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I am the Harbinger of Mist. Lower life forms asphyxiate in my wake. I specialize in comedy.


Hello everybody and welcome to "Whose Line is it Anyway?: My Little Pony edition"! Here we have the day the earth ponies stood still, Solid State! The thestral who flew off with my wallet, Star Tooth! Hey it's the guy who returned my wallet, Dull Edge! And the one who broke his back from his namesake, Blunt Force!
I am your host, Drew Carey, let's have as much fun as we can watching these technicolour donkeys make complete asses of themselves!
Yes, Whose Line is it Anyway? The show where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

I'm going to try to alternate between scene-based games (Improbable mission, sound effects, narrate, etc.) and the other wacky fun ones (scenes from a hat, party quirks, hoedown, etc.) to give this fic different stories to tell. So long as this fic can tell a story or four, I should be able to keep the moderators happy... right?

Warning: Crude humour and sexual themes. But you probably knew that already.

I have since recently dedicated this fanfic to Europa. You may be able to find out why.

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Oh my god.


Yes, more.

Mark this as incomplete and do more, you capture them so well.

Scenes from a Hat.


Irish Drinking Song.


Do it you monster!

"You just never go outside!"

Someone's been watching me...! :pinkiegasp:

EGADS, FRIEND... You know how you can improve this fic?

Write. Moar.

4981733 Irish drinking song and hoedown are possible. i can add them as bonus chapters.

I should also be able to do "world's worst". As much as i love scenes from a hat, that one may be difficult, same with props. :applejackunsure:

I died.
Humor circuitry has now been fully stress-tested.

Ooh, please tell me there's a scenes from a hat coming...

Horseback riding.:rainbowlaugh:

Public nudity.:rainbowlaugh:

Sir. Please. May we have moar?:fluttershysad:

(Also, OMG Public nudity :rainbowlaugh:)

4985738 i doubt it. sorry.
i am planning on Irish Drinking Song, Weird Newscasters, maybe Three-headed Broadway Star, and a slightly original game of mine that's based off of the rarely played Hey You Down There.

4985793 i figured i captured Colin and Ryan fairly well with those. plus those are the two that only really work if it's in the context of the MLP universe.

4985738 scratch what i said previously. Inspiration struck while I was at work. You'll all get Scenes from a Hat eventually. In fact, I'll leave it to the viewers to give me some ideas (MUST be pony-related).

I love it! The second 'Damnit Junior' line really got me.

Superheroes! All four, enter one by one. Crisis picked by audience, as well as the first hero name. About thirty seconds between each incoming hero. Most recent already entered picks the next hero name.

5012344 i don't think i'll do that one. it would feel a little awkward for me.

Oh my god. Yes. This is yes. You channel them so well, and I couldn't help but laugh at that.

5016738 I can tell you're quite an avid fan of this fic. I appreciate that. :pinkiesmile:
However, I need to turn your attention to the edited Author's Notes.

5012358 ah well, I would have suggested the Darwinist. Able to ensure that something bad doesn't happen to anyone else after the first few times.

There's one, but it's your fic, your call

Comment posted by Harbinger Of Mist deleted Sep 25th, 2014

You know? I can totally see that actually happening to them.:rainbowlaugh: I'm dying here!

Suggestion: Sideways Scene?

5055655 is that for SFAH or a chapter altogether? doing the game itself would be difficult to put into text form since it depends ENTIRELY on physical humour, more so than Dead Bodies.
Yeah, i could have the readers use their imaginations for it, but it takes all the fun out of it for me, 'cause then it would be making a regular scene.

on a sidenote, i was hoping to get more feedback on this chapter. aw well, at least i can always count on you :twilightsmile:

Scenes from a hat needs to happen sometime. Props probably won't happen

5059529 SFAH will happen. but i keep telling people that i need suggestions... :ajbemused:

5059940 Things you can say about a timberwolf, but not your partner.

If Celestia and Luna were undercover cops.

What the Whose Line cast says in their sleep.

If noble ponies were peanuts.

What Princess Cadance was thinking during Dead Bodies.

5059940 One needs to be a things you can say to your _____, but not your marefriend.
Unlikely Pick-up Lines
What the Royal Sister's do in their personal time
If Daring Do was a soap opera
Strange Times to burst into song.

5060453 aww... the tried and true "Things you can say about ___, but not your partner" card.

i think i may be able to work with every one of those but the peanut one

5060472 Are you going to be asking for suggestions for scenes from a hat?

5065559 He did in the author notes.

5065887 Witch chapter because I didn't notice it?

5065917 The latest is chapter 5, at the end of the A/N.

Here's a suggestion for Scenes from a Hat. "Apple Bloom tell Spike she's pregnant and he's the father".

5065921 Thanks and what do you think of my suggestion?

5066013 Funny in theory, but I don't think a lot can be done with it. It's more a joke in and of itself, rather than something that can set up the actors to make a joke.

5066015 What if it was the other way around?

5066023 hmmm... that scene of yours... might actually work for Hollywood Director... :trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by Darth Gonzo deleted Sep 28th, 2014
Comment posted by Darth Gonzo deleted Sep 28th, 2014

5067330 Is that something from Whose line?

5067496 The video can't be watch.

5067505 messed up at first. i got it now

5067523 Thanks but I can't watch right now but I will.

I found myself wiping my face at the P section.:pinkiecrazy:

And... darkening of the stool?:pinkiesick:

And of course, Carol Chatner wins all.

5074678 *Chanter. As in one who chants (Christmas) carols

I read that one part in Ryan Stiles (Doing a Carol Channing impression) voice

5077927 that's how it was intended to be read. :raritywink:

SFAH suggestion: Something along the lines of "Hidden Talents the Mane 6 don't want you knowing about"
Like Fluttershy's knitting, Dash's amazing singing skills, or Rarity as a champion of a hay dog eating contest.

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