watch!

So, um...I'm going to address what I think is the elephant in the room:

From the interior of the alien vessel, a single five-fingered hand threw six small diamond-shaped crystals out of it

Equestria Girls roll call: 1) Pinkie Pie, present; 2) Applejack, present; 3) Rarity, present; 4) Rainbow Dash, present; 5) Fluttershy, present; 6) Sci-twi, present; 7) Sunset Shimmer, present.
Six crystals, seven girls...Someone's getting Alpha'd.:moustache:

8057516 Or it'll be like Tommy Oliver from Mighty Morphin' or Antonio from Samurai, where they join the team later on in the series.

8057378 Alrighty then. If it's possible, why don't you help me out with this?

8057224 Then you'll definitely want to see it. It was awesome and it did what the MMPR movie didn't, add character growth and development, fleshing out the characters before it's morphing time to give it more realism and being realistic and believeable in that type of scenario. It even references a few things like Zyuranger near the end.

8058217 I still find the Samurai team to be my favourite group of Power Rangers.

Jayden (Red Ranger), Mia (Pink Ranger), Mike (Green Ranger), Kevin (Blue Ranger), Emily (Yellow Ranger), and Antonio (Gold Ranger) are all characters you'll come to love, as Samurai has some very heavy character development too.

That is certainly possible.

Also, I think I have figured out what the zords are, or at least six of them.
Twilight's is an owl, Rarity's is a cat or a type of big cat, Pinkie's is an alligator, Applejack's is a dog or wolf, Rainbow Dash's is a tortoise, and Fluttershy's is a bunny. I don't think I need to explain my reasoning for this guess.

Um the first episode of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers the first incarnation of the seried aired in 1993... I think you mean the 90's...

Other than that, an interesting take. Personally I think the Humain 7 are already powerful enough following Legends of Everfree so a different cast of characters would have been better in my opinon, but yeah the Humain 7 is the go to group. Not complaining.

8058361 I have to agree with the zord basic idea, but they could all be mythological creatures based off those animals. My money is that Sunset would have zord be either a phonex or an alicorn/unicorn... or she pilots the merged form.... we will have to wait and see.

8058168 Personally I always found that whatever incarnation of the Power Rangers I saw jumped the shark when the 'Sixith' ranger was added. But hey maybe with the 7th person there from the beginning and part of the story is looking for their gem that might actually work.

8058217 well have to remember there was about 3 years between the series start (1993) and the MMPR movie (1996-1997) so like 90% of all developement already took place. Also it was a 90's after school show, so it wasn't going to do a lot of actual development, it was stupid, fun, funly stupid and stupidly fun, and a great break from school and homework, and it had giant robots wrecking the place what more could you ask for, giant transforming robots beating up giant monsters!

I also have an idea of what the Ranger colors will be based on EG main 7:
Twilight - Red(leader)
Rarity - White
Rainbow Dash - Blue
Fluttershy - Yellow
Pinkie Pie - Pink(duh)
Applejack - Green(I will explain)
Sunset Shimmer - Gold
(Yes, the colors for Rarity through Pinkie are based on their skin color, it's only fitting)

For those who ask, there is a two-fold explanation for why Applejack's Ranger color is green and not orange, the first being: name 1 Power Ranger series where there was an orange Ranger. The closest I can think of is Cat Ranger from SPD, but she was still mostly white, a non-main group Ranger, and she was only in 1 episode. I have not seen all of Dino charge/supercharge, so I don't know If there is one in that series.

The second reason is based on Applejack's personality, that is, she values honesty, she is physically strong, and has a connection to trees, nature, and the earth.
Off the top of my head, I can easily think of 3 Green Rangers that prove my point:
(Warning) Slight spoilers for SPD and Mystic Force

1) Bridge Carson: SPD Green Ranger; In one episode, he knows that an alien is being framed, but no one believes him, so he goes solo to find and expose the true culprit.
2) Xander Bly: Mystic Force Green Ranger; When he finishes his Ranger morph, the line he says is "Strong as a tree~Green Mystic Ranger!" And when he finishes his Legend Warrior transformation "Element of Earth~Green Legend Warrior!" He is also the strongest Mystic Force Ranger physically while morphed. (Not counting Solaris knight)
3) Mike: Samurai Green Ranger: His element is LITERALLY referred to as FOREST. Nuff' said.

8058539 Well there is an orange ranger in one of the more recent Sentais that had been made and I think the newest one has one as a core ranger team member.

8058221 Agreed. I especially loved the part of the show where Master Xandred was completely invincible until he stupidly created a weakness to exploit as a trade off to get rid of the stoning issue he had from the original sealing.

I see, I haven't watched anything past Super Samurai, so I wouldn't know. Good to know.
I still think I made a good case for AJ being a Green Ranger, but it is really the writer's call.

8058539 I think Twilight should be purple and Sunset Red, but I agree with the rest.

I considered that, but I feel that Twilight would be a better leader in terms of strategy, but in terms of actual leadership skill, I would choose Sunset. So maybe co-leaders, but I don't think Sunset is getting her crystal immediately, so someone would need to be Red in the meantime.

8058909 Who said Red had to lead, buck the trend it's Purple's time to shine.

Well, it is not outside the realm of possibility.
Remember when I mentioned SPD Cat Ranger? She wasn't the first non-main SPD Ranger. (Spoilers for SPD) The head of SPD on earth is a dog-like humanoid named Cruger(I think that's the spelling?), and earlier in the series, he takes the mantle of SPD Shadow Ranger, which is primarily purple and black in suit color. He still has command over the Red Ranger.
And in Jungle Fury (again spoilers) the team's mentor is also a Ranger, also purple in color. And he is usually fighting separate from the rest.
It is very possible that Twilight will be a Purple Ranger, but then we'd have to go by skin color for Ranger colors, and both Fluttershy and Sunset have yellow skin. And if Sunset does get her powers later, she would most likely be a Gold Ranger, because it would be confusing for the Red to join later.

8059077 fair enough. We can only wait and see.

8058539 Orange Rangers, eh?
Battle Cossack (Battle Fever J), Akira Nijiro/ToQ 6 (ToQger), Bud/ZyuohBird (Zyuohger), Scorpio/Sasori Orange (Kyuranger). ;)

Now yes; one of them was too old to directly adapt into Power Rangers, and another got skipped (adaptation issues, partially based on the colour-swap gimmick and Male Pink which wouldn't fly in the US), the latter two are perfectly viable to be adapted into PR from Sentai, provided Sabah doesn't skip them like he did Go-Busters and ToQger (Zyuohger is likely to be adapted once Ninja Steel is done, otherwise it'll be Kyuranger).

I meant the Power Rangers series we got in America. None of the names you mentioned are ones I recognize.

Ok, I know you said that you don't want to make comparisons or similarities to the TV series suits, but when you described the part with the source of their powers (geodes) being in the belts of their suits, with a gold disk that covers them, I could NOT HELP but think of the power coins from Mighty Morphin. Nice touch with their visors being their Cutie Marks.:raritywink:

Poor Sci-Twi, demoted from main character to what I assume will be Zord maintainer, at least until that seventh geode is found. Do I dare predict the return of Midnight? Yes, yes I do dare.:moustache:
In conclusion, Spike is getting shafted into being Alpha, so useless except for comic relief. As it should be.:trollestia:

Poor Twilight she's stuck without her crystal. I wonder what the sordid will look like. I am guessing mythical creatures based off of their Pony Conterpart pets (Applejack some sort of mythological dog or wolf maybe Cerberus, Fluttershy a jackalope or other rabbit based creature, Rainbow Dash something like the first or second avatar of Vishnu(the one that was a turtle), Rarity a mythological Eqpytian or New World cat and Pinkie something like a crocodile) we will just have to wait and see.

AWESOME!!!! Now we have the girls in full Ranger uniform! But, I think the light show would have attracted the attention of whoever is outside. That would include bystanders, the police, and possibly the Wolfpack.

Final comparison I can draw from the chapter: Sci-Twi is in a similar role to Cameron from Ninja Storm! She is their tech guru, most likely going to be in charge of sending them the zords and building helpful gear, and will be getting her own Ranger powers later in the story!
The parallel is strong with this one.:trollestia:

"I still can't believe that we're actually gonna be seeing a real meteor shower!" Rainbow Dash's grin spread wider and wider as she examined the stars above. "That's the kinda stuff you'd usually see in sci-fi space movies—not in real life!"

...No it isn't. It's happened before, and it'll happen again eventually.

"Oh no, it's just us." Sunset Shimmer chuckled meekly as she rubbed her necklace. "Everyone else on this planet is perfectly normal."

And somewhere out there, three Sirens felt very, very unhappy.

Main Villain: What can you do without your magic? Sunset and her friends: We might not have our powers... But we're still friends!

Please tell me something like that'll happen. If the main OC characters were voiced, what would they sound like?

8059953 Hard to say. Do you know any people that can pull a good 80's villain voice?

I suppose you could envision Goldar's VA from Mighty Morphin' doing one of the Wolfpack monsters, but I don't really know myself.

Does anyone besides me remember the Dino Thunder episode where they were watching the Japanese version of the show on a TV? Meta.

"What if there's some freaky alien that forces you to give birth to another alien baby that rips your stomach open so that it can run home to mama?

I take it you've seen Aliens?:raritywink:

Other than that, excellent continuation.

8059456 They are Super Sentai (1975 to Now) - The source of Power Rangers from Japan.

Battle Fever J is from 1979.
ToQger from 2014 was the "Train Rangers" that aired between 2013's Kyoryuger (Dino/Super Charge) & 2015's Ninninger (Ninja Steel). It got skipped from adaptation (see previous message for most likely reasons) even though "Trains" & "Kids show" go hand-in-hand, as evidenced by Thomas The Tank Engine since 1984.
Zyuohger aired in 2016 after Ninninger, and Kyuranger is the current series in 2017. As it is, Zyuohger (Animal Cube Rangers) is likely to be adapted new due to how simple the designed of the gear is for the toyline, it's got animals and it'll play off of "Minecraft Megazord" memes. Kyuranger will take more effort to adapt as 5 episodes in and the full team of 9 is formed (and Saban likes to pace out introduction of new Rangers, even with 20-22 episodes/year thanks to Nickelodeon).

8060663 Frank Welker's Megatron... Transformers Prime, but he was the 80's Megatron.

I knew they were Super Sentai and that those shows are the source of Power Rangers, and that all PR series are based on a corresponding Sentai. I'm not uneducated on this, my comment on there being no Orange Ranger in the main group was based on what I have seen in the American series. Since I stopped watching Power Rangers after Super Samurai, I would not have known if there was any Orange Ranger in a more recent series, and I do not even pay attention to the Japanese side of things.
Furthermore, the question about naming one PR series with a main group Orange Ranger was half rhetorical, as I meant from the series we got in America. The main purpose of the comment was to explain my reasoning for why Applejack could be a Green Ranger, which I felt I had a good argument for. Nothing more, nothing less.

I guess I should do it. because no one else seems to have.

Did I detect some hinting at FlutterDash, or is it just me?

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