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A short, fun one-shot that will have nothing explained.

Applejack was expecting the usual apple harvest. But one tree has a particularly odd apple that she does not remember planting. This strange fruit is not all that she encounters...

Hit the "popular stories" tab on 23/10/14. Thank you everyone!

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The cover pic reminds me of the Wumpa fruit from Crash Bandicoot

YES! It is a Crash Bandicoot crossover!

Nice job!

5175946 That's what it is mate

Good old Crash :-)

C'mon... I know you don't know what you know..... I mean finish the fic, IZ GOOD!

Wumpa fruit? What next, Wumpa Whip? Power Crystals? I bet that'd be awesome for a Crash Bandicoot crossover. It'd HAVE to be set before those bloody horrible 'mutant' games.

Then in a sequel he runs into Zecora with the mask on and shouts "OOGA BOOGA"


I saw the picture for thi and I was all like :pinkiegasp: Oh my god, that's a Wumpa Fruit!!

Boy, that cider might have given AJ a cold hard crash.

5178362 She won't feel okay until she's Piston It Away...
I'll go back to my corner.

She'll be feeling pretty WARRRRRRPED after that.


at least it wont hurt her ability to crunch numbers while drinking cocoa

Crash Bandicoot crossover.
life is now complete.
going into stasis mode.

I don't need no editor! I don't need no proofreader!

Riight. I still managed to find two mistakes...

5180675 That was a little joke i decided to throw in. Besides, I've seen other people who go without editors and proofreaders, and their stories have mistakes in every paragraph.

5181313 That's why there's people like me. I read stories, find mistakes and correct them. (Sorry. I don't have a life.)

I just re-read, and after re-playing Twinsanity, I noticed you forgot to mention that wumpa-fruit trees closer resemble palm trees.

did u put crash and the wumpa fruit in here?

5992950 did you post that before reading?

5995681 in that case, isn't it obvious from the other comments that were posted?

5995921 no the pic gave it away and u kinda nailed crash's look in the story

Comment posted by Brody Deitrick deleted May 19th, 2015

5996000 then why did you ask if he was in here in the first place?

5996289 just makeing sure i guessed right that it was him and not Jax from Jax3

We desperately need more crash bandicoot crossovers.

Comment posted by Zesty Bomb deleted Sep 10th, 2015

I really liked this. Well done.

Very confusing to someone who never played the game. Could you explain what goes on?

7674697 Crash Bandicoot and a Wumpa Fruit tree show up out of nowhere, and then disappear without a trace. Leading Applejack to believe she hallucinated.

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