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Spike had never thought he would meet his birth parents, he had been with Twilight for quite sometime now and he was starting to lose hope that he'd ever meet them. But when he goes to the Dragon Lands to see the Migration, he not only meets a kind dragon who helps him through the place, but he also helps find someone he never thought would get to meet..

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To the north, Queen Chrysalis' empire grows strong with conquest, industry, and fearsome new weapons.

To the south, Equestria sleeps.

But not Miss Harshwhinny. She is not a soldier, owns no factories, did not even know what a tank was before seeing a picture. She can learn, though, and she can see what is coming. And as the day of invasion draws near, she races against time to build for Equestria a weapon with a fighting chance.

(An Equestria at War fic.)

Now with a dramatic reading by Skijaramaz!

Chinese translation here!: https://fimtale.com/t/67031

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In the years following the aftermath of the mysterious disappearances and presumed deaths of Equestria's beloved princesses, the worlds of thousands of ponies are crumbling. Eternal nightfall has taken over Equestria and clocks have frozen everywhere. Who will stand for order? Fire Bolt and her friends mobilize against the darkness that threatens all of Equestria.

A fan-work with both comic pages and visual scenes in most chapters that takes place after G4: Friendship is Magic. Many locations and some characters belong to Hasbro.

[Some artistic renditions of scenes contain blood and many chapters depict violent or gorey scenes. Updated weekly at minimum.]

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There's no way that the eternal student, Twilight Sparkle, would ever just walk up to the object of her affections and confess her love without preparation, right? So when she shows up at Rarity's doorstep, frazzled and out of sorts, to ask about love of all things, Rarity knows what she needs is to be taught. Of course, Rarity's no Princess, but she knows a thing or two about romance, so what else can the Element of Generosity do but offer lessons?

A couple pretend dates and some pretend kissing will give Twilight the knowledge and confidence she needs to ask her prospective special somepony out... But who is this mystery mare, anyway?

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It should have been the happiest day of her life. Despite all odds, Twilight passed the entrance exam to Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Not only that, but she also got asked to be the Princess’s personal protege. And if that wasn’t already amazing enough, she even got her cutie mark! So why wasn’t the filly prancing around in circles shouting “Yes, Yes, Yes” over and over again?

Being the victim of an uncontrolled surge did not only grant her enough magic to give life to a dragon but apparently also made it possible for her to get glimpses of her future, showing her a destiny she really does not care for. So, knowing where her current path would lead her, there is really no sensible alternative than throwing everything away and changing her destiny to one she can agree to, setting her up for a life of intrigue and adventure, uncovering the many mysteries surrounding her and a certain pegasus, to find out who they really are.

Unfortunately, in doing so, she ruins the carefully laid out plans a certain Princess of the Sun had drawn up. But knowing the forgiving nature of Celestia, there is no way that could lead to conflict, right?

Huge thanks to the amazing Mutter_Butter for the cover image and to the amazing LastToTheParty, for becoming my proofreader/editor.

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Thumbnail made by the Awesome-Amazing - Chilly Krow

He thought he had found a safe haven in Ponyville. A place with infinite love. A place where a Changeling could rest his head. Unfortunately, one too many rash decisions start to add up, leading a certain filly to start pestering the bug.

Current plan is whenever i feel like it (common Cxcd L)

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Today just seemed like any other day on Sweet Apple Acre for Applejack. She tilled the fields, fed the farm animals, fixed broken pieces of the barn but then, she saw something she'll never forget.

Just on the edge of the Everfree Forest, there was a bloodied and bruised filly on the verge of death. Applejack's world would soon be changed forever after she decided to foster this young and very unique foal, who's current condition suggest a terrible background. A background that is catching up to them.

Now, this filly will have to learn to move on from her old life, make new friends and find her special talent. A difficult task made even harder by the monsters of her past, lingering in her mind like ghosts. They'll come back for her, and they'll burn everything down to achieve...


Also, the cover art was revamped. I felt like the old one had too much dead space, so I figured something out! Let's see if you can guess who's on the cover art now!

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Chrysalis failed to embody the princess of love and control a good part of Equestria, and during her revenge monologue, she finds a little pony with a cruel story that even the queen could not believe.

The sequel of the story can be read here A Spark of Hope, written by Prismfire , I know you will love it as much as this one.

Featured 15-12-2022 :yay:

Original image by Auroriia, I just change the foal

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Matilda was one among many griffons sent as tribute after Equestria defeated Gryphonia in a great humiliating battle. There she is put to work the great boilers of Canterlot Palace from morning till evening, constantly providing hot steaming water for the day's use.

Making friends is difficult for Matilda, though she wants to try. Living life is harsh because she was a citizen of a disgraced nation, though she is proud of her heritage. Having ambitions is impossible because it would take a lifetime to earn her freedom, though she does not stop dreaming about it.

Until she begins to discover the power of Friendship and Harmony for herself.

Follow her as she writes about her thoughts, feelings, opinions, and wishes, in a simple journey of self-discovery, humor, and longing.

Cover art courtesy of RexySeven. Title added by me.

Featured on 18/2/2022! Thank you so much for your support!

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CONTENT WARNINGS: Xenomorphs, facehuggers, mentions of invasive face-hugging, identity crisis, general emotional distress

The following story contains no named character deaths, and no scenes of chestbursting. This story is intended to be a more light-hearted AU. Proceed with caution.


A creature designed by nature for one thing: Hunting.

A creature meant to adapt to its host, infiltrate under cover of darkness, replicate and breed and swarm, until a planet is no more. The perfect organism.

Yet... what would happen if one were to experience independent thought, empathy, and self doubt?

What if indeed.

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