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I am the Harbinger of Mist. Lower life forms asphyxiate in my wake. I specialize in comedy.


This story is a sequel to These Things Ain't Apples

Rarity explores a new cave and goes on her usual gem hunting expedition in preparation for a new line of dresses. She soon finds a shiny rock that looks truly unique and foreign to their world. needless to say, she just HAS to have it.

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Would've been better if it was Cortex, take it, come out with some self-promoting, world-domination gibberish then have the ground open up beneath him.

As for Zecora... Your options would be N'Sanity tribesmen and/or Papu-Papu worshipping her, followed by Crash attacking them.
, Spring worms popping up in her private herb garden or N' Brio breaks into her hut and tries to steal her potions.

Other suggestion for fics are as folows:
Nina Cortex, who (according to Twinsanity canon) loves small animals (which was why Cortex ent her to Madam Amberly), finds herself at Fluttershy's.
Coco finds herself with Twilight.
Big Mac/Iron Will/Bulk Biceps meet Crunch/ Koala Kong/ Tiny Tiger (respectively)
N' Gin meets Pinkie Pie (The only aspect of post-Twinsanity Crash I accept is N' Gin obsession with anything pink)
Dash meets N' Oxide
Dingodile meets Gilda
Ripper Roo meet Screw Loose(Barking Mad[whichever you call her])
Fluttershy finds the Polar Bear and/or Baby Tiger that I forget the names of.

That's all I can think of right now.
It's midnight.
I wish I could include Pinstripes, but the gun-toting Ring-tailed Possum is just too trigger happy.

Good one! Also looking forward to the next one. These are delightfully silly.

Do you have a plan for a next Crash-questria?

5404046 I did say so in the author's notes. But I'm starting to think I'd rather work on other projects before getting to that.

5404608 That's okay.
I'm just asking because it seemed a bit longer than the time between this and the wumpa fruit one.
But no worries, you're a good author, so I'll check out whatever you write.

5406902 In that case, have you seen my other stories? I kinda want my Whose Line crossover in particular to get more attention since I've been pouring the most time into it.

5406995 I didn't read the Whose Line one, because I don't know what it is.
I'm only guessing it's a TV show, but I doubt it airs in Australia.

5407150 look it up on youtube. I guarantee you'll binge-watch. Ask Europa how good my adaptation is. :raritywink:

5407163 It'll have to wait until I've finished catching up on DBZ abridged.

5407172 well. I can tell you have good taste.

5407189 I'm currently up to 36.
I have 9 episodes, 2 songs and one movie to go.

oh! And Celloween. I'm betting that's hilarious!

5969866 ah well. I'm still glad you enjoyed. Surely you've read the prequel as well?

5972623 no promises. but there is a chance.

But also consider I have other projects I'm prioritizing.

I don't know what this is a crossover with. Is it a crossover?

6856362 read the prequel story and you'll find out. :raritywink:

Ha! Brilliant!

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