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Spike The Dragon enters a deep sleep in a cave beneath Ponyville, and wakes up centuries later to a whole new world! Prologue is sad and somewhat dark, but the humor picks up after that. -Part of my shared fanfic universe, but can be read separately-

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I´m eager to know what happens next, but one question: Where is Applejack? I may have not seen it but did she die as well?
Anyways, tracked this, cant wait for more :pinkiehappy:

Really interesting, same question as wooZy Jack: Could use some explanation on Applejack. I thought she was on the hill overlooking the graves.
Either way looking forward to the next part.

Applejack doesn't seem quite dead yet, though maybe? It's hard to tell.

In any rate, an interesting reversal of the generations - I'll definitely see how much of Gen 1 I can stomach for this. Consider yourself tracked!


Applejack is dealt with in my other stories, (Shared Universe) Lets just say she's learning that immortality really stinks :ajbemused:

Very nice. I'm eager to see where you take this. :moustache:

Tiara and Spoon should have turned around to face the barrels of 2 M1911's for what they did.

This is going to be a long and harsh road for Spike...

wow, i like this story so far, any date for the next chapter?

Pretty good (Btw if the barrier may i suggest it because of the creature of everfree, or better yet that Cerberus, it is tecnically a hellhound so should have enough magic to destroy the barrier with ease, and you could say maybe its trying to find fluttershy.

woah woah your not implying that minty is evil noooooo.

im soo interested to find out how spike is going to get from crappy g3 era to g1 era in dream valley.

410742 im soo curios now as to how your going to go from g3 to g1 since apprenlty dream valley is in the same timeline according to your story??? unless spike is going to deal witht eh problems in pony viulle first then go back to sleep and get woken up by g1 eras ponies, to that exctent. or have scorpan find him, before the whole nighmare castle incident.

ok this is getting good, i liek where this is heading, i still dont see how spike gets to pradise estate/ paradise valley. but i assume you will tell all in time, also im also going to assume your making up some pony names , cause i dont remember a aplespice, or applejack in the g3 show, at all and i have all the g3 movies, excluding the newborn ones. oh and the deforemd pony vids.


They were from the G3 toyline, and were unnamed background characters in the movies

One error. Rarity was the bearer of Generosity. Fluttershy was the bearer of Kindness.

oh no how could bright spritly be a traitor , i kinda thought one of the named and well known of the ponies wouldnt betray them, oh and props to you on cherrillees being decsended from twilight, although why is she called cehrilee not twilight or something like that ????

also i cant wait to se how the evil faction tries to deal with the shut down of the park, also im assuming your going to somehow get spike from the park to paradise estate/pony palce at some point, via the evil tirak, just wondering??

well there goes the traitors from the unicorn village, now for the pegasus, and earht pony kingdoms. oh and i thought rainbow das was a earht pony in g3 not a pegasus, you might want to fix that.

im am totally confused now, want twinkle wishes just a freaking star, with magical powers to grant wishes. oh yes and where the hey is celestia.....

applejack is alive say what and she never revealed herself to spike, the horror.

If i was the leader of Equsetria zi would just drop a nuke inside the dome. Its cruel but needed

That Spike in the photo..... Princess Wysteria! It's from Princess Promanade!!! By the way guys and gals, stop dissing the old mlp generations, They ain't that bad!


Yep the reason I chose that pic has to do with the story!

wow, almost at the end, i hope applejack get some help soon xD

Very nice. One typo though.
Benefit of his mate and his horde
I'm pretty sure you meant Bereft.

good story, finally got around to reading the whole thing, hope evry one of your stories doesnt have such a sadd ending as this one did.

The reason cheerilee isn't named twilight is because Cheerilee isn't named twilight. This chapter is set place in the G3 movie "the runaway rainbow" So it wouldn't make sense if one of the main characters of the movie suddenly had a different name.

According to another story, Tirek killed Celestia.

What an opener to such a story like this and Spike's appearance in this chapter was just...:raritycry:.

The ponies aren't so much genetically inclined to be childish, it's environmental: they've spent their whole lives living in a theme park, where their lives have had been pretty much handed to them. They've been ENCOURAGED to be innocent and playful. They've had no NEED to act like adults.

Very good story, Firehooves! It is a breath of fresh air to read one of your stories which isn't as dark and tragic as the others. Keep up the good work!:pinkiesmile::raritywink::twilightsmile:

i haven't read your other stories? why is Aj still young? shouldn't she still be a element bearer?

Hello! I totally love this story! Glad to know your a Minty fan too! I have also read The Magnificent 6 and totally am loving it!


That's awesome, thanks! Glad you love my stories! :pinkiehappy: I might do more G3 stories, I've got a Daffeydazey and Starcatcher one in mind, called 'bad mane day', where the queen of the Pegasus ponies decides to try a perm at Ponyville's salon, but Daffeydazey loses her glasses, and thing get really crazy for the poor unicorn. :rainbowlaugh:

I didn't think it would be possible to blend G3 with G4, the ponies are soo diffrent, it also makes sense that the ponies would misintrepret the future changes to their world. Much like when the "Death" card appears in a Tarot reading.

Doesn't always mean something bad will happen. Just means a dramatic change.

A very interesting take, I can see you've studied archelogy. Did you manage to incorporate G2 into your stories as well?

Why aren't there any g2 g4 crossovers?

I was wondering where g3 fit into your timeline! Now I know! Great story to read, but a little sad now and again.

and then spike banged every pony in ponyville...
My perverted yet accurate mind...

The last line reminds me of magneto from xmen the last stand.
"Dear God, what have I done..."

812488 Spikes old man voice in my head sounds like death from darksuders.


Reference to her big G3 starring role, 'minty saves christmas'


Same here, they have grown up in a child like enviroment, the would act that way as well.

Also, Spike x Rarity Dash


its seguing into gen 3 not 1. gen 1 was more action packed and fantasy

hmm I haven't see g3 cartoons but surely they can't be this bad? or can they?

its like they're living in neverland without the pirates

Hmm I like your explanation on why there were so few Pegasus and unicorns in G3

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