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George Carlin is my favorite "philosopher." Lyra is best pony. Raindrops is best pegasus. Sunset Shimmer is best human.

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Tracked, and I think you might be presenting the point I tried to better than I did. I will be watching this to see where it goes.

Thanks for the compliment. I can only hope I do the subject justice. :twilightsmile:

5722939 At this moment I only know that failed, maybe your story can help me to fix that.


Nice to finally see this up on site!

Well, I've read a few chapters of Echoes of Dream Valley, and it was actually pretty decent. Don't be too hard on yourself. Besides, I may yet fall on my ass with this. :rainbowlaugh:

Inorite? Took me long enough. :rainbowlaugh:

5722979 Well if you could give me some feedback I'd appreciate it. I am still trying to improve after all, and yeah falling on your ass is a definite risk. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, it's been a while since I read it, so I'll need to refresh my memory on what all has happened. But I think I can help you out with that. :twilightsmile:

5723062 please do, I need all of the help I can get. And I really hope you like it, it's probably got longer since the last time you read it.

Most likely. I think the last chapter I read was "You'll Play Your Part." (Nice use of the lyrics from the song in the S4 finale there, BTW.)

5723090 Ummm, thanks. :twilightblush: that song just struck such a cord with and it's something that Megan would have said to Bryan more than once. So I figured that she would be the one in doubt and that it was time that he supported her like she supported him. I am after all trying to showing how he has grown in her absence from his life.

And yes that information is on the way.

David Eddings? Is Silk going to show up?

No, but there's a reference to The Elenium and The Tamuli in Pinkie's intro scene, with more references to come in future chatpers. (Hence why the short description says "may contain up to 5% David Eddings by volume.") :ajsmug:

5723129 Darn, the Belgariad, and the Malloreon are two of my favorite series. And Silk is always awesome.

by the divines i love how ya did pinkie
thou hast get fallow and like

Don't get me wrong, neighbor. I like The Belgariad and The Malloreon. (I think Beldin and Polgara are my favorite characters from that 'verse.) I just vastly prefer The Elenium and The Tamuli.

Thanks for the compliment! :twilightsmile: I wasn't sure I'd done an adequate job of conveying Pinkie's... Pinkie-ness. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

i see you are using the settings from the xenoverse fics for lyra(OHMYGOSHOMYGOSHOHMYGOSH:rainbowkiss:best lyra), anything else you will be using for your works?. i hope we can see more of it soon, just a quick question will you be using more thing from that fic you know like herds social settings and such, or it will be just lyra?

Well, I'm planning on "borrowing" Lunaverse Raindrops (to an extent), Winningverse Cloud Kicker (as a minor character), and a couple of minor plot elements from the Gentlemanverse, at the very least.

And just for clarification, what do you mean by "herds social settings?"

5723907 sorry missing a comma there is herds, social settings such a matriarchal society bisexuality as the standard among others
i love the lunaverse: but to be honest i have only read two fics on that setting one being rainbow dash and her marvelous mechanical wings and the other being Luna's Protégé pretty good ones

Ah, okay. Yes, herds are there - as the notes say, this is a polygamous version of Equestria. And yes, bisexuality is pretty much normal in this version of Equestria. The matriarchy aspect is a bit complicated. It was very strong in this version of Equestria's past, which explains why Starswirl spent many a century languishing in obscure history books - Clover the Clever was given the credit for many of his discoveries (despite her desire to give him his due), and it also plays a role in the herd dynamic, though it's a bit more muted than in Xenophilia.

5724048 ok i see so basically is a mix of the xeno and lunaverse with a dash of winningverse. i cant wait for the next update, oh yeah i almost forget ponies will be herbivores or omnivores like on the xenoverse?. pm the answer if you like so we dont spoil it for the other readers

Well done! I shall be tracking this story.

That's the basic idea, though of course I'll be throwing some original elements into the mix, as well.

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

5724094 Who am I kidding. I liked, faved and tracked this before I even finished reading.

5724098 ditto, as soon i read about lyra it was insta follow and fave

Okay loving this from the start.

On the western outskirts of Ponyville stood an old farm

Stands. Wrong tense.

David Eddings?

You're going to write the exact same story five times?


On the western outskirts of Ponyville stood an old farm

What are you talking about? "Stood" is past tense. The fic is written in past tense. Therefore "Stands" would be incorrect. :rainbowhuh:

It's just a separate bookshelf, it's set up to notify when updates are available but it doesn't alert the author. Basically if you find a story interesting but don't yet want to commit it to your favorites.

Hush you, that was a good series. Besides, you forgot the second series of books, so it would be ten times the same story if you really want to be that way about it. The audio version of it was rather well done and I certainly enjoyed those series.

The featured box has redeemed itself a little by including this fic.

I have one question. Will this guy be an a**hole? To often a time I see good HiE stories ruined because writers take the human to the opposite extreme of Mary Sues/Jary Stues and make them complete jerks. I know that means that most of this stories are tells of redemption or something along those lines, and that many of them are really good, but their often WAY too mean spirited and I just don't want to see them even gt that chance because of it. I can understand initial hostility when they first get plopped down in magic hose land, but it's just painful reading about a character that just keeps on hates everything for no good reason go through a change rather than a character with some backstory behind why they do it. I'm really sorry for the rant, but I really like your story so far and wanted to express my fears. I hope you can forgive this rambler.

I may have to give this a track just for the fact it reminded me instantly of a certain cancelled video game saga of which we only got to see the beginning...

1. Belgariad
2. Malloreon
3. Elenium
4. Tamuli
5. Redemption of Althalus

Five times. Where are the other five?

5725019 I may have been a little buzzed last night. Don't mind me. :rainbowlaugh:

For eight ponies and a baby dragon, however, life in Ponyville was about to get a little more interesting...


It was a Monday morning, after all. Despite their mild disappointment at the loss of revenue the slow business day implied, they couldn't complain too much:

I sense massage, and ear rub. ponies get exited when they get belly rubs. did you know? pony can have an orgasm by belly rubs?

Oh boy... i can't wait to see some stuff (Phone) about it.
I can imaging what happen it was a magic stone for pony.
Technology is just a tool. (Pony World)
Magic is just a illusion (Human World)
*Sex tag*
um... sound like more clop for me *Happy face* I wonder...
It’s not a matter of size; it’s how you use it. A horsecock isn’t worth jack if fucking with it lasts all of ten seconds. Humans must be gods of sex to ponies, now that I think of it.

PS: Dear Fimfiction, I have learned way too fucking much about this shit thanks to you.

5725836 I’m not entirely sure the first point applies to Equestrians, but let’s say it does. we can say that, since the size doesn’t matter but hilting ability does, a human male’s endurance would absolutely floor any mares and humiliate the stallions. Mares and stallions are quick to reach orgasms too, so we’d give them multiple ones.

A HIE story implementing the Herd society in Equestria. One my favourite kind of story. As much as I like seeing a kickass Still-way lyra, a bit variation would be nice. Maybe a Shattered Earth Bon Bon or something like that would bring some change, Non?

“What's a 'houyhnhnm?'”

What you did there, I see it. (I think)

As many a David Eddings character has said, "Be nice." :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:

Inorite? :ajsmug:

Dear Playboy,
I never thought this would happen to me...

I'm going to try to avoid any Gary Stu-ness (and any asshole-ness). Can't promise that I'll succeed, but I'm damn sure gonna try.

Honestly, that's kind of what inspired the title, despite the Obvious Beta nature of the XBox port.

I was kind of hoping someone would notice. :rainbowlaugh:

5724916 It allows you to follow the story and receive the updates notice.

The reference to Gulliver's Travels is appropriately subtle. :raritywink:

And the funny thing is, I've never read Gulliver's Travels. I just cribbed that bit from Wikipedia. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, then. I guess Lily Sloane and I have something in common:

Excellent chapter.^^

Though, I do hope that Rainbow isn't gay... though, perhaps bi-curious? Honestly, it's hard to think on how it is with her. XD

Oh, by the way, was wondering if I could discuss some things with ya, considering the nature of the fic and such. You seem like the type of person that discussing ideas with would be fun.^^ Do you have Skype? Or perhaps a deviantart account?(it's easy to access DA's chatroom, thus why I ask. XD)

....and it's so obvious that Luna and Celestia aren't telling the whole truth here. XD Sure, what they're saying is true, but they're obviously holding back intel, eh?^_^

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