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When a dark enemy begins hunting the young wizard Twilight Sparkle, the walls of the fortress library of Candlekeep cannot protect her. Not even her mentor, the archmage Star Swirl the Bearded, can keep her safe. With a price on her head and the shadow of death on her heels, her only hope for salvation is the Magic of Friendship. Perhaps, with powerful allies at her side, she can find answers and uncover the truth about her destiny.

(This story is inspired by the Baldur's Gate CRPG series by Bioware, but you do not have to be familiar with BG to understand its events)

Featured on Equestria Daily
Cover by Bluest Ayemel
"I love this fic. Keep it up!" – Sethisto (on the EQD page)
"From it's fantastic character development of Twilight and fast pace and exciting action, The Sword Coast is an excellently written and well thought-out story." – Amy Clockwork

Side stories: Tales of the Sword Coast
Sequel: Shadows of the Crystal Empire
Warning: Comments contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

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...And so the Alicorns divided the three tribes amongst themselves, that one pair may rule over each nation. But the Wanderer had no tribe and no nation of her own, so instead she gave the gift of art and music to be shared by all, that all may live in harmony...

An Original Generation Story

Every pony knows that unicorns live in Lustre, pegasi in Meteoras, and galloway in Sylvain, and some think it should stay that way. The three nations don’t hate each other, but they definitely don’t like each other, especially now. Something is riling up the monsters and beasts of Cabalos and the nation’s leaders don’t know what to do. Unfortunately with generations of suspicion and pride to weigh them down, it looks like each nation will have to solve the problem on their own…

The village of Harmony wouldn’t know any of that. Deep in the secluded Valley of Life hidden in the Mercurial Mountains, this secret community lives in serenity with the world around them and each other and it’s been that ways for generations without anyone from the outside ever finding them.

That is until outsiders enter the valley, the first in a long time. One wouldn’t expect to find a hidden pocket of civilization all the way out here. Lightning Bug has never been good at making friends, but she manages to find a place to belong in this strange, happy town.
But with a rampaging dragon prowling outside, and something ancient and angry lurking beneath the mountains, none of them could go home even if they wanted to, not until their new home is safe. The six friends; outsiders and locals, will learn and grow together as heroes not just for the valley of life, but perhaps for all of Cabalos as well.

Special thanks to Pfeffaroo for the wonderful coverart!

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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Kingdom


I am completely restarting this story as an entirely new story to go live sometime soon. Go here for more info!

Once upon a time, there was a mare who did not believe in fairytales, and a very different mare who did not believe in herself. Their lives intertwined, weaving together a fairytale like no other, filled with chaos and love, friends and enemies, adventures and tragedies. A fairytale they felt would last forever. But it couldn't.

Be it with a bang or with a whisper, everything eventually must come to an end, whether we like it or not—their story is no different.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, all Rarity and Twilight can do is make sure it's an ending worth telling.

Final story in The Enchanted Trilogy.

I have moved on from Fimfiction but The Enchanted Carousel is still actively being written and published over on my personal website TALES FROM HOLLOW SHADES!

If you like my work and can afford it, please consider joining my Patreon! Funds go to paying for the chapter artworks and paying the artists more! And also helping me pay my rent ,,,,

Cover art by the fantastic Dawnfire. Chapter artworks by the incredible Arcticwaters.

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It has been nearly a thousand years since Twilight Sparkle died. Celestia and Luna are gone. The Holy Equestrian Diarchy, ruled by a bigoted and brutal theocracy, has driven ponies apart and divided them along tribal lines. Unicorns are driven from society, feared and hated.

The lessons of friendship, painstakingly written down in the journal of friendship by Princess Twilight and her friends, have been warped and twisted to fit the Diarchy's hateful ideology. But to the average pony, this is the truth and reality of the world they live in, beset on all sides by enemies monstrous and magical.

Emberglow, a young pegasus mare, aspires to join the elite Knights, magically enhanced warriors dedicated to the holy Saints worshiped by the state religion. Can she uncover the lies and deceptions that have led the world to this bitter place?

Thanks to QueenChrysalisForever for prereading Chapters 1-24. Prereader for chapters 29-31 is MrRTS.
Prereading for chapter 34-? by Horsetorian
Additional pre-readers: bananachips/CommissarVulpin, Thought Prism, Chyre
Special thanks to my amazing editor, Cyonix
Cover Art by JodTheCod

Note on timing: I began writing this long before Season 9 aired, so none of those events happened as far as the narrative of this story is concerned.

Come join us on the Rekindled Embers Discord!

Edit: Featured 8/7/20! Yay and Thanks!

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When a mysterious figure steals the Element of Magic from the Tree of Harmony, Twilight chases him into a strange realm she does not understand.

Beset on all sides by strange creatures and unusual magics, if she is to track down her enigmatic foe and reclaim her lost Element, she must earn the trust of a thorny local scholar, and learn of the dark, tragic truth that lies buried in the world’s heart.

A crossover between MLP and Final Fantasy XIV.

Cowritten by Skijarama and Tom117z.

Edited by Chromio.

Cover art drawn by Skijarama.

Featured on: 25/02/2021.

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Trixie Lulamoon is a struggling student who has always dreamed of becoming a great and powerful magician. Unfortunately, she is now in her final year at Celestia and Luna's Academy for Young Sorcerers and still further from her dream as she has ever been.

However, Trixie's fate takes a change for the better when she is given a chance to become everything she has ever wanted to be. They say power corrupts, but Trixie doesn't care. She will become the top student and the best magician in the academy, even if it means borrowing a power she doesn't fully understand from someone she doesn't fully know.

And in the wings, something far more sinister stirs...

This is the first story I have written for this site that isn't connected to the Bloodlines Continuity. Tell me what you think, and if you want more!

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Traveling the world can be a strange and dangerous ordeal, especially when you're all but on your own.

And after one adventure ends in almost complete disaster, Twilight Sparkle has decided to take a much-needed vacation for both herself and her sole companion. Some time to themselves, some time to catch up on their reading, and some time to not almost be eaten by dragons. And fortunately, she's managed to come across a nice quiet little country town to settle her roots into for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, it's never quite that easy. Especially when your name is Twilight Sparkle, a pony with a knack for getting mixed up in all sorts of trouble. And the quiet little town she has found might not be so quiet after all...

--- ---

Cover art commissioned by me, from one Hoodwinked MCShelster.
Audio-version over on YouTube.
If you can't see the cover art, it's because I currently can't upload it to FimFiction. So for the time being, you can see it by clicking This Link.

Tags are subject to change depending on viewer response. For the sake of ease, here are my "subtags," placed down here instead of up there because there isn't room for them.
An alternate universe story based on some G5 rumors, this really odd dream I had once, and a few other things. Expect references/shoutouts to all sorts of MLP media, such as the movie or comics, and various other fantasy works like D&D. But also expect some major instances of me changing things to further distinguish this from canon. Spike is a pretty good example. You'll figure out why soon enough.
This story is written exclusively for entertainment purposes.

Story has been canceled. For more information on that front, see here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1004535/finding-friendship-cancelation-announcement

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I still can't believe it all started with a family camping trip gone wrong. One moment I was enjoying my time with my parents and brothers, then next thing I knew I was stranded on a world full of magic and mythological creatures. In one day, I went from worrying about the upcoming calculus test to worrying about my next meal. I remember how the only thing keeping me going was the hope that I might find a way home. Little did I know that some deities had other plans in store for me.

I remember all the promises I made, both those kept and betrayed. I remember the friends I made on my little adventure; the same friends I threw away when everything came crashing down. Oh, the memories I made... Oh, the memories I am now forever cursed to remember.

I suppose this is a just punishment. My only regret is that my friends may never hear my side of the story.

Set between Seasons 2 and 3 // Some deviations from canon post-season 2 due to when this was originally started.

Pre-read, Cover art, and Audio Reading provided by: Skijarama

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Five years ago, Nightmare Moon returned to Equestria and took it by storm. She imprisoned her sister in the moon, and Equestria fell into an Age of Darkness. She ruled with an iron hoof; her word became law. The Mare in the Moon became a grim reminder of what happened to those who opposed the new tyrant, and nopony dared oppose.

Except for one aspiring unicorn.

Twilight Sparkle, a mare shackled by the failures of her past, prowls the ruins of the old capital Canterlot, praying for a spell that can right what has been so horribly wronged. Buried beneath the rubble of the Royal Library, she finds a tome that might be the answer to her prayers.

A "Warrior of Sunlight"; surely he will be able to overthrow the wicked tyrant and restore Celestia to her rightful throne. Twilight can almost see the sun returning over the horizon. She just didn't expect this warrior to be so... jolly.

Set in Starlight's "alternate future" where Nightmare Moon reigns.

Audio reading by Skijarama

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Things have changed.

When Rainbow Dash unexpectedly arrives at the Badlands Hive, her open displays of hostility leave Princess Twilight Sparkle and Queen Chrysalis perplexed. The situation only devolves from there as differences in this Rainbow Dash are discovered, and it soon becomes apparent that two worlds have collided that were never meant to meet.

Twilight and Rainbow, each with scars both physical and mental, have to find common ground before time runs out. If they can’t, then the pegasus may become stranded in this world of changelings forever.

A crossover between the Little Flashes series and the Change series.

Cowritten with Skijarama.
Featured on: 04/11/2019.

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