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After recognizing Ember's beauty and grace, Garble starts slowly falling in love with the new Dragon Lord. He decides to show this to her by, out of the blue, trying to pick her up.

It goes just as well as you'd expect.

Heavily inspired by Meghan Trainor's NO.

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For Garble 'It's just U And Ur Claw tonight'
That was a reply heavily inspired by Pink.

That ending... Brilliant stuff!:moustache:

We all know who Dragon Lady 'Tsundere' Ember really likes.

I listen to Megan Trainer's NO while reading this and I like it. This song is great just like this fic.

7153713 Wait... Megan Trainer's NO isn't a fanfic?

7153768 No. It is a song.


Thanks! :pinkiehappy:


Oh, thank you! I listened to NO while writing this, in fact. :duck:




7153849 I just realized I spelled the artist's name wrong.

:duck: Dear Garble , To treat a lady even a lady dragon takes poise grace and proper manors there is much to learn and for you ruffians it may take a life time. But I know it can be done just look at my Spikey Wikey.

:moustache: P.S. use more fru fru and less poo poo

:twilightoops: Spike!

:moustache: it's true.:facehoof:


:raritywink: culture !


Rarity preaches the truth! :duck:

And that picture is adorable! :rainbowkiss:

7154119 Garble wouldn't think so,,,,,:raritystarry: thank you.
cute story.:twilightblush:

... am I the only one who ships Sember here?

The name Fizzle reminds me of Fizzie from Sunset Overdrive,

"It's national Laser Appreciation Day! Let's celebrate!"

"Get off me, (swear) asshole! There's no power core at the top of the building!"

"Now I know why you cry and I can't. Thank you, (swear) asshole.

On a more appropriate hand, funny story. I also found an error.

"Yes?" She replied as she stepped a few paces closer. She then saw a red and yellow dragon, wo was easily distinguished as Garble, emerge from the crowd.

Shouldn't wo" be "who"

However, I do wish that it wasn't a one-chapter story. (or one-shot, as I've heard) I picture a bunch of chapters made from Garble's many attempts at getting together with Ember, only to finally have a backfire ending where, after realizing how much Garble has tried, Ember decides to give him a chance on a date, only to have it go horribly wrong.

Overall, you get 7/7 wooden nukes

I never understood why Dragon's do friendship. I mean for them to develop language, they have to socialize, and socializing can lead to friendship. Also, how could they develop the civilization they currently have if there always divided and refuse to work together, if this was reality, they would have been thrown into extinction long ago. THAT'S IT! That's why there are no dragon's today! They refused to work together therefore causing them to be vulnerable and leaving them easy prey for other species that would dare take them on, such as Humans, and they would be killed off one by one! There you go, that's why there are no dragon's today!:twilightsmile:

7154061 Well then, I believe winning Ember's heart will be an easy task for me, I'm quite the gentleman and I'm very persistent and care deeply for my honor and pride. And yeah a lot more things about me.:twilightsheepish:


Ooh, that's an interesting theory! :duck:

Yeah, without friendship and teamwork, it would be hard to start a civilization or foundation. That's why friendship is magic. Boom. :moustache:

7162735 Your right! Friendship is magic because it allows a species to work together and become sapient. So the dragon's are either EXTREMELY LUCKY, or the world is just to peaceful for anyone to throw them into extinction, and with no army there even more vulnerable. They wouldn't survive on Earth for a second, which is exactly why there all dead.:moustache: Sometimes, friendship is the only way your going to survive as a species, you know someone should talk about this theory! Oh and this is probably why the dragon's don't have a buildings or structures, because they refuse to work together.

That was funny.

The dragons do seem to be like nomads almost. I mean that one dragon commented they sleep in rocks as if they had no choice. Although most dragons we saw were herebtly aggressive I guess it just upbringin


Dinosaurs don't understand the concept of respect

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