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hi, i'm xnaturalblue!! i mainly make pony art, but have started to upload my stories here!


In the years following the aftermath of the mysterious disappearances and presumed deaths of Equestria's beloved princesses, the worlds of thousands of ponies are crumbling. Eternal nightfall has taken over Equestria and clocks have frozen everywhere. Who will stand for order? Fire Bolt and her friends mobilize against the darkness that threatens all of Equestria.

A fan-work with both comic pages and visual scenes in most chapters that takes place after G4: Friendship is Magic. Many locations and some characters belong to Hasbro.

[Some artistic renditions of scenes contain blood and many chapters depict violent or gorey scenes. Updated weekly at minimum.]

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Isuvyw #1 · Jun 11th, 2023 · · · 1 ·

Could you please post a pink to your Devianart? I would love to see the comic as well, this story is rather interesting.

jskase #2 · Jun 11th, 2023 · · · 1 ·

Interesting,i want to know more

certainly, thanks for asking!! i believe i've only uploaded the one sheet so far, but i'll definitely be posting that more frequently on my DA!
i appreciate the feedback!! :)

Thank you, and no worries!

I'm curious, why is Sapphire referred as their?

hi, thanks for asking!! sapphire is generally pretty gender-ambiguous in terms of looks and i like to keep uncertainty about sapphire's gender. sometimes i'll use they, he, or she... and it comes into play later in the story. : ) thanks so much for reading!!! i appreciate it tons ^^

"Fire Bolt, Sapphire Swirl," Moonshadow spoke in a calm yet distant tone, and Bolt could tell from the inflection of his voice that he was speaking from another plane. "There is a malevolent force at work here. There is one who seeks to bring chaos and despair. He has not been seen by Ponyville in millennia." Bolt didn’t react. She figured as much and trusted her partner’s ability to safely convey this new information. “Wraithsong. Find her. Wraithsong. Wraithsong. Wraithsong.” He repeatedly droned before the faint magic illuminating his horn exploded into a blast of light, blinding everyone in the room temporarily before returning to his usual self, albeit a bit drowsy.

Oh for fu-
Please don't be discord
Like, please

omg xDD I was waiting for someone to ask if it's him!! (spoilers, it's not ;) lol)

In the years following the aftermath of the mysterious disappearances and presumed deaths of Equestria's beloved princesses,

Why didn’t you post that story on here first?

because it's not a separate story! that is the beginning of this one and the progression reveals how it all got to that point! :)

How many chapters long will this story be?

my outline says 35 total, but honestly it could get up to 40 or 50 at this point just because i don't want to overload chapters/take a month to upload 😅 i hope you've enjoyed it so far!! :)

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