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Anyone can use words. It's called talking. But writers arrange them in a way so that they take on a beauty in their form.


Cenes Hallern has seen better days. Jobless, carless, moneyless, overweight, and now a hermit, he isn't in the best of shape. Will the arrival of the princess of the night help turn his life around?
Previously part of Ponyfall, now an independent fic. Please read before insta-down voting, because doing that helps no one. If you have a specific concern with it, talk to me in the comments. I very much welcome constructive criticism. Emphasis on constructive.

This might get a revamp. After a lot of self forgiveness, I look back at it and wonder how people who read it see me. For future reference, I am much less of a nutter than I portray myself here. (at least I hope so >_>)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 94 )

I thought they weren't making anymore of these, and that Luna was already taken?

Also, third person? nooooooo...

678519 The previous author for Luna left the collab, and this is the new official Luna story.

678519 Not quite. The mods made it so that only a limited number of writers could write for it, there would have to be spacing in the release schedule, and content restrictions. Then we sweetened the pot by self declaring that every new fic (and most of the old ones) would go through intense editing.
As to Luna, Bronius Maximus terminated his fic to go deal with real life stuff, so I got selected to take his place.

She spouted something about a super toilet, curled into a ball, and kept repeating “So. Much. Clogging.”

.......... I remember when that show used to be good.... sigh...

678608 Indeed, tis a shame. But hey, at least we have our memories :pinkiesmile:

678612 Yes. And we stole Super Toilet from the set.

Im loving this story more and more every pargraph,keep it up and good luck:)
and I love your Avatar picture everytime I imagine Derpy doing this:
Yeah Rumsfeld

678614 Precisely! :pinkiehappy: I'm going to toss in refs everywhere, as is my nature, so keep an eye out :yay:

Extra bonus though if anyone catches this reference.

678623 Thank you! :D And that vid brought many a lul from me, thank you squared :pinkiehappy:

what, no kid humanized luna for the cover art? For shame! haha

678932 :fluttercry: It's so beautiful! Thank you:pinkiehappy:

679609 To be honest I couldn't find any really good ones that didn't have severe NMM overtones.

I lol'd :rainbowlaugh:

Good job Bridge.

740822 Danke ^_^ Truth be told, I loled too :pinkiehappy:

It's baaaaaack :pinkiehappy:

Btw, did you get an update notification? Just curious

Sweet :D I wasn't sure how the system would work with the resubmit, so I posted the blog. Glad to see it works without it :pinkiehappy:

741074 I know right? Of all the songs Discord could sing, that is possibly the WORST POSSIBLE THING! :raritydespair:

751077 Bahaha, you can thank Zyrian for that. I had a whole bunch of possibilities with Luna being classy and regal, but the second I saw those eyes, I knew that this was the one :pinkiehappy:

Doctor who reference, F*** yeah! Just got a doctor whooves T-shirt as a late birthday present today, and am wearing it now.
Can't wait for more story. :pinkiehappy:

Nice! I'm gonna read the next part!

764077 I brought my tardis hub into class one day. One guy prostrated himself on the floor and hailed me as king of the nerds. It was beautiful :rainbowlaugh:
Happy belated birthday!

764858 Glad you enjoyed :) I'll be working on it this week, should be out next week. Or next month. Possibly next century :derpytongue2:

So much awesome, so little story. Can't wait for more! Of the Ponyfall stories so far, this one and Australia are the best.

771534 Thank you! Glad you enjoy it so much :D Soooon. Soooooon :pinkiehappy:

Wasn't there already a ponyfall for luna, except as a kid? Or am I thinking of something else, I haven't been keeping track much right now.

788141 There was, but Bronius Maximus quit the collab, and I was selected to take his place. It's still up, but he's not updating it (that I know of). I made her a pre-teen because honestly, having her as a child proved too hard a writing challenge.

788183 I'd prefer a luna thats around 17 or 18. close to my age for uh.....certain reasons :twilightblush:

788189 So would I, for the same reasons. This makes that connection much more awkward though, as will soon be revealed. Awkward makes for delicious writing. Also, I seem to be very cruel to my characters...

788242 Join the club. I torture and put lots of angst in my characters :P or the ones that I make up on my own. I just seem to get a kick out of torturing them, it makes me laugh.......I'm a bit....manic.....psychotic......

788274 :pinkiehappy: Its kind of fun. I had a serious breakthrough in therapy soon after the events of ponyfall would have taken place, so I'm writing it as divergent from that point. He/I would have gotten a lot more psychotic as time went on. :pinkiecrazy: The internal voice screwing with me in the fic is pretty much my life. It's a coping mechanism that I had. It all gets explained later in wonderful excruciating detail. I'm planning on doing a blog post where I forth wall break and apologize to him for what I'm about to do to him after the next chapter.

788330 We all got ways of coping with the insanity life throws at us. Let MLP: FIM make it all better :) I know it's done wonders for me, I've become less brooding about the world. Also gave me a great form of afterlife, REINCARNATION IN EQUESTRIA!!!

we require more of this silly nonsense
righ about...now:twilightsmile:

793658 *snaps his fingers to summon the eldrich powers of creation. Nothing happens* :pinkiesad2:

793781what time is it over there man?
over here its 07:24

797980 Nifty! Spain? Also, mind if I delete the rpish things to keep the comments clear?

811291uhh, I guess its okay its nothing important anyways
and no
im in MEXICO!

811306 Danke :) Huh, I coulda sworn gmt was uk/spain... Oh! You mean the system! I meant my time zone was mst. I'm in New Mexico.

right now am eatingquesadillas
have you ever eaten a quesadilla?
if not you're missing on A LOT man

814557 But of course. On a lard baked tortilla, with chicken avocado and christmas chile.... Annnd now I'm hungry again. :derpytongue2:

So... We gonna get an update at some point?

919715 Working on it. Jobs been killer though :pinkiesad2: Good news is, I'm 600 words in and have it planned out. Bad news, I keep wiping out before writing.
Actually, thanks for asking. I'll go post a blog, it's been too long between updates not to.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: Hahaha, oh man, I can't breathe! This is priceless, perfect! Please, do go on. :rainbowlaugh:

958359 Glad you're enjoying it! Next chapter should be ready sometime this week :pinkiehappy:


I am totally enjoying it. Particularly your unique and absolutely hilarious way of depicting the inner crazy (subconscious) in your character. :rainbowlaugh: It's dialogues, or in this case...monologues?, like that that really seal the deal for me.

958805 Was "frell" a Farscape reference, because if so then that right there is freaking awesome!:pinkiegasp: Like nobody knows what that is, and it's like the best sci-fi series in history!:yay:

982818 Thank you! My editors tried to get me to leave those out, but I use frell, frig, and a few other sci-fi curses in everyday life. Indeed, it's a shame that Farscape is so obscure these days :pinkiesad2:

958866 It's funny, it's more the voice of sanity, while I am my own inner crazy. I'm the opposite of Drae that way, both in and out of fic.

982864 Why does this sound rather close to the story of my life? :pinkiecrazy: #forevercrazy

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