Sunset Shimmer's experiencing a night of living hell. Thankfully, Twilight Sparkle shows up and lends a comforting shoulder to lean on.

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Comment posted by Harmony Pie deleted Jan 16th, 2016

It was a long night
We ran along into the spotlight
You sang a song that made the children cry
And all the people knew my name
It was a bright light

This was amazing!:pinkiehappy:

I'm not exactly sure what happened at the end tho

....Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. That's a horrible thing to suffer through, and that moment in particular. :ajsleepy:

"Maybe... m-mabye it drags something to the surface of my inner pony being.

Noticed a small typo.

Yes. All of my yes.

Much love and respect, sir.

Well, I'm suitably sad now.

What an horrid thing to have to deal with.

~Skeeter The Lurker

So in the end she was just dreaming ?

I just saw the author, the characters and the romance tag and I knew I would fav. I have been impatient in the comment sections of your other Sunlight stories before, but this just showed me all over again while I love them so very much. Your stories are just amazing. They make me feel the character's pains and emotions, your descriptions are so vivid.

Just, thank you again for the wonderful stories you give us.

And on danger of being thought of as a silly melon fudge again...


Well, that went from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other real quick. Talk about emotional whiplash. Now I don't know how to feel :/

This is incredible! Not an idea I've seen done before, and the fact that Twilight being there was just more of the dream should have been something I saw coming in hindsight but it was so surprising and gahhh. Your Sunset is so good.

Comment posted by FrostVortex deleted Jan 17th, 2016

And here I thought you were going to write a happy ending for once.

Yer gettin' predicatable in yer old age, Skirts...! I figured it would end like that...


Dude, come on. You can't upvote someone's stories, no matter how much you may like them personally, unless you understand what's going on. If anything, it's a disservice to the author.

That's an interesting idea, that being in the human world without Luna's guidance means would affect Sunset's dreams. Though Sunset left before Luna returned, but being in a world with no magic is probably another different reason for why Sunset has this ordeal every full moon. That sure wouldn't help her personality before (not that it excuses her actions of course) when she first arrived in the human world.

Figures that Sci-Twilight would be a dream too. It was a bit too convenient for her to show up and possibly a bit out of character for her to be that affectionate. Not sure if its better or worse for Sunset that it was all only a dream- better than the nightmares and terrors, or worse that it wasn't really Twilight.


I got everything else except for the dream part.

And really, it's not a disservice if the feels were tearjerking enough for a upvote.

Imma... I'm just gonna go cry... over there in the corner now...

6841156 I think that's the question...

so confessing her feelings in her dreams but never in person, sounds like Sunset is living out her nightmare.

wow, I got 19 thumbs down on my "first" comment?!


also this was really well written! yay

Well damn, that heartfelt confession almost made me smile until I noticed Twilight didn't respond and got that sinking feeling in my gut when I realized I'd been had. It is an interesting idea for not having Princess Luna in the EG world affecting Sunset's dream cycle, the result of it though is beyond heartbreaking that Sunset would have to put up with it. :pinkiesad2:

This would make a nice idea for a full fic where Sunset's friends find out, contact Princess Twilight and see if they can't come up with a solution for it. I mean, Sunset could always go home but given she's apparently in love with Sci-Twi that might cause a bit of drama. Of course, this whole thing is just so I can get a happy ending which I'm a sucker for. I mean I can appreciate a bittersweet ending every now and then but a happy ending is always nice. Must just be the disney fan in me. :raritywink:

Good story all the same though.

Wow. That's all i am capable of saying right now. Wooooow.

Jesus Christ, that ending.

Dreams don't get much worse than THAT.

Damn..... at first I was like well this is ok, but Sci-Twi is ooc. Then I reach the end and you broke my feels. This is beautifully dark. I would love to see more from this.

God fucking dammit, Skirts.

Okay, that ending shook me. I don't know how I didn't see that coming. You pulled a good one on me, a fantastic, brilliant story!
I've decided to add a new Muffin Award - Crystal Muffins. They are very similar to Golden Muffins, with a catch. They are from the human world of Equestria Girls. Brilliant job! You've earned the first Crystal Muffin award! :derpytongue2:

If she can't have dreams, then does that mean she can't have nightmares? I though she would still be able to have nightmares:applejackunsure: That ending tho:raritycry::raritydespair: Great. I need another box of Felios:pinkiesick:

Damn, that ending. Wow. That is quite the gut-punch.

I would write a sequel to this as soon as you can. Only I would have her friends all go to Equestria and demand that Celestia and Luna BOTH put a stop to this torture that Sunset is going through. Or at the very least video tape it so that they can show what their good friend has gone through each night during a full moon. If that doesn't work make some deal with Twilight and have her let Sunset sleep in her home during the full moon so that her dreams can stop turning into such horrible nightmares. Very good story but like I said REALLY needs a sequel to it.

I'll be honest, I kinda got clued in when I heard human Twilight use "anypony" instead of anyone. Still a good ending though.

When you can't dream and then it manifest itself into something, that stalk you in real life. You become an empty vessel of horror, emotion and disappointment. But, I need this Twilight. We are all need this Twilight. A real one, not a dream one.

Anyway, like usual, your writing keeps getting better, polished and easier to digest. Goodjob.

Oh fuck you too Skirts.

"Daydreams filled his nighttime,
And nightdreams filled his days."

Y u do dis?

Don't the Mane Human Six have "pony essence" too? Would they be going through the same thing?:unsuresweetie:

*whistles* dayum... that was a little painful there! would make a fantastic first chapter to a longer story too ;)

6843367 Yes. But it's something similar to werewolves on a full moon. Skirts periodically becomes unable to revel in our torment and tears and instead is compelled to write somewhat passable comedy instead.
Which is, of course, why the rest of the time is as bleak as possible, as if somehow to make up for the occasional slip.

The ending tells us that the rest of it, starting with Twilight's visit, was all an illusion/dream.

*Finishes chapter...*

Dangit, bro. I can't hate this. Dangit.

A dull sigh escaped Sunset's throats.

*throat. ?

6844978 But none of them turned into a raging she - demon... :applejackunsure:

You can go ahead and cry.

Don't mind if I do. :pinkiesad2:

She reached a hand up and behind her... but felt nothing.

... don't mind if I do :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:


On second thought though, this means that Sunset did have a good dream for once, which seems to be a first.


But they're not originally ponies, unlike Sunset...:unsuresweetie:

Because sometimes there is just no happy end.

I thought that she was using "anypony" and "good pony" because she was that considerate of a friend. Because she knew exactly how to comfort Sunset in her time of need.

And bam. Nope, just because it was Sunset's subconscious.

Damn you.

I loved it all! The descriptions were lovely and I especially enjoyed the dialogue between Sunset and Twilight.

Poor Sunset!:raritydespair:
I wonder if she'll ever talk to not-dream Twilight:twilightsmile:

(Also Sunset's best human pony):pinkiehappy:

And shortskirtsandexplosions is my Senpai:derpytongue2:

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