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Harbinger Of Mist

I am the Harbinger of Mist. Lower life forms asphyxiate in my wake. I specialize in comedy.


We all know how the Changelings are: They pose as other ponies, get close to their victims and feed off their emotions.
Well, long ago, they employed different methods, some that made them even more vile than we once thought. They were gruesome and merciless; the worst type of parasite you could imagine. But what caused them to change? What made them become the Changelings they are now? Something... something happened back in a place called Salem Valley that the Queen wishes she could forget.
She has abandoned her ancient methods, in fear she might invoke a similar event.

Artwork done by Sakura

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Looking at your story number, you seemed to be planning this story for a while. I take that it is a product of your overly active imagination that keeps you up at night?

I generally ignore mine, but I have had some disturbing thoughts. Guess you're worse.

Also, the story is quite interesting. But the amount of chapters submitted at once is slightly overwhelming for casual readers. If you have chapters already written down, then you should release them one at a time. But some readers will like having multiple chapters to read.

But I would like to ask if this story is complete or not. It's marked as incomplete, but the ending has a sense of closure.

4267284 it's more a product of laziness. i would've had this completed long ago if i had the proper motivation.

and thanks for reminding me, it's complete.

4268157 Having read all of it while I can say it's sorta impressive I still don't understand why it happened the way it did.

6322863 Keep in mind, this is my first fic. I was still gathering my bearings and trying to find my niche. This dark story got me the motivation to do more, which have been comedy mostly.

Thank you for the fav and follow. With the latter, I strongly recommend checking out my newer fics, they're more coherent than this one, and I've put more effort and pride into them.

6324095 Yes i understand but there isnt a great disagreement with this fic other than the fact that I dont understand how the beast was made and how it was so powerful.

6324342 A beast was quelling within him. It was awoken through the intense rage of seeing parents rotting away in the pit. When he transformed, his mark appeared, showing that this beast is the true extent of what he is capable of; to become this unstoppable beast was his calling in life. His emotions fueled his inner earth pony magic and caused it to manifest into a gratuitous amount of adrenaline that inflated his muscle mass to ridiculous proportions. Earth ponies have more unique ways of using their magic, such as Maud being able to treat rock as if it were the density of styrofoam. The increased strength is all Sam's magic being brought out and being used for its true purpose.

Yes, he does seem like an empty character. I did rush this story because I was so eager to get it out and gain an audience. I should have paced this story much better, as well as foreshadow the beast itself. Fortunately, I've improved since then.

6324436 It's just crazy that such power would be in him

6324484 Kinda figured. Here's the thing. I like to call this my first fic, but it isn't. My real first fic had a really overpowered character, and it got slammed. Then I learned the hard way that I need to focus on good story-telling.

I haven't completely outgrown it at the time I wrote this. Fortunately, most people who read this seemed to like it.

I understand, if you're not too fond of how powerful I made him, that's perfectly fine.

6325634 I am not too fond of how the power popped out of nowhere but not the power itself.

6325811 So, bottom line, you would have liked to have build-up?

6326007 It had build up. As to events leading one another. The power however existing like that in an earth pony didn't have buildup.

6326169 Fair enough. Thanks again for the fav and follow.

6326311 If i could get you to read one of my own fics that'd be great.

6326390 If you want to add me then I'm in skype dionysiosbbbb

6326417 that's moving a little fast. Though not entirely out of the question.

But if you don't mind, I don't want the comments section of this video turning into a chatroom.
You seem like a perfectly nice person, but I'd like to stop here.

6327272 no need to apologize, you did nothing wrong.

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