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Traveling with Discord is anything but average, especially when you've got some mental baggage.
Your best hope is to go with the flow, and keep the show on the road.

(Beware:Cursing in this fic.)
(Beware:Chapters are prone to radical changes.)
(~Don't get me started on those dream sequences.~)
(Chapters with (DANGER ZONE) are being rewritten. Read at your own risk.)

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The madness begins. :rainbowwild:

I suppose I better finish up chapter one of PonyFall: Australia.

Quick! Before a Diamond Dingo Eats it!344389

hehe nice Draequine :rainbowlaugh: <----RD's reaction xD

Dayum that picture and that story. Mighty fine I say.

I aught'a go to school dressed like this guy someday. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn it, why do I find out about things always late? I totally would've liked to join the project.
Anyway, nice story you've got there. As some said, there are quite some typos. Most of all, you've misused "your" a couple of times.
It seems fine for everything else, besides a bit too much swearing, and maybe the "mind voice" thing could get annoying if it's overused; but maybe that's just me.
Keep this up, you've had a nice idea with the Ponyfall project! :twilightsmile:

This is Fan Tucking Fastic. Seriously I love it, especially Ashton and his crazy voice in his head. :pinkiehappy: MAKE MORE SOON:rainbowkiss:

Something that is just too fun to read once. You sir lost the internet, and gained a kingdom.:pinkiecrazy:


But gancolt gets starswirled... All I got was tom

"Who is he to say that I can't go back in time to steal my own cotton candy cloud?"

Yeah, who does he think he is!?:twilightangry2:

Sorry about all the comment deletions, but I had to reorganize the chapters to put in the prologue....



First. Liked it. Glad to see ponyfall is still going.

hooray, let the flood of chapters pent up over the last week commence!

Shhhhhhh!!! I just edited the fic a tad D:


While others humanized pone are basically useless other than being clopping materials, Discord proved himself as a decent moneymaker :pinkiecrazy:

April 13th 2012

*looks at date on PC*

April 10th, 2012

Mother of God, Doctor Hooves must be the Author! :yay:

I love it.
Though seeing Discord so down made me very sad.:fluttercry:

Don't worry, Chaos pony will save you! -Tries to arive-

Wait you've been causing it. And now you...Oh crap. -metal hugs anyway-

Can't wait for the next part!:heart:

Well, this is certainly gonna be interesting. If I could ever make a good Ponyfall story-which I cannot without some form of help with editing, ideas, etc.- I would pick Pinkie as no one has made a Ponyfall story involving her. Or Fluttershy for that matter. Why did someone have to take RD? Why the CMC? I wanted the chance to hang out with a pony that had similar interests. Hey, I like things that are cool, and want some things to be 20% cooler. If the author of the Rainbow Dash story cannot continue, I will gladly finish it(with his input and permission of course).


Guess who has both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy?

You?! Dammit, stop trolling. If Celestia's evil twins Molestia and Trollestia have them, then they shall pay!

Why aren't they up then? I want to help him on the Pinkie Pie one, because I know her antics better than anyone. Plus I can stand her for longer. Tell him that, and that if he declines, the full wrath of Nightmare Moon shall come down on his arse.

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/13327/The-Day-My-Beard-Turned-Into-Pinkie-Pie cough cough

If you want a chance to get in, then you should join the pony fall channel in the IRC. >.>

:pinkiesick: Goddammit. I had just had to get curious... :pinkiesick:

We are all Slave of Armok! The God of Blood! All hail the GreatToadyOne!

and then John DeLancie hears Discord speaking.

Man... it just get's better an' better... so good!

I wonder if my life would be better if I also had a voice in my head....

I love this story the best

I can't stop laughing

Bloody BRILLIANT! Oh, I can't wait for the voices in his head to start talking to each other. This is going far better than I expected this story to go!


Your about to be horribly surprised at what happens.

I just started reading this story today, and another update?! OH MY, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

"Horribly surprised" just makes me more exited! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh my goddesses... does that mean he got his powers back? Epic either way.

OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :facehoof: OHGAWD :twilightoops: OHGAWD :twilightoops:

"Crush! Kill! Destroy! Swag!"

I lolled XD

i lauhed so hard at this, i fell off my chair. You sir made my day

Gawd now he has THREE different consiousnesses (spelled right?) in his head.:twilightoops:
And there's also that whole magic thingy...
You know what. It's just a lot easier to sit back and watch this unfold.

Uh oh...:twilightoops: This can't be good for him or the world... :yay:

Once again, you have rendered my mind into a state of chaos. :derpytongue2:

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