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In a bygone age of Equestria, the great wizard Starswirl the Bearded and his apprentice forged a gateway to another world.

The less said about how well they actually fared in said world, the better.

Cover art from the gallery of auren-dawnstar. Proofread by themaskedferret.

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Ok, the premise is interesting enough, but seeing as you used one of my Brother's pictures for cover art I just Have to see what this is about...

Love this, it has somewhat Discworldly feel to it. It's also the first time ever that the EqG setting is enjoyable for me ;)

Author Interviewer


That didn't take long. :D

Excellent! I am delighted to see this published so quickly.

Wow, I had no idea while reading the original that this clocked in at 7K+ words.

Absolutely delightful. I'm so happy to have been a part of hounding you into making this.

This was quick!
Also, because I forgot to mention it last time, I liked the inclusion of the Mage-Lords as the Fae. I really wouldn't want to be one of the humans they kidnapped. I wonder if any are still around in some form on the other side of the portal, although if Tirek and Scorpan used to be ponies before the Mage-Lords were done with them, I don't think there'd be any real way of telling.

Happy coincidence that you saw it, then. Your brother's a grand artist. :twilightsmile: Let me know if it's alright that it's used as cover art, or if he'd prefer that it wasn't.

Glad to conjure both enjoyment and Discworldliness! Playing around with the basic EqG setting appealed greatly.

I finish quickly! :pinkiehappy:

Or something like that, anyway. Er, hang on.

I finish so quickly.

Damnit, I'm not good at this appropriate-phrasing business.

I was surprised myself when I saw the final word count. Bit of a testament (or condemnation, depending on perspective) to how many horse-words I can throw out when required.

Glad you enjoy it! I suppose said hounding had some positive effects in the end.

You're still the Worst Pony, though.

It seemed like a fun little way of twining them in. Less fun for their victims, of course, but you can't have everything. And, y'know, that said, I recall Scorpan turning out to be a transformed human prince in the original cartoon. Totally unintentional point of connection, but a neat one regardless. :pinkiehappy:


I am Worst Everything, and I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't.

You know, this sets the scene pretty well for an eventual Palaverse Sunset Shimmer-centric urban fantasy EQG fic. Possibly.

Ooh. Don't tempt me. Or tempt me lots, whichever.

This is so familiar

I shan't lie, I vaguely recall seeing something like this before myself. No idea where, though.


You know, this sets the scene pretty well for an eventual Palaverse Sunset Shimmer-centric urban fantasy EQG fic.

Be tempted, Carabas. Be very tempted. That sounds awesome.

Starswirl, why are you Mustrum Ridcully?

7144023 :rainbowlaugh:
Exactly. Meadowbrook is Rincewind.

Aargh, I've too many irons in the fire as it is, and not enough time or limbs. More cool story ideas at this stage amounts to the most refined of tortures. That said ... well, I can see potential in the idea, and a possible antagonist, and ...

Dang it, etc.

As honourable a comparison as any. Though at least Ridcully had some cunning and social graces upon occasion, in comparison.

Ah. Good to see this in story form. And I'm going to echo those who want to see something more stem from this. After all, you've set it up beautifully. (Plus, now I kind of want a horse to be a physics teacher at Canterlot High...)

Given his capacity for craftsponyship and attempts to be the voice of reason, he seems like a more self-aggrandizing Ponder Stibbons to me.

I'll contemplate something stemming from this, certainly. It'll have to share contemplation space with a piece under development, another Palaver sequel, a couple of ongoing stories, and other ideas, but I'll see what I can do for it. :twilightsmile:

Ah, so nice to see a story on Twilight's great-great-great-to-some-degrees grandmother and grandfather.

If either had found the time, inclination, and a suitably daft partner with which to produce offspring, then sure, it's possible for a certain lavender unicorn to have inherited magical muscle and social fluency from some far-distant ancestor. Personally, though, I wouldn't put much money on any of those ifs being satisfied.

Ditto to that.
The writing is so smooth that the time flew by like a blind drunk pegasus.

That was a fun read.
So Starswirl fought Starswirl, and they both lost. Good job :rainbowlaugh:
A bruised ego indeed. Luckily Meadowbrook did all those copies and journal notes. Can't miss trolling opportunities, right?

I choose to be flattered by that simile. :twilightsmile:

What sort of self-respecting apprentice would miss out on material with which to torment their master? :rainbowwild:


Be extremely tempted. Sunset Shimmer, Defense of Canterlot High, Nexus for the Return of the Fae, yadda yadda

Well that was fun. I second FoME's desire to see more physics-horse.

Also, it seems that Meadowbrook is quite in love with himself.

Glad you approve of it and physics horse. :twilightsmile: And I suppose he had to take after his master in one regard.


The writing is so smooth that the time flew by like a blind drunk pegasus.


I choose to be flattered by that simile. :twilightsmile:

I just don't know where it went!

Comment posted by BronyRant deleted Aug 9th, 2016

So... Magnet Horse is unimportant 'cause Equestrians already advanced beyond that? If so, it's intriguing.

Breezies' Portal and EQG Portal could be enhanced by Twilight after she studies both? Or just make better ones instead of altering the existing ones?

Bear in mind who's passing judgement on Magnet Horse at that moment. Starswirl has many good qualities, but actually listening to the ideas and words other folk present isn't amongst them. :rainbowwild:

Yep, all manner of scope for portal-improvement, now that magic theory's had a thousand-odd years to advance. Twilight taking it up as a project, in light of her already tinkering with the EQG portal, is entirely within reason.

And by the stars, I would have recognised that improbably handsome and chiseled countenance and lovely dark green locks and look of long-suffering confusion anywhere, even on a gangling ape-body. I locked gazes with another Meadowbrook.

They should totally make out.
Ahem - great story! Epic and funny. Will there be any Meadowbrook/Medowbrook shipfics popping up soon? I ship it. A lot. Questionably so. No regrets. I really ship it. Part of me isn't sure why.

Glad you like it! :twilightsmile: No plans as yet for any more stories featuring Meadowbrook's complicated masturbation habits, alas, but it's a lovely ship, I do agree.

Unfortunately, Dobbin's theory failed to take into account the effect that monopoles would have on the flux vector. Silly horse! :derpyderp2:

Be fair to a one-horse scholar operating in the Equestria Girls equivalent of the Dark Ages. Besides, he was still a bit knackered from puzzling out the dynamics of celestial bodies that morning.

Poor Dobbin, he just wants apples and to share his theory of magnetism, and nobody will cooperate.

Neat ideas for the backstory of EQG-land. Also, I'm really curious about what goes on to topple the various Capric empires.

Dobbin's an underappreciated soul in his day indeed. At least history will recognise him, assuming anyone bothered transcribing his whinnies. Glad you liked the EQG-land history ideas!

Author Interviewer

Well'p, there ya go.

Sorry it didn't work out as well as I'd have liked. :C

You're an absolute gem of a human, and never let yourself be told otherwise.

Listen and a plug fothcoming, as soon as I'm ensconced somewhere quieter. :pinkiehappy:

This was entertaining :pinkiehappy:

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