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Matt "MrBackpack" Mxxxxx has finally gotten his life on track; he's got a job that he loves, a good enough home, a beautiful fiance, and a dog. Little does he know that all of that hard work is about to be threatened by the presence of a very confused and very naked young woman appearing in his fudge-smelling Texas backyard.

Part of the PonyFall Collaboration series

Chapters (14)
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Might want to remove the editing comments down at the bottom.

In other news, this one's looking good so far. Keep it up.


Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

Ponyfall? Here? As long as there isn't shipping involved, I'm in. Also, just letting you know; you are my only hopes for the Ponyfall collab; all the other characters aren't fit for the job; except the CMC, of couse.

please sir, may i have some...more? :applecry:

Not bad, I like what you've done so far. :twilightsmile:

Yay! Twilight has arrived!

Hurray. Now get to work on chapter one. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

1116748 Interesting. Care to explain what's wrong with Pinkie and Fluttershy, since I'm writing for them? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Fluttershy.png :pinkiesmile:

1116748 As would I like to know too. Since I'm writing for Rainbow Dash :rainbowdetermined2:

Simply the mix of the characters; the writing was fine, I just typically forgot that one was there when the other was speaking, Pinkie and Flutters just clash, but would potenially be the greatest one if you somehow made them different stories.
The fact that the guy just believed Rainbow was Rainbow.

1118383 Fair enough. I originally had just Pinkie, but I took Fluttershy as well since nobody wanted her at the time.

I admit that, especially in the latest chapters, dealing with multiple characters in the same place at the same time is getting challenging. You'll notice I often send one or more away temporarily so I can focus on one or two at a time. It's something I'm aware of and working on finding better ways to do it.

1118383 I see what you mean, except he doesn't completely believe her on the spot. (Sure he kind of believes her, but what choice does he have?)

I'm thinking about continuing reading yours, actually; quality's been improving, and I loved the part with the Pinkie-Kiss; unlike other PiE (Pun unintended,) fics, she's still very clueless, and is still Pinkie Pie at heart.

True, true; and it would be a terrible collab .if he sent her to an asylum..

1118455 Exactly (I don't intend for her to go to an asylum)



Well, dur. An aslyum would work well if this wasn't a collab, though.

1118594 True, true you got a point there (The collab for that fic would be the Pony Asylum Collaboration <.<)

finnaly! huzzah! ponyfall is now ready to go with all stories! (i think):rainbowkiss:

i actually had an idea for a twilight ponyfall story, i imagined a NASA or museum intern finding her in florida, or some equally sciency place:pinkiehappy:

Oof, usually when I find a story that I decide is worth tracking there's already multiple chapters up for me to check the dates on to get a rough ETA for the next one, or failing that using a different story by the same author to the same effect. No dice here, though; somehow the complete failure of my normal methods for figuring out when the next chapter will come out is more suspenseful than the question of how the second to last sentence is going to play out in that chapter, and that's pretty damn suspenseful! :rainbowderp:

So if it's not obvious, I really like your writing, and have high hopes for the story as it gets underway. Good luck and god speed.

1118606 "Pony Asylum Collaboration"....There might just be something in that, actually.:pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused::flutterrage:(Not enough crazy in RD, Rarity and Twi emoticons.) Anyway, just have them all detailing their descent into, and adventures in, insanity. Pretty much like the dream sequence in the Discord Ponyfall.

1121052 Oh god there is something like that? :rainbowderp: I never thought someone would actually do that <.<

1121069 No, I was actually suggesting it as an idea. Heheh...Luna's Asylum: On the moon for a thousand years. I know a guy who's perfect for writing that one. Y'all want in? Be weird crediting a guy who has nothing to do with it.

1121121 Holy shit, I probably won't write for it (since I'm really busy) But I could possibly help you guys plan stuff (etc.)

1121143 And so it begins, the collab that brought about the destruction of *Is poked by an advisor*:twilightsheepish: Oh, right, sorry. And so it begins, the collab that may bring about a total ban on any further collaborations on multiple accounts on this website.:pinkiecrazy:
Eh, maybe not. Still...How is it going to be a collab, unless maybe...Hmm...TO THE THINKING CAVE! *Closes laptop and phases through onto the bed above to sleep and dream of it*

1121182 I never wanted it to be a collab, I just mentioned out loud as a random idea.

1121185 True, true. Oh well, I guess I'm going to go find any Australian brony writers I know personally. 'bout the only bunch crazy enough to try something like this.

I was originally not planning on reading any of the Ponyfall series, but I can't stop myself from reading the one about the best pony... and now I want to read the rest, damn you.
Well, I've got a lot of reading to do :facehoof:

1121493 Welcome to the group, within a group, within the herd *Xhibit face*

Nice work, seems oddly fimiliar....

"Multiple characters in the same place"
Challenge accepted :twilightsmile:

"Except for the CMC"

Also congrats Backpack on getting it approved

Awesome work, Backpack! Now hurry up and finish your first chapter so I can proofread it!

1116748 Oh, I love it when people criticize the writers like this. It certainly is entertaining to see them get "motivated"! :rainbowlaugh:
Seriously, though. Please don't say mean things about their writing, because that just makes me seem like a bad editor!
Oh, wait. I am a bad editor! Heheh!

The Twilight side of Ponyfall is here? :yay:

Hmmmm... I was under the impression that the Twilight fic for the ponyfall collab had already been started. Of course, the one I remember was pretty damn bad, and this one seems to be off to a pretty solid start, so I guess that's a plus.

I'll keep an eye on this one I guess.


I'm actually the fourth writer that we've had for Twilight. Two of the previous writers had prologues, one never got past editing phase of his prologue.

Chapter one should be out in a couple of days.

Thanks everyone for reading and enjoying this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


That would be the greatest collab of all time. Mind if I join, or am I just not crazy enough?

At least the library didn't turn into a whale. I'll definently be watching this story!

Haha, Silly Mr.Backpack. You think drivers in Austin are bad? The ones in Tunisia... Good God I swear I'll probably die before I get back to the states. People in cars, construction vehicles, donkey carts, herds of barn animals coming at you from every which way... One has not experienced true bad driving until one finds a car going the wrong way down an exit ramp onto the wrong side of the highway :trollestia: .... It's a mess discord would be proud of :eeyup:

Pinkie is the Master of Smile Smile Smiles! :pinkiecrazy: epic combo right there :pinkiehappy:

Seems like it will be a good addition to the ponyfall, best of luck! :twilightsmile:

Something lumpy in the Backyard? Better get my glock

So much unnecessary power and weight (although good for scaring people off). Berretta 92fs or an FN Five seven.

In other news, I like how this has started out. I saw fiance and immediately thought of another fic i read where the fiance gets jealous of Fluttershy (she wasnt there when Flutters came into the picture). Glad to see that's not immediately going to happen.

To a dog, we are all essentially disobedient sheep that need to be herded.

I don't own a Desert Eagle, they're finicky, large, and stupidly expensive guns. I do, however, own a Glock 30SF, a perfectly practical .45 ACP concealed carry handgun.

We've had issues with people in my backyard who don't need to be there.

To everyone else: I am a pretty average Texan gun owner in addition to being a brony. No, this will not turn into another "Devil's Due," but my firearms are a very large part of my life, expect them to play a role consistently throughout the entire fic. I am not going to be exaggerating my gun collection, the guns that I actually own are going to be the guns that I portray in-fic.


Thanks :twilightsmile:

i have to say, yours and theslorgs are the best ponyfalls in the fic right now, keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

1161299 Pinkie is the Master of Puppetsmiles! :pinkiecrazy: If you've ever read Pink Eyes, then that little detail might be familiar to you~

(Yes, the main character of Pink Eyes is named Puppysmiles, and when she suddenly goes catatonic, the author, in his narration, calls her 'puppet'smiles, instead of 'puppy'smiles.)

Jahaha! Great to see all of chapter 1 up. Can't wait for the next one.:rainbowwild:

1161065 If Twilight appeared in my backyard, I'd be a little bemused, as my house is literally hunkered down on the edge of the hillside it was built on. Seeing as how we have 12 acres consisting of steep hillside and wetland, I'm not sure which would be worse for her: Drowning in a puddle, or getting a broken neck from rolling all the way down the hill. (Shudders) I DID fall down the hill once, right after a big storm had ripped out a couple of the more middle growth trees. (80 mph winds?! Eh, I've seen worse~)

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