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This story is a sequel to Lovesickness

Following the lovesickness debacle, your relationship with Chrysalis has been strained. Your deal still stands, but... things are different now. And with some troubling rumors going around about your favorite bug, her motivation to leave the house has only gone down.

However, that doesn't mean you've given up on her. You still believe in her ability to do the right thing, and it is that belief that caused you to get into an altercation with some of your closest friends. But when that altercation escalates as a result of Chrysalis's actions, you find yourself taking on a serious injury that could very well be fatal.

It comes as a shock to everyone when Chrysalis scoops you up and makes a break for it. Although her motivations are unknown, it seems that she is dead set on keeping you away from the ponies that could help you.

But with no friends to assist her, where can Chrysalis even run to, and what could she possibly be planning?

Chapters (7)

For a thousand years, Canterlot Castle has stood as a bastion of order, hope, and prosperity for all. In those thousand years, there have been some off days.

Today happens to be one of those days. Unfortunately.

Chapters (4)

Anonymous leaves Ponyville to pursue a quiet office job in Manehattan. While he finds the possibility of new love in his future, he finds that his past from Ponyville isn't willing to give him up so easily. Some mares just don't know when to stop.

Who will Anon choose? His past life, Fluttershy? The mysterious Autumn? Or, perhaps the troubled Mulberry?

Chapters (16)

Shady Fortune is an ambitious stallion. The old manor outside of town is an ancient eyesore. Where most ponies would see a tear-down job long-gone undone, Shady instead sees potential and beauty in the decrepit old house.

But he's not the only thing living in Buckwheat Manor, and Shady will soon learn that not all spirits remain at rest.

This story has a dramatic reading by Skijarama, which you can listen to here. Thanks!

Chapters (2)

After living with Nightmare Moon for a while (due to extenuating circumstances), Anon starts to notice a few oddities in her behaviour. Ones he understands all too well, and ones that are fresh on the mind.

In an effort to help her before it gets any worse, he drags her out of Ponyville for a night to talk about life's problems. And maybe cuss out her sister once or twice.

Chapters (2)

Note: This is a side story to "Everyday Life With Guardsmares", but you don’t have to have read that first. All you need to know is that these batponies were created a thousand years ago when Nightmare Moon was banished to the Moon, and developed their own militaristic culture there in anticipation of Her return. They assaulted Royal Guard strongholds during that event, but had to submit when Luna rejoined her sister in peaceful co-rulership. Also, they're Spanish.

After years of poor relations following Nightmare Moon's defeat, a Royal Guard attaché officer sent to improve relations with the batponies and learn more about their alien military culture & traditions is permitted to attend their "Caça de Bruixes": the "Witch-Hunt", a harrowing ritual in which one of their number is willingly given over to a dark power in order to allow other warriors the chance to learn how to fight the possessed monster under semi-controlled conditions. The Maestro Cazador, the Master of the Hunt, presides over the affair and is responsible for the safety of everyone involved.

This story was originally written for the 2022 SPOOK contest.

Chapters (1)

Despite Princess Luna being rescued from the cruel embrace of Nightmare Moon and returned to her sister’s loving side, there is a dark secret of death and betrayal lurking in the moon’s shadow. Soon it will threaten the Royal Sisters’ reunion and ignite the flames of their deadly conflict again, unless a mere child can show them the way.

The last Nightguard is coming. Nothing will stop him until his nemesis is destroyed, not even death.

Fantastic cover art by Harwick
Now featured on Equestria Daily

Editors include: Tek, Irrespective

Chapters (25)

This story is a sequel to Pray, Hope and Wander

Case Report: Update - May 2nd
Submitted by: Verdant Vines
Location: Ponyville
Date: May 2nd
Case: Ponyville Mass Disappearance (#3467)
Classification: Top Secret

White Clover,

Given the new writings included in the addendum to the provided journal transcription, I’ve elected to continue our investigation through conversing with whoever, or whatever, is on the other side of it. They claim to be Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's personal student. I’d like to request that Princess Celestia is not informed of this possibility until we can verify their identity.

As such, from this day forward I will be sending daily reports before sundown with transcription of our conversations, along with any thoughts I have. Included with these documents is a formal request of personnel transfer for Doctor Blue Sky to my team in order to assist with any psychological evaluations related to the writer of the journal. His team will continue to support evaluations of personnel working the case.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip, Petrichord, and KorenCZ11 for their help with feedback.

A print version of all the stories in this series can be found here. (There is currently a printing error I am working to correct. This will be available again soon.)

Chapters (31)

It's easy for a small pony to feel lonely in the vastness of the modern world, but what happens when that loneliness leads to complete abandonment? For one such mare faced with that reality, she must choose between a promise of hope and love, and the reality of despair.

A short inspired by anonymous art done on a /mlp/ draw board on 7 Oct 2022.

Featured on 14 October 2022 - Thank you to the anonymous artist who drew the cover picture!

Chapters (1)

Wallflower is bored, alone, sad, and hungry, just like any other day, but when she goes to order food, a sushi restaurant gives her an offer that would fix these three things. With the cutest deliverer.

Inspired by the artwork from the talented BranewashPV (who's also responsible for Balloon To The Moon), and written for Sunflower Day, also known as Scampy's Birthday.

Edited and pre-read by the very cool people Gay For Gadot and daOtterGuy

Chapters (1)