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Far from civilization, in places still left blank on all maps, one can sometimes find wonders of magic that predate even Equestria. Beautiful and dangerous, they’re a silent reminder of the world as it once was. But they’re also a threat to the travelers from the growing Principality of Equestria, so when Princess Luna discovers an unnatural blemish in the texture of her dreamscape, she doesn’t wait to investigate it.

Little does she know that the creator of that blemish is already waiting for her.

A reading performed by Skijarama!

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In a quiet corner of a nondescript pocket dimension, somewhere adjacent (and slightly to the left) of an unfathomable writhing tempest of antimatter, between an Ikea and the caged spirit of Asmodeus, exists a draconequus. He has thoughts he needs to put down onto paper, some strongly worded thoughts for an irksome purple princess.

Cover art courtesy of JeweLLier on VK.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Reading by Skijarama.
Reading by Pony&Wolf Productions.

Russian Translation by oranzinispegasas.

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Shady Fortune is an ambitious stallion. The old manor outside of town is an ancient eyesore. Where most ponies would see a tear-down job long-gone undone, Shady instead sees potential and beauty in the decrepit old house.

But he's not the only thing living in Buckwheat Manor, and Shady will soon learn that not all spirits remain at rest.

This story has a dramatic reading by Skijarama, which you can listen to here. Thanks!

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An alternate take on events that begins in the middle of Chapter 2, Episode 6 ("The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over") of Make Your Mark. This story assumes reader knowledge of the show up to that point.

Zipp had a lot of suspicions about Misty, the strange unicorn that Izzy had met in town earlier that day and invited to an impromptu sleepover party at the Brighthouse. But while she'd been exercising her detective skills on their guest all night as the oddities surrounding her piled up, she hadn't meant to drive Misty away. So when, after Misty flees from the party in a panic, Zipp notices that she's still out in the Brighthouse's garden, pacing frantically, Zipp decides to see if she can talk to her, and figure out just what is going on with this curious new pony.

And what she learns may well give Zipp room for pause -- and a need to exercise some comfort skills.

Please note that while this fic is rated E, there is some mild discussion of parental/familial abuse.

A reading from StraightToThePoint Studio is now available! Also featured on Equestria Daily!

Cover art by emera33; used with permission. Pre-read by TCC56 and Goldenwing.

Featured 10/9/22-10/12/22!

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Bon-Bon struggles with the memories of her life in S.M.I.L.E. - the tensions and horrors of it haunt her nightscape. She can speak about them to no one: not only are they secret, she knows the things she faced and sins she committed are beyond what Equestria can handle.

Lyra Heartstrings wants her marefriend to spend the night with her, instead of retreating away to hide.

Even a mountain can be worn down by the rain, and now Bon-Bon must expose Lyra to what keeps her up at night.

Written for the LyraBon Contest, which it won!

Featured 09/27/2022!

And now with a live reading from Skijarama!

Reviewed by PaulAsaran, with a rating of Pretty Good!.

Featured in Equestria Daily's 15 More Awesome Lyra and BonBon Fanfics To Read on 7/6/2023!

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They've forgiven Starlight Glimmer for her past. Despite everything that she had done, they forgave her. It is something wonderful, the power of forgiveness.

It is a shame she can't forgive herself.

edited by AHAUNTEDGHOST and crush'dx3
coverart stolen and edited from Cadillacdynamite

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Hey, it’s Wallflower. I’m not at the phone right now, but you can leave a message, or text me. Or don’t. You probably dialed me by mistake. Beep.” 

Wallflower has a history of depression. One night when Sunset can’t get through to her, she’s forced to go and look for her with the help of a friend. Where could she have gone? Is it too late? Sunset will make sure it isn’t. Wallflower deserves so much more.

Third place finalist for Scampy’s SunFlower shipping contest.
Thanks to Majadin , HapHazred , and RainbowDashSonicFast for prereading!

Massive TW: This story talks very heavily about suicide and suicidal thoughts. If you are having similar thoughts, or thoughts of self-harm, please reach out to someone you trust, or call a hotline. Things will get better, you are not alone. If you need to talk about anything, or even just to make a new friend, my messages are open. Please stick around for the next story.

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It has been nearly a thousand years since Twilight Sparkle died. Celestia and Luna are gone. The Holy Equestrian Diarchy, ruled by a bigoted and brutal theocracy, has driven ponies apart and divided them along tribal lines. Unicorns are driven from society, feared and hated.

The lessons of friendship, painstakingly written down in the journal of friendship by Princess Twilight and her friends, have been warped and twisted to fit the Diarchy's hateful ideology. But to the average pony, this is the truth and reality of the world they live in, beset on all sides by enemies monstrous and magical.

Emberglow, a young pegasus mare, aspires to join the elite Knights, magically enhanced warriors dedicated to the holy Saints worshiped by the state religion. Can she uncover the lies and deceptions that have led the world to this bitter place?

Thanks to QueenChrysalisForever for prereading Chapters 1-24. Prereader for chapters 29-31 is MrRTS.
Prereading for chapter 34-? by Horsetorian
Additional pre-readers: bananachips/CommissarVulpin, Thought Prism, Chyre
Special thanks to my amazing editor, Cyonix
Cover Art by JodTheCod

Note on timing: I began writing this long before Season 9 aired, so none of those events happened as far as the narrative of this story is concerned.

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Edit: Featured 8/7/20! Yay and Thanks!

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An incident lands Gallus in trouble. The biggest trouble he's ever been in. Because of it, he's now forced to confront and talk about the one thing he never wanted to address: his parents.

Thanks to Scyphi for helping me edit this.

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It has been a year since I last saw her when she appeared on my doorstep, strangeness in her eyes and a mumbling under her voice.

She asked for my help to investigate a peculiar object, which once held an odd ancient magic. But it's benign now, she said.

It's benign now.

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