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The eternal night of Nightmare Moon’s reign is a harsh and unforgiving time, and growing food during it proves to be a most difficult affair. When famine hits, Applejack believes she has a good idea on how to fix the problem.

Now with a reading by Skijarama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX1J0EIWPA8

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When ponies say they'll do anything to achieve some goal, they rarely mean it. Morals, ethics, common sense, physical limitations, something will stand between them and true, full commitment to fulfilling the task ahead of them.

A mare raised from foalhood by Equestria's last true alicorn is not so limited. Even methods that alicorn hesitates to use are fair game as far as she's concerned.

Misty is about to make her mentor either very proud or very angry. Possibly both.

A belated G5 Halloween tale written when inspiration struck.

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Bon-Bon struggles with the memories of her life in S.M.I.L.E. - the tensions and horrors of it haunt her nightscape. She can speak about them to no one: not only are they secret, she knows the things she faced and sins she committed are beyond what Equestria can handle.

Lyra Heartstrings wants her marefriend to spend the night with her, instead of retreating away to hide.

Even a mountain can be worn down by the rain, and now Bon-Bon must expose Lyra to what keeps her up at night.

Written for the LyraBon Contest, which it won!

Featured 09/27/2022!

And now with a live reading from Skijarama!

Reviewed by PaulAsaran, with a rating of Pretty Good!.

Featured in Equestria Daily's 15 More Awesome Lyra and BonBon Fanfics To Read on 7/6/2023!

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There has been a crime most foul in Ponyville! However, Twilight Sparkle is on the case, and she has finally gathered all of the suspects under one roof.

Tonight, she will discover the truth.

Tonight, one pony will face the justice they so richly deserve.

Tonight, she throws the book at them!

Featured 8/20! You guys rock - and deserve a free library card or some overpriced coffee!

Click here for a whole dang reading of the story! It’s now available on YouTube!

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It's a beautiful day in the city of Cantershot, and Princess Killestia isn't taking Twifight Sparkill's suspicions seriously. How is she supposed to defeat an Ancient Good if she has to travel to Ponykill to make more minions? All the ponies there are crazy! And who is this strange creature with mismatched limbs that keeps trying to interfere with Spike's day?

This is a crackfic. It is a crackfic I have taken way too seriously. Please don't read into the crackfic, it's entirely an excuse to come up with a bunch of super edgy pony name substitutions.

Edit: Now with an excellent reading by Skijarama!

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Shining Armor comes back home after the yearly Equestria Wargames Competition only to find his citizens panicking, his royal guard failing and his daughter on the throne with his wife nowhere to be found.

Or Cadence leaves her ten year old daughter in charge of the Empire and goes on vacation.

Written for the Cadence is a Terrible Mom Competition

Special Thank You to Skijarama for his reading of this story!

Special Thank You to Baineblade For Editing and putting up with my comma fetish and random capitalizations.

Original art by Its-Gloomy

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On a visit to the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pieces together clues and evidence to paint an unmistakable conclusion: her so-called friend Rarity has somehow seduced her brother Shining Armour into betraying his beloved wife. There is no possible other explanation. She must confront this homewrecker and expose the truth!

UPDATE: There is now a voice recording of Homewrecker, by Skijaramaz - Tone Shift. It is very high quality. Check it out right here!

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It was a dark and stormy day when I began the next chapter of my latest book, which was concerning, given that it had been sunny just moments before.

Featured 1/13/2022 - 1/17/2022!

* Post-S7 finale.
* Edited by Double R Forrest.
* Cover art by the awesome KamDrawings.
* Live reading by Skijarama.

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The fruit of Sweet Apple Acres are grown with skill, experience, and love.

That last part makes them nutritious for changelings, a fact which Applejack is only now about to learn. But the changelings themselves have known for a long time – after all, they are some of her closest friends.

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In a botched attempt at creating large-scale wormholes, Twilight Sparkle finds herself in an extremely strange and hostile space.

Or rather, lack of a space. And she isn't alone.

(SCP-3001 is one of my favorites for just how depressing and disturbing it is, and I felt compelled to do something with it. SCP-3001 was written by "OZ Ouroboros". You can find the SCP itself here, and the SCP wiki here. Cover art was drawn by u/Hydronteu, which you can find here.)

(Now with a glorious audio reading by Skijaramaz/Tone Shift, which you can find here!)

(Reviewed by PresentPerfect!)

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