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As the age of Equestria gives way to the era of Ponyland, Princess Cadence looks at a changing world around her, and remembers a world that will never be again. Feeling ponykind cannot survive without the six harmony bearers, Cadence tries to re-shape six modern mares into the equines their ancestors once were. But is this what Ponyland needs, or is it a Princess who just cannot let go? *starring the Original mane six, as they were intended to be*

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Just by the picture I just have to read that story. I didn't even look at the description and yet I'm wasting time in the comments to let you know how excited I am....Let me finish "Twilight then, Twilight now" before I move on....

I'll be back.

generation 1 FTW eh pretty cool but rarity used to be called "sparkler" not glory...

This will be interesting to read. If I find it again in my sea of fictions to read :twilightoops:

i really wish more people would post fics revolving around Surprise, Firefly, and the others

Interesting. Lamarckian and species-deterministic, uncomfortably so, but still interesting.

I liked this fic for the storytelling, but I have to hate it on the principle of the world going gen 4 ==> gen 1, it's as depressing as H.G Wells morlocks.

Ah, my. I wonder if AJ will end up using the accent she "didn't" have.

Can't wait to read more! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: it x10!

Great!:heart: Just one comment... please capitalize magnificent in your title. It just will draw people away from the story to have a typo.

...and instead of restoring harmony, they end up finding Megan? :scootangel:

Looking good! Faving! I like the patron idea, and you conveyed the emotions well. :pinkiehappy:

ALL OF MY YES!!!:pinkiehappy:

Please continue this.:twilightsmile:

Quick question....why doesn't Princess Candance know of Applejack's "problem ?" :applejackunsure:

What I mean is why doesn't she reveal herself to her and show her that her plan may set up to fail in someway ? :ajsleepy:


I respect your opinion, but I despise the idea of G1 becoming G4. To each their own I suppose. :)

:pinkiesmile: Dis is good right here, yes.

OOooooh. intresting! I AM INTRESTED. good story, cant wait for chapter 3 =3 keep'em coming, cuz im in love with this story :rainbowkiss:

Awesome, a new chapter.:twistnerd:

dis gon' b gud :pinkiehappy: faved

I have some suspicions about Applejack and why she's not talking about her past.

And why the guards seem to think there's only FIVE new fillies in the castle...


I am sensing another Immortal Applejack here...
That said, each of the girls all seem amazing!
Great story so far, you have me hooked!

It's a bit to short of a chaptert, but still freaking awesome!:rainbowkiss:

Please keep it up.:yay:

879396 It's always the same immortal applejack. That's the whole point, you only need one. :ajbemused:

As in story-wise.
I'm fairly sure that if the canon series goes past the main cast's mortal ends, then Applejack will still be around, from sheer force of fandom.

Ooooh, an interesting start to this story, with Princess Cadence inviting the G1 Mane Six to the "Gala". Though, I wonder who were the six other speakers who alerted the six about the invitations...

At least only the vast minority of humans are evil.

What is the matter with AJ anyway?

It's usually not a *good* thing when a ghost says you'll be together again soon. :twilightoops:

who knows, maybe Shining will be reborn? or something along those lines

Calling Twilight Shine by the pet name Shining Armor used for his sister? Cadence isn't going senile, is she?

Ooohhh.... This is getting good... Can't wait 'till next chapter :pinkiehappy: But no pressure... I know that it is hard to write these things out... :twilightsmile:

Oh, and that's some nice character development that you've got goin' on there! Really good!

One question: How does Cadence speak to Shining Armour if he's dead? Is she connected with his spirit?

I'm kinda simpatising with Applejack here. It seems obvious that acting like a rude friendless pony is hurting her emotionally, especially when she's doing it to her old friends' direct descendents.:ajsleepy:

I re-read this first chapter like 4 times.:pinkiehappy: 2 of those times listening to some background music. I could not decide which one was more fitting, so I'll put up both:

First one:


Whoa. She steals baby ponies souls? That's hardcore.

Firefly? With moral values? That's a first!

Cadence as Princess Luna? I have to see this! :pinkiehappy:

Seems Surprise acts more like Discord concerning pranks than Pinkie would. While Pinkie was always cautious if her targets were laughing or crying, Surprise doesn't give a damn if she hurts someone as long as she's laughing.

What would Pinkie do if she sees her most direct descendent being irrespondible about her jokes and pranks?

Pinkie: HEY! That was NOT funny!

Surprise: *while giggling and snorting* Of course it is! I'm laughing, so it is funny, right?

Pinkie: But you hurt her feelings! You know Poesy is very sensitive!

Surprise: *while still giggling* Oops, I didn't notice. But you gotta admit that it's funny when you saw her face!

Pinkie: And they used to say that I'm crazy and annoying!

I like this story. I'll give it a read-later and see how this goes. :twilightsmile:

The more chapters you put up, the more I demand. You are just too good! But, there are a few spelling and grammatical errors. Still, it was a really good chapter! I still demand more though. NOW! :flutterrage:

She really is a descendant of Fluttershy: "Somepony tries to block, show 'em that you rock!" :yay:

Posey is going to be a FlutterPosey?
I really can't see that being too bad a thing, provided it simply modifies her physical template. After all, she'd have an easy way to distinguish herself from her sister, and even be more in tune with the flowers she so loves.

Also, she'd just be f:yay:ing adorable with those pretty wings. I'd huggle the sh:yay: out of her, if it wasn't likely I'd make her panic by doing so.

"Flutter Ponies!" The alicorn snorted, looking down at the bag of Flutter sleep pollen. "I might have known they'd be behind this!"
:pinkiegasp: Trollestia must have trained Cadence! :trollestia:
Just kidding though. I know what you meant. Good chapter. By the way, FEED ME MORE! :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

"You'll need to keep giving her the treatments to keep her from reverting to an ear pony."

Ear Ponies? I've never heard of those before.

"You have prevented my medical craft into an abomination, twisting everything I stood for!"

I believe you mean "perverted" as in distorted.

Just pointing out typos.

Anyways, interesting chapter, and it's good to hear that Posey won't be stuck a flutterpony forever, though she would be fricken' adorable.

Ok this is getting way out of hand now. First kidnapping and changing Posey against her will, now Windsong wants total genocide? She should branded a war criminal in my opinion.:flutterrage:

.......................so many crystal Empire predictions before the premiere aired...............how did you DO that?

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