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Just another writer that aims to entertain. Nothing to see here, move along. Though yes, I am very feminist. Don't like it? That's nice.


Rarity never really thought of Luna as a friend; they've barely ever even spoken. When Luna decides to step in when Rarity starts working herself to death and obsessing over her career, the pair grow closer than either them or anyone they know ever expected. Feelings unfamiliar to Rarity and painfully familiar to Luna bloom betwixt the two, but they both go about their lives as they try to make sense of it all.

Inspired by, based on, and a gift for the blog Ask Luna and Rarity. And the person who stole the url can go to hell.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 83 )

Very Interesting. Romance starting between Rarity and Luna? never seen it... More:flutterrage:
i mean... if thats ok:fluttershysad:

ok this look like a really good fic and i can tell i am going too love it i hope it is long i cant wait till it is done :twilightsmile:

Plan on writing more, though the overall lack of feedback compared to my other stories is... disheartening. :twilightsheepish:

At the moment, I plan on five chapters in total. Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

You are a nerd of the highest caliber and I salute you. :rainbowlaugh:

And you shall get. :pinkiehappy:


As much as I like the Seed has been planted line It may be just a little...I dunno. Odd. I suppose. For a story as it is it seems a bit weird.

Otherwise please do go on. I'm very much liking how you are showing them both. Not to mention Rarimoon / Lunity (Wow bad name there huh?) / Rari-Luna is a win in my book.

With this chapter alone, yes, but it'll be a lite motif, trust me. :twilightsmile: Though I guess you won't have to trust me since I'm releasing chapter 2 in a few minutes. :rainbowwild:

It's adorable. Again I say, Do Go On.

... And then later on, the evil lumberjack comes by, and smashes the newly grown tree/shrub/plant-thing into bits. :pinkiecrazy:

I will, but due to lack of reception I'm not exactly in the mood to hurry. I can't even seem to get into contact with the person I made this for. :ajsleepy:

No no, those are my other stories, where the trees are any semblance of happiness and I'm the lumberjack! :pinkiehappy:

OH GODS, WHY IS THIS NOT FEATURED YET!!!:flutterrage: Holy SHIT! THIS is a piece of some very, VERY serious work, and the very first I ever since of the pairing, amazing job, no joke, AMAZING JOB!!!! Damn....though it's so tragic for a mortal to fall in love with a Goddess but I guess the heart can never help who it falls in love with.....wow, I'm going on to the next chapter, you have my full attention:yay:

Was wondering when the romance would start, though I'm glad it's going slowly other then the error beforehand which should be hoof you done a perfect job with this, it's not easy trying to keep gossip from the ears of others I suppose:rainbowlaugh: DERPY!!!!! My favorite mare in all of Equestria, I love her, and I'm glad to read about Sweetie Belle as well, has many years pass or is she still a filly? This is very griping, Gods, I wish I could write as you do my friend:twilightsmile:


2636434 I must say... being a Luna X Rarity Romance... never seen it and enjoying it to the HIGHEST level... you do your story and your readers proud by this work imo.. please do not lose what you have.. and keep going

It's not been featured yet because for some reason I'm not getting much attention. :facehoof: General consensus among my readers is that I'm an underated author. On the bright side I guess that means hipsters can still like me? :twilightsheepish:

I'm glad you like it so far. As for when it takes place, I've intentionally left the timeline a bit hazy, but the general clues I've left say that it's within a year of the Nightmare Night episode in the show, so Sweetie Belle would still be a filly.


I plan on it. Next chapter should be done by this Friday. As for doing my readers proud... unsure about that. My writing content is very varied. My other stories are a sweary, nerdy, off-the-wall dramedy; a dark interpretation of Spike's near future and an exploration of the cast's fears and flaws; and another tumblr-based story that's a tale about seeking acceptance and a meditation on transexuality. Now that I think about it, "varied" is putting it mildly. My readers, and even my followers, rarely read more than one of my stories. :twilightsheepish:

2644481 I mean your readers of this story ^^

...so, is this where Twilight deceives the Griffin Empire into declaring war on the Dominion?

Awww, so cute! You're such a good writer! <3

Socrates! Put the fashion magazines down nice and slowly..... easy there, easy~~~~ Don't go into ~mad fashion~~

It's not all about Star Trek! I've barely even watched Deep Space Nine! :rainbowlaugh:

Again, really glad you like it. :twilightblush: I think it's some of my best work so far, in all honesty. :rainbowkiss: Certainly putting a lot of thought into... well, just about every detail. There are just so many ways these two are compatible that I just never really thought about until I started planning this story. :pinkiehappy:

There's no danger of me turning into this, I promise:
If I had any man cards left, I'd probably have to turn them in from having to think so much about fashion. :twilightblush:

... Suddenly, small flytrap-like plants rose from the buds, and grew to such a size that they could eat a regular pony... and they did. :pinkiecrazy:

Cant wait for Rarity and Luna to hook up... itll be so awesome

Hard to find Lunarity fics on this site. Then again, I haven't exactly been looking hard.

Now I just need to find a good AJ/Pinkie fic...

Drunk Twilight is the best Twilight.

Very impressive. I truly could not find anything wrong with this, other than the rather overused piano joke.

Kinky. :trollestia:

Here's hoping the finale will be as good as I think it is. :twilightblush:

Never really considered that pairing... think I might take a crack at it sometime. :ajsmug:


Silliness aside, glad you enjoy! :pinkiehappy: Anything in particular you liked?

2724887 are you saying that its about to end????

Fluttershy is apparently a cuddly drunk. I am okay with this.

Some lovely dialogue in this chapter. Very good Mane 6 interactions.

2723007 You'll find some in the Apple Pie group. On that note,

2724887 "...think I might take a crack at it sometime. :ajsmug:"

:pinkiehappy: Yes, please.

An excellent fic featuring one of the pairings in dire need of more representation. The characterization is great, the dialogue entertaining and the descriptions vivid. I guess my only concern is the threat that the story may soon be finished.

Well, yes. This was sort of always intended as a short story. :twilightblush: Though at some point I will be writing a companion piece - an AU that's a Nightmare Moon/Rarity fic, about the same length.

Cuddly drunk Flutters is best Flutters. :heart: And yes, think I'll give it a try sometime.


You're too kind. :twilightblush: And see above about this story being almost over. Again, plan on a companion piece AU in the future.

Ever since the Nightmarity comic book arc, I have wondered why there are so few Rarity/Luna fics. That and having the same VA. Your story is a delightful tale, with fine characterization, and funny set pieces. Only trouble is, it has come to a halt at a crucial junction, and I would like to see the wedding at least.

Overall, well written. I have but a few comments: "pretention" is not a word, so I doubt Rarity can be a picture of it. Given that Rarity and Luna collaborated on Fleur's dress a week before the wedding, and the bachelorette party is the night before, the stated "avoidance" of Luna by Rarity is perhaps not so obvious, at least to this reader.

Thanks you, and glad you enjoyed! :pinkiehappy: And... um... wait... :rainbowderp: ... :facehoof: why did nobody notice or point out such a glaring timescale error?! How did I not notice it?! :raritycry: Wow I feel stupid right now. :fluttershyouch: Thanks for pointing that out, though not sure how exactly to fix it.

Very nice. After reading crystal clear confessions, I attempted to try your other stories, and this was very fabulous! :rainbowkiss::raritystarry:

I really quite like this fic.
Rarity/Luna ships are very rare and I'm thrilled this one is going so well.
Do update this asap please:fluttershysad:

3367691 3511773
After lots of personal stuff got in the way, you'll be getting your ending. :pinkiesick: Sorry for the wait; it'll be released Friday afternoon. Hope it meets expectations. :twilightsheepish:

Excellent ending, very touching.:heart: I look forwards to your future work.

Thank you! :rainbowkiss: Hope to work on the companion piece soon after I do another update or two for my other stories. I'll ballpark it at very early next year. :pinkiehappy:

I didn't like Luna's behavior at the end or your backstory

Okay then. Care to tell me why? It was foreshadowed, it was set up, and it's a thing that happens to people. Elaborate.

its been a long wait but well worth it great ending to a great story. im very glad that i still had this story in my favorites so i can see how this ended so again awesome ending

:pinkiegasp:side story? The will be more!:pinkiehappy::heart::rainbowkiss:

I can can wait until next year, probably.:twilightoops: possibly.

:raritydespair:there are always your other stories to tide me over.:pinkiecrazy:


Great ending, loved it.:heart: Looking forward to more of your work. Quick question though, What did Rainbow Dash say to set Luna off like that?:unsuresweetie:

Really liked this. you tied the characters together well. the ending was touching. all in all a successful story.

So glad it was worth the wait! :rainbowkiss: In all honesty... eheh, I kind of had the same problem as Rarity in chapter 3: too afraid that the result wouldn't be good enough for my readers to actually get around to writing the finale. The irony was lost on me for an embarrassing length of time. :facehoof:

Hope you enjoy them! :rainbowlaugh: Feel free to add me to your stalk watch list! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, and I hope I don't disappoint! :pinkiehappy: And I tried to leave in plenty of context clues to give you the general idea that RD tried to identify with Luna's problems, or maybe even pressure her to open up - which, when someone has been through a ton of grief, isn't always the best thing to say, and may even be the worst thing to say.

Thank you~ :rainbowkiss:

So glad to get the conclusion! The wait was long enough to have me worried.
Anyhoo, it was more than worth it. You knitted the connections between HRH Luna and Rarity very well, and their interactions and reactions felt genuine and plausible. Luna’s outburst was beautiful, and so too was the bedroom conversation. It was a nice touch to deny us the dreamscape of Princess Luna.

“art and reality only have a passing relationship of awkward glances.” Indeed :raritywink:

Very cute story, it starts out a bit weak and does a few things that always annoy me but its still quite good. The last chapter is also a huge improvement in writing style from the earlier ones, the only thing that felt off about it was Luna's sudden outburst but we never see what was said to her so Rainbow could have easily said something stupid. Although the whole past being horrible angle also bugged me, it was kind of needed for Luna's outburst. I guess the only thing left is to say be careful with blushes, early on you had characters blushing way too much and ended up with a 'nested blushing' situation, as the story went on you still had them doing it more regularly then they should but never quite as bad as in the first chapter. Blushing is like crying, its really really easy to over do and then it just becomes annoying to read.

Sorry to worry ya? The worry was somewhat warranted I suppose, but I won't go into that. :twilightsheepish: And thank you very much! :pinkiehappy: I've been told dialogue and character interactions are my strongpoint. Still have to work on the other aspects of writing, though. :unsuresweetie: Hope you stay tuned for the side-quel!

Hm... I see your point about the blushing thing. It's something I never really thought about. :facehoof: This story is done with, and I have other things to revise or continue, but at some point I may come back and fix that. The fact that the "homophobic history" angle bugged you interests me, but that's something I really can't honestly apologize for. The Hearth's Warming pageant clearly says that racism was a huge problem in the past, so why not other societal ills like homophobia? Equestria's confusing and vague canon history and timeline aside, I operate on the idea that Equestria hasn't always been Norman Rockwell perfect, and I personally like to explore the idea that perhaps the alicorns weren't always decent people.

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