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I'm an electrician working in Fargo, ND. I love writing pony stories, and reading good fanfiction. My Patreon!

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dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

O my.
this story is set up to be a hot one that may require a few clod showers.
if it is any thing like the side chapter's of dust on the wind this is going to get rather heated.

Let's see where this goes. Now tracking.

Interesting. I hope Cayenne remembers to pick her dress off the floor.

She has a cowlick and it's really cute.

Getting serious Xenophillia vibes from this... did you get inspiration from that?

7634062 actually...yeah. Xenophilia is a serious inspiration for this story. The challenge is to have the same vibe, but make a new and different story.

Interesting concept and setting, but I found the dialogue to be a little too... stilted for me to get more than halfway through the chapter. You show promise as an author, but unfortunatly at this time it appears your work simply isn't for me.

The beginning exposition and some of the dialogue seemed a little stilted. I suppose you might need a bit of practice. However, this shows promise, overall I like it so far, and therefore I'm going to be tracking it.

Awe hell yehhhhhhhh this is some good stuff right here can't wait to see more of it!

this comment plus log horizon avi...

*claps her hooves* Blush is so cute.... *squeaks* I really like her mane!

Awesome! It's been a while since a similar fic has emerged. :yay:
I need more fics that explore such social norm clashes!

Can anyone link some examples other than the obvious Xenophilia stories?
I've personally already read all of those. :P

In case anyone else is interested in the premise and/or subject, here are some others I have found and read:


And when he’s bowed, she’s always had a quip to make him laugh.

Sure that wasn't supposed to be "bored"?

Knock knock

This isn't a comic, spelling it out just comes across as tacky. It would be better to describe it such as "From the door came knocking" or folding it into the next sentence where he was woken by it.

My attention has been caught.

My body is ready.

Citrus Blush? Cayenne? A friend of mine would be so proud of you for your obscure choices.

Reading the author notes I thought you were Admiral biscuit!

7636244 lol, nope. I'm just thrilled to have a story that is featured. I've got plans for the story, so...I hope others like it.

7636350 I want to read more of this....

Oh darn it.

Another wonderful story I have to breathlessly wait until the next chapter shows up !

So is this kind of like Xenophilia? 'Cause if so, I'm on-board.

Honestly I couldn't get past the first paragraph. Too much he, his, he, his. It needs more varied word choice and an editor.

*stares intensely*:eeyup:


Xenophillia was the best thing since sliced bread.

no joke


I don't normally go for human pony romance, but this has substance, heart.

I'd love to read more!

Holy shit, you got quite a reaction from the audience. What on earth caused this?

7639787 I honestly don't know. But I'm thrilled by the response. I just hope I can do justice to the response.

holly bucking wow this is impressive.
this story really took off.

7639871 I'm almost jealous. I've poured heart and soul into some stories, and have had very little appreciation. Good luck man, I hope this story is a rewarding experience.

7640024 I have as well. If you look through my list of stories. I've really poured myself into my stories. Though I'll admit having a story make it to the featured box....is VERY satisfying. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Almost feels surreal. But I'm very happy.

You've neglected to indent anything... Was this intentional?

7640090 Yeah, I don't typically indent, because I don't feel that it's necessary.

You have my attention

7639958 thanks to you good on you harts
here have a stash but hurry before Steve takes it :moustache:

Really liking this so far. Can't wait to see more :twilightsmile:

*<>* OMG a legit background pony getting her own love story ... Definatly following this and the author too

HA. Adorkable Twilight is best.

Well he's been here two years if I remember right, he might have to think that his girlfriend back home thinks he might have died and moved on by this point. Plus there is also the fact that he hasn't had any sexual release other than his hand for the past two years as well lol. Although if she wants to start a herd with him I do wonder who the others will be. If he is going to get out of the castle then maybe start small like her taking him to meet her roommate for instance.

dam it Twilight your timing sucks. now how long will it be before Tim has another free moment with Citrus?
talk about a cock block.

a exultant chapter Sparky Brony.


Good chapter! You've got the nuances of early fooling around described perfectly, and the character's actions are believable.

"Oh! Hey bucket of ice water, I mean Twi-block..."

I think they both need to cover how relationships work in their respective cultures. This will hopefully prevent any bad misunderstandings from happening, hopefully.

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