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Much like the Sun's passage overhead, ages come and go. The land of Equestria is going through a change, much like it has countless times throughout the aeons, yet it is bitter sweet. For one ancient ruler, almost older than time itself, the dusk quickly approaches...

Artwork by CBTwilight

Author's Note
This is my personal sendoff to G4. I honestly can't say if G5 will live up to its predecessor, but I felt like trying to bridge the gap between what we know and what is soon to be...

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The world ended.

That, at least, is what it sounded like. Screaming, howling, and then deathly silence.

A month later, Cheerilee and Scootaloo emerge from their shelter in search of food. As they search among the dead bodies of their friends, only one question comes to mind:

Where are the unicorns?

Cover art by MirAmore on Twitter


Written for the Quills and Sofas Cheerilee contest.

Featured on May 18th, 2021!

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Rainbow Dash's morning was pretty much ruined.
She tripped getting out of bed and landed flat on her face, giving herself an aching muzzle.
She forgot to buy her favorite brand of hay flakes at the store yesterday and had to eat plain toast for breakfast.
She found out she had to pull double-duty today and tomorrow on the weather patrol.
Oh, and she found a nearly-dead foal, broken and bleeding at the edge of Ponyville.

The rest of her day became a whirlpool of stress and worry but the colt woke up, thank Celestia.
Something's not right, though. Nopony can find his parents, he's not in the registers, and there's an unsettling look in his eye...


Chinese Translation by forgivenlove

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This story is a sequel to Big Trouble in Little Pony Town

Shouldered with an oversized and unintelligible guest, Anon does his best to acclimate to what is apparently his new domestic routine. Unfortunately for him, a rough start of the morning is only the beginning of yet another day of misadventures...

Artwork by AnonTheAnon (Twitter @RealAnonTheAnon)
Big shout-out to MiddyNight (Twitter @Middynight_) for helping with the Scottish accent for her!

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Anon feels like bonding with the pony personification of the sun; Princess Celestia. More specifically, he feels like sexually bonding with her.

Princess Luna doesn’t know how to feel about that.

WARNING: Profanity, and I mean a ridiculous amount of profanity. Also sex jokes, because bottom of the barrel humour has been fermenting the longest.

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The human known as Anon is sick and tired of the rules of the universe—at least the one he’s found himself in at the moment. So he decides to pick a fight with the pony equivalent of Jesus.

Nothing good ensues.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard

Between castle gossip, professional rivalries, a blooming romance, and a mysterious malefactor still at large, Decurion Twilight Sparkle has a lot on her plate. Hopefully, she'll make a few new friends as she moves towards the destiny she's chosen for herself.

As per usual, big thanks to Magello for the rad cover art!

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There has never been an athlete like Rainbow Dash. The sprints. The marathons. The land speed record. She held them all.

Until she didn't.

Until she had only one left... and met the pony that might take it from her...

(This is an idea I've had for a while. I hope you like it. Yay, completed stories.)

Spanish: Thanks Spaniard for the translation.

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A horse appears semi-regularly. A magical horse. Mainly she comes to relax and take up space. She's polite and friendly but it did take some getting used to.

Still. Worse things have happened.

A reading by Straight To The Point Studio.

And by me.

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(My interpretation of Vdrake77's Idol Hooves during the Canterlot wedding)

*Edits for the first two chapters kindly provided by Airy Words!

Idol Hooves, is the only changeling in the entire Equestrian Guard and has been proudly serving for over a decade( while disguised). His enlistment buddy and friend, Shining Armor, the current Captain of the Guard is finally taking the next step to officially becoming Princess Cadence' s personal guard, 24/7.

With most guard being reassigned to the wedding, Idol (by Luna's demand) is given the temporary assignment to Princess Luna's guard given the shortage of Night Guard.

Now, after another all-nighter looking for potential threats and with Idol's persistence, Luna finally agrees and turns in for the day. With Idol Hooves being the sole guard watching Luna's door, a promise was made that could ruin Eqauestria.

Princess Luna will get her well deserved rest, and nothing short of Princess Celestia herself will wake the deathly tired princess.

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