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Royal librarian of Dream Valley, writer of Ponykind's greatest generation!


A collection of short stories about the crazy lives of the ponies of Dream Valley, a hidden kingdom deep within the Everfree Forest. Starring Wind Whistler, Fizzy, Shady, Gusty, and narrated by Paradise the Pegasus. (Set within my shared fanfic universe, art by DBkit)

Chapters (21)
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Fifi is a unicorn with a blue coat and her mane and tail are white with a pink mane streak for the record.

I wonder if the Dream Valley ponies regularly have their manes shaved off as they can grow in new.

Actually, there are two Fifi's in G1, the twice as fancy that came with the crimp 'n curl salon, and the so soft unicorn, who is the mom of Baby Fifi. This is the twice as fancy in this Story.

5759785 Oh, right. My bad.

I thought Equestria ceased to exist during this time.

The kingdom? Yes. Geographic region? No.

5760557 I was thinking about the kingdom, because I didn't think that they would still call the northern side of Ponyland 'Equestria'.


they don't call it that at all, Paradise was just being poetic calling it 'equestria'.

5760609 Okay. I was a bit confused, that's all.:twilightsheepish:

That sounds interesting. How do the Brush and Grow ponies operate, then?

Nice call back to the glass princess.

Though I guess the only thing Cheerilee can do now is wait for her hair to grow back at normal speed. At least there won't be any tangles. But if I were her I would have tried some kind of magic on it first.

Aww, por Fizzy! I remember when I was a kid,I loved her and her bubble magic... :)

Aw Geeze. I hate it when that happens! I don't ever mean it! Sometimes those special effects just get to me, you know?

Poor Windy.

Gusty, I don't think that was Firefly's..... you are soooo good at coming up with excuses for all the perverted stuff ya collect!:ajbemused:

-Surprise Song

I feel bad for Windy...I also feel a disturbing sense of similarity between me and Shady some times...

Also, I'm no Grammar Nazi, but you might want to fix this:

"Awww, you're to fun!" Fizzy pouted, pushing out fer bottom lip before trotting away.

I'm pretty sure you want to say 1) no, not to. 2) her, not fer.

Whistlerstein and Fizzgor best mad scientist/assistant pair.

Hah, write a chapter where Shady goes to see a psychologist!

Witches are dumb but at least they're durable.

No! Don't do it, Windy!

It might have been my fault...:fluttercry:

-Surprise Song

and Fizzy was no longer afraid of her own shadow.

Wrong pony.

Ponies actually, have feet. The hoof is their massively overdeveloped middle toenail. However, since they walk on their hooves and not feet, the spell done goofed.

A smart filly aint gonna be anywhere near the castle by now girls.

Question: Why does Wind Whistler own a copy of the Sutra.

Also, wow Fizzy talks to cereal...that is a very stupid pony lol.

Ugh the valley girl infection is spreading! Don't let it happen Whistler. Valley girls are insufferable.

Outsmarted by their own valley girl stupidity. It's like putting a scratch n sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool.

I wonder if these aliens have been to earth or if they got ahold of some of Megans videos.

They were trying to kill them with dance!

That was very random, even coming from you author!:rainbowlaugh:


The aliens will be expained, there's a reason they are so goofy...

6178903 I was mostly commenting about the clones, their behaviour and method of attack. But explaining the alien duo sounds good.

To answer your question, Wind Whistler, maybe they could be explorers.

Think long and hard my friend.

A dentist/doctor with low personal hygiene shouldn't be treating patients.

*Turns to page 5*


It's beeeeeeeeautiful.


I did internally cringe when I read that the tractor plowed through the wheat field, thinking of how much Gusty and Fizzy have ruined months of hard work.:fluttershyouch:

I think things will only get wierder with these two childish unicorns running around the human world.

6955248 Agreed, but it will be entertaining to watch

Wind Whistler needs to find a more useful way to disguise their presence, like turn them human. I would actually like to see the three in human form.

Incoming even more larks.



Always got to adjust for that centre of gravity

6970044 I would have gone with mini-bloomers for their bottom undergarments, but I did get my wish to see turned into humans. Let the insanity ensue.

Good thing none of the American school drama happen in Malta.

Future world leaders, everyone.:facehoof:

Shun everything, and then shun shunning! :flutterrage:


You crank their necks and a mechanism inside their bodies pull their tails in shorter. Then when you brush or pull their tails, they get longer. I own two. The set is quite beautiful.

Whistler Stein and Fizz Igor! ROFL!

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