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After a rather disappointing battle with Discord, Applejack ends up on Earth and is found by a funny-looking brony named Garrett. Trials and tribulations may occur, but the question is: can she get back to her friends and find a way back home?

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finally somebody is doing AJ in the ponyfall
lets see some moar awesomeness

This story.

I like it so far.

ANOTHER CHAPTER!:pinkiehappy:

Good to see Applejack has a story now.

Oh good, this has started. Can't wait to see more, keep up the good work!! :twilightsmile:

Maybe I'll be with Luna in Ponyfall story called Black and White.

Young 11-year old boy name Ned Colorless he wears black and white outfit with glasses and hat.
He was born in the wild since his unknown family died and but at 5 he was adopt from a woman who is very nice and sweet to him but she later died when his age 8 because of her ex-boyfriend killed her and he soon hated bad people,he hates bad words and knew the world is corrupt since he lives in New York City.

He befriend Luna and she still has her powers unlike the other story.

He hated Discord,his main enemy and gains his power from him during the incident when he was a top of Empire state building

And he's about find the Mane 6 and Celestia in order for them escape this corrupted world.

He change his name to N Colorless since he got hit by the shockwave.

1619055 So wait, are you wanting to write for the Luna portion, or are you wanting to write something roughly based on your interest in the collab?

1615573 If you've read Draequines, the language may resemble his quite a bit, so hopefully that doesn't steer you away. Thanks though, I just gotta wait till Slorg edits Chapter 1 and I'll have that up ASAP.

1615527 She did before, but they/we had to get a new writer (me) for her bit. I liked where he was going with it, he just didn't go through with it for some reason.

1614834 Gnat, you seem to like everything I write lol

1614688 If you like motorcycles, rednecks and adult humor, I'm sure you'll like what I come up with.

1619188 Aw hell no, son. Draequine's story is the funniest one in my opinion. It's had me in tears of laughter several times. If you're trying to mimic that, good things be a comin'. :ajsmug: I eagerly await progress! :twilightsmile:

1619254 Not really mimic, more or less on par with course language and whatnot.


After writing my first story of Pokemon vol. 1

1619324 Still not sure which one you were gonna try and do though, cause if you wanna write for PonyFall, you need to be approved.

Not yet my friend still paranoid from 'the incident' and don't mention that

Right now I need to focus before my TF2 game downloads

1619357 Ah I see. What is this 'incident' you speak of?

Can't tell you it traumatizing and don't talk about or else I'm gonna panic attack.

Right now I need a humanized Luna image only look like anime like picture and don't comment unless you have the image of her cause I got to avoid being perverted and I disgust myself

1619379 Posting PonyFall stories without being approved by me results in an automatic denial by the FiMFiction admins. Repeat offenders get banned.

Those aren't my rules, those are the guidelines given to us by the FiMFiction staff. That said, we're full on writers.

Similar stories are fine (at the admins' discretion).

Maybe Luna was written yet so she could be someone else
I was think I decide to join in the story so....

1619738 Luna's being taken care of. Thanks for the interest though. If you're patient, we will be needing writers for the background ponies in approximately 4 - 6 months' time, depending on how quickly we wrap the story up.


Well, it's better than my writing.

A fine start, good sir. It's looking like you'll be making Ponyfall mighty proud with this here fic, and it's only the prologue.

I had a go at the talking apples too, but they more vengeful. I like what you've done instead though.

1619871 One thing I made sure to do was go over the other prologues to get my facts straight, that way there isn't any plotholes y'know? But thanks a lot man, I mean it. As we speak, Slorg an Shanenator are helping me figure out what to do and how to fix my writing, nothing on the prologue though, it seems good, more along the lines of chapter 1.

1619880 good to hear. Mayhaps I shall get a part next time... hopefully with Berry Punch. I can PM you what I did for my first chapter of my AJ Ponyfall if that'll help in some way? Then again, I think you've already written that part of yours too, and it was obviously better. Now I just feel silly. Looking forward to it!

Well, I could still take a gander at yours and try to offer any advice I may have.


What am I suppose to do writing of Ponyfall oh well maybe I can choose writing Crossoverflow it's a story where all main characters from Games,TV series and Movies join to defeat an army of Changelings,Team Rocket,Team Galactic,Team Plasma and Gray Mann's robot

My Little Pony
Team Fortress 2
Call of Duty
Danny Phantom
Dan Vs.
Phoenix Wright
Red vs. Blue
Ben 10
And more...

1619894 Like the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny... with ponies?

My main character is Nate from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 my story takes place from Pokemon adventures which it's not done yet base on Humans Assemble.

He looks like this cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/c/cd/Spr_B2W2_Nate.png

He plans to visit back to Ponyville and soon heard that Queen Chrysalis escaped from her dungeon since 1 year ago from staying Ponyville with the other Trainers also Team Galactic plans to take over the other dimension and cooperate with the evil syndicates while Gray Mann uses the Teleporter from the Engineer and attempt to take over Equestria and now Nate needs some help from the world unlike Pokemon and Equestria and send out the main characters throughout the storyline.

Wasn't the first chapter out earlier this morning?

Oh, I woke up and saw that in the notifications. I fell asleep before I could read it.

1620642 Sorry mate lol, I needed to make sure it went through the editing process first.

Ha ha I am tracking before I even read it, I will read after the next chapter comes out.:pinkiehappy:

1620792 Okalie dokalie lol I take it you like the collaboration?

1620819 Considering PoE and HiE are the best types of stories ever written, yes ;) I was overjoyed when I found out about this collab... I love them all!

Nice to see this started :) Tracking! :twilightsmile:

(Li'l thing... Pinkie was found before Rarity. She was the one that managed to get the licorice and ice cream off of Rarity)

1620986 Yeah, I think I was basing mine off of what Silverness had... Or Drae, not quite sure :/

1620831 Cool :P well I hope I don't disappoint you.

Well... when I wrote it that Pinkie was found before Rarity nobody opposed, but... whatever

1621112 Yeah, nobody said anything about mine either. o.O

1621118Good, good, let the insanity consume you.

the color of it’s bark,

it's=it is
its=shows possession

almost as if they weren’t real tree’s anymore.

's is never used for pluralization in English. Only to show possession in nouns, and as a shortening of 'is'.

She had to find her friends and Apple Bloom,

Applebloom is one word. Apparently, Apple Bloom is the correct spelling.

for when Discords magic made contact with Luna’s muzzle,

Possession in nouns is always with 's, so with the apostrophe.

Otherwise, well done.

1621457 SIN!

While the apostrophes you pointed out are correct (thank you), Apple Bloom is not one word. The accepted spellings for the characters come from the MLP Wiki, and Michelle Creber herself (Apple Bloom's voice actress) uses this spelling.

1621148 Ugh. When I start missing simple mistakes like the ones Esmelthian pointed out, you know I'm getting burned out on editing. Lol. Sorry about that.

Really? Huh. *looks it up because he is skeptical* Huh, you're right.

1621587 Slorgie, I command you take a break from all this. Get some rest, drink some tea, have sexy times, whatever.

Hold on! Isn't there already an Applejack Ponyfall story? Or was it cancelled?

1622477 Cancelled. Belgian got sick or something and was, regrettably, unable to continue.

1619188 I have prepared my body, now give me more. :rainbowkiss:

1623483 Only your body? Son I am disappoint.

1623493 Sorry, you already blew my mind; I'm awaiting the next shipment.

Also, the prologue, though the same scene, is always amazingly different depending on the character, and that's awesome.

On a related note, Bloomberg isn't one of AJ's trees anymore, she gave him to Braeburn in Appleoosa.
Maybe name the tree Bloomington the third?

lol dude How you know?????

1623536 Oh yeah lol, I forgot about that XD

1623698 Call it a hunch :P

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