• Published 15th Jul 2014
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Office Love - Flutterpriest

Anonymous leaves Ponyville to pursue a quiet office job in Manehattan. While he finds the possibility of new love in his future, he finds that his past from Ponyville isn't willing to give him up so easily.

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Part 1 - Chapter 2: Let's Set Things Straight

"Fluttershy! What the hell?! What are you doing here?!" You exclaim as the mare wraps her hooves around you. Your boss shoots a strong gaze of disapproval.

"I studied real, real hard and decided to follow you." She replies, her eyes full of pride. A wide smile adorns her face, looking up to you like a puppy awaits a treat after doing a trick.

"What about your animals?" You ask curiously. This is so unlike Fluttershy. The pony that loves animals, in the big city?

"They will be fine. They know how to fend for themselves." She replies calmly and without a second thought. You groan and push her back into her seat and off of your body.

"I didn't want you to follow me!"

"But, Sweetie-” She retorts in a downtrodden tone.

"I'm not your sweetie Fluttershy. This is freakin creepy and I just want you to stay away from me!"

"She can't, Anon." Brand interjects, taking a photo from the top of his desk and shoving it into a drawer.

"Why?!"You yell, your anger redirected to your boss. What in the hell has he done!

"Now she's your secretary,” brand says calmply “You need to train her and give her work to do. She's your responsibility." An awkward silence fills the room and dread fills your soul.

"Brand... can I speak to you in private?" You ask calmly. He looks at you, and then to Fluttershy, and then nods.

"Fluttershy, if you don't mind." Brand asks the yellow pegasus kindly. Fluttershy nods and then leaves the room, but she grazes her hoof against your side on her way out the door. You close the door behind her, gently assisting her on the way out with a forceful shove.

"Sir, can I speak to you as an equal, and not have this on the record?" You ask with a smile, sitting in a chair across from his desk and folding your legs.

"Go ahead Anon."

"What the flying fuck are you thinking!" You scream at him.

A flash of anger crosses the face of your boss. Clearly you are testing his patience."Well, let's see. She had the best test scores that we've seen in ages. We were planning on giving you a promotion soon, so that you can have the secretary. She seemed cute and nice and mentioned that she knew you. It was the perfect fit Anon."

"Still, you didn't talk to this with me at all. I don't even want a secreta-” Suddenly your slow mind decides to catch up with Brands words, forcing you to sit up straighter. “Did you say promotion?"

He nods to you with the faintest hint of a smile. You place a hand to your temple trying to recalculate your argument with the new information.

"But I've only been here for a month!"

"I know."

"That can't be right."

"It's true. She's all yours if you take the position."

"WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!” You reel back at the revelation, as you try to make sense of it. "I'm not sure what to make of this yet. Besides I still have more questions. Like for example, what was the picture that you put in your desk? You aren't being blackmailed are you?" You lean in not giving him a chance to speak. Brand sits back in his chair slightly. "Listen. This chick, is messed up Brand. I don't want you getting hurt, my friend. I've got your back."

He sighs and casts you another disappointed look. "I'm not." He pulls the picture back out. It's you and Brand from your first day. The two of you got drinks together at some pub since it was your first week in Manehattan. He puts it back in his desk.

"Now then, she seems like a nice mare. As your friend, I really think that you should just suck it up and take it like a man." Brand says in a non-business tone.

You sigh and bring your other hand to your face and rubbing your eyes. "Is there no way out? I mean, is she going to be hired if I take the position or not?"

"None. She's hired if you take the promotion or not. She will just be under me instead of you."

There has got to be a way to get her out of here. Someway.

"Brand. How was HR able to allow you to hire someone that was... dare I say it... involved with me."

"I think you are underestimating how well she did Anon,” He pulls up her file and places it in front of you. "Look for yourself."

You scan through the files. It's all right here, in vivid detail. Every number is perfect. Every comma is in the right place. Her handwriting is almost as if it were a typewriter.

"How long did it take her?" You ask curiously.

"She completed the 60 minute test in 30 minutes. Perfectly. Only one other person aced the test."

"Me... in 29." You answer flatly.

"That's right. We assigned her to you so we could have the two best candidates on a single team."

This resume is extremely impressive for an animal caretaker in Ponyville. It looks like she seriously went to work after you left.

"So, HR waived a bunch of flags to try and make this happen. They think the two of you could make major waves in the company."

"But Brand,” You answer, trying desparately to keep her out of your life. “She is a complete slut!"

"Not my problem," Brand says sternly. “And I expect that you will treat your employees better than that after you leave this room.”

"Well. Great. Sounds like my hands are tied, but I will accept it on one condition." You answer with a sigh.

"Tell me." Brand asks curiously.

"If she starts doing shit in the office to me, I will resist it. I don't want my head on the chopping block for her actions." You state authoritatively.

"That can be arranged."

"Also, I want to be able to record everything that happens at my cube so-”

"Office." Brand interrupts.


"Office. You are getting a new office." Brand corrects you.

"Oh.” You answer, slightly dumbfounded. “W-well can I record what she does in my office?"

"Whatever floats your boat. I just want you to be happy Anon, but there is only so much I can do. I'm still your boss. I can't fire people because of their personality."

"Fine. Thanks Brand." You stand up and get ready to leave the office.

"Anon?" Brand asks before you hit the door. You turn to him.

"I didn't expect everything to go so wrong. I'm sorry. I guess I should have asked you before I did anything. I just wanted it to be a surprise. Maybe we should grab drinks after work. It was going to be my own way of saying congrats for the promotion... but now in this light..."

"Yeah... sure. I'm going to need one after today."

"Good luck buddy. I'm pullin for you." Brand concludes with sympathy.

You exit the office and the hallway is empty. You might as well head to your desk at this point. When you get to the desk, your things are all packed up and in boxes. There is a small note on the boxes. "Took care of this for you. Your office is down the hall, third on the left. - FS"

Huh. Well that's nice.

But, she still rifled through your things. You grab a few boxes and carry them to your office. As you enter, you see Fluttershy is sitting in your nice office chair waiting for you with a smile.

"Anon, W-" She begins.

"Stop."You command forcefully. She falls silent. You put on your best boss's voice. It's time to nip this problem in the bud before it begins. "It appears that we shall be working together, Miss Fluttershy. While we have an... interesting history, I am hoping that our current relationship will be productive business-wise. I am willing to forgive past transgressions, if, from this moment forward we both act in a professional manner towards one another. No hiding under my desk trying to 'pleasure' me, no stalking, or any of that. Consider it a 'get off my black list free' card. If you choose to revert to old habits, not only will you disappoint me, but I assure you, the results will not be to your liking."

She remains silent. She scribbles some notes down in her notebook. “I understand Anon. Now may I continue?"

"Yes, Fluttershy. Fire away."

"I wanted to know if you would like to go over your schedule for today?"

Her question shocks you. Down to business already? "Yeah, what's on my plate."

"Well, I scheduled some time so that you could introduce me to the system that's used here, but also some time so that you could get set up in your new office."

"Sounds like the morning is pretty well covered then."

She nods, reading her notes carefully. "Then this afternoon, you have one quick meeting right after lunch, and then the rest of the day is free."

You gotta admit, she keeps you organized.

"Perfect. Sounds great."

"Uhm, one last thing... boss, if you don't mind me asking..."

You put on your best professional tone again. Being Fluttershy's boss might not be so bad after all. "Yes, Miss Fluttershy?"

"Would you like to go to lunch today? I would like to discuss something with you... considering that we will be working together now..."

There it is. You knew it was coming."That should be fine, but I brought my lunch. If you would like to talk business over lunch, I would be fine with that."

"T-thank you, sir." She stutters and takes careful hoofsteps out of your office.

Your morning flies by, but you still check every corner and under your desk to watch for funny business. Zero tolerance is going to be your policy about any sort of bullshit that happens to you. Next thing you know, you hear a knock at your office door.

"It's open."

Fluttershy opens the door and turns on her polite voice. "It's time for the tutorial sir..."

"Of course, let's head to your desk."

You walk with her to her desk and it's still fairly empty. A framed photo of you and her when the two of you first met in Ponyville sits next to a much smaller picture of Angel Bunny."

She has a few sample files set aside and sits in an extra chair that she pulled up for the tutorial. You pull out one of the files and begin to explain how to fill them out properly as carefully as possible.
She begins taking the numbers and running the processes like a fish in water. You shift gears, and begin to check for comprehension.

"So now what would we do here?" You ask.

"Take the estimate and remove the percentage of the estimate that would be labor hours, and then do the same for the other estimate. Fill this box with the rate that has the highest material cost."

"Great, looks like you got the hang of it. Why don't you nail out the other two files while I'm watching, and if you have any questions, just feel free to ask."


You sit back and give her the good chair, and watch as she does her work. When she gets working on the paper work, she seems like a totally different mare from the person that you used to know. But, that doesn't mean that she isn't calculating a plan.


Yes, Miss Fluttershy?"

"How do these look?" She asks, handing you some papers. You review the files, and find them perfect, as if they were your own work.

"Well, you are exceeding my expectations Fluttershy. Good job. If you need anything I'll be in my office. Don't be too shy to ask." You say with the best smile you can muster. Standing up, you head back towards your office.

"Oh, um, sir?"

You turn to her. "Yes?"

"You will want these." She hands you two keys on a simple keyring. "They are the keys to your office. They were dropped off earlier today."

"Uh, thanks." You answer, slightly taken aback. Why does she have your office keys?

"Also, one more thing."


"I would prefer, while in the office, if you would continue to call me 'Miss Fluttershy'."

You look at her in shock. She doesn't want a more casual way of being addressed? "Very well Miss Fluttershy. Thank you for the keys." She smiles and nods. "I'll see you at lunch."

On your way back to your office, you closely examine your keys. They don't look copied. Yet, then again, how would you know? Just another nagging worry in your head. Time flies as you get some work done and ponder what the endgame for Fluttershy is. Next thing you know, you hear the familiar knock.

"Lunch?" The quiet feminine voice asks from your door.

"Yeah, sure. Where should we go?"

"I was thinking the nearby park?" She suggests.

"That should be fine."

You grab your sack lunch and leave with her to the elevators. The walk is fairly silent until the two of your leave the building. As the two of you towards the park, she makes her first sentence.

"So, um, do you know any good places to live around here?"

Once again, she takes you aback with such a simple question."Well, it depends, what sort of market are you looking at?"

She smiles. "You tell me, you sign the paycheck."

Oh. Yeah. That's right. "Well do you at least have a nice down payment?"

She nods. "I sold most of my things in Ponyville to join you here. I... um, kinda put all my eggs in one basket."

Why would she do that? How could she do that? Didn't her friends try to stop her? "I see. Well, there are a few options."

You begin to tell her about some of the places that you looked at before moving. They were all really nice places and you liked them enough, you just loved your place the most. She thinks over the information carefully.

"I see. How much is the nice, cozy place that you have? I really liked the modern kitchen."

You never mentioned anything about your home.

This is the last thing that you wanted to encourage, but you might as well give her some facts. It was about 800 a month, but after expenses and saving money...

"My place is about 1000 a month." You answer flatly.

"Oh my. That's really expensive. I know that they had a few open ones on your floor. I'm sure I could try and make something work."

"Well... What do you have for right now?" You ask.

She blushes and looks away from you. The two of you have now entered the park and head towards a bench. "I-I think I should be okay... for tonight."

"Fluttershy," You look at her like a father catching his daughter up in a lie. "Where are you sleeping tonight?"

She won't look at you. "I-It's dry and safe. P-plus it will give me more time to negotiate a better rent."

You stay silent, and unpack your lunch. As the two of you begin to eat in silence, she seems to relax. "May I ask where?"

She mildly chokes, and looks at you with a look of defeat in her eyes. "The alley behind your apartment..."

"I see. Well, as your boss, I have an extra couch for you to crash on." She looks up at you in shock and amazement.


"Of course I'm serious. You are my employee and I need you in tip top condition on the job. That means a roof over your head. Sleeping in alleys leads to undue stress, which could lead to other problems further down the line." Her smile is one of the biggest that you have ever seen on a pony. She looks down into her lunch with a wide grin and begins to finish her lunch."We may not have the best of histories, but I was being honest when I said we had a blank slate. This is not however an invitation of any kind to begin your old ways again. You are my secretary, as well as an old acquaintance. I can't have you mugged or getting sick."

"You are so sweet, Anon, but I can assure you that there will be no more... guessing."

You stop yourself from jumping from joy at her words. A new feeling of freedom and trust begin to wash over you.


The two of you finish your lunch talking about how different it is being in the big city. You mention a few new books that you have been reading, and suggest to her a heart throbbing one about animals that she may like. Thinking of books makes you think back to Autumn and you spin the phone in your hands, only half paying attention to Fluttershy. With Fluttershy crashing on your couch until she has her own place, what are you going to do about her?

"Well, looks like we got one last meeting today, so let's head back."

Things seem to be going really peacefully now. Yet, one thing still nags you. The way that she said she wouldn't guess anymore was a little weird. Plus, you never said a thing about your place. Now that the two of you were inside of the office, she was back to all business mode. There was no point in asking now.

"Where's the meeting?"

“Third floor. I've got the materials for the meeting up on your desk."

"Thank you, Miss Fluttershy." Her face goes pink and the two of you begin the long trek up to the second floor.” The elevator is empty with the exception of you and her. "So what do you have planned for this afternoon?" You ask.

"It looked like Zephyr had some things that he wanted double checked from you, so I was going to review it for you and tell you what I think." You look at her, with a surprised and curious expression. This issue wasn't brought up to you earlier. Instantly, she seems to shatter. "That is... um. If t-that's okay with you."

"It's fine, I just didn't hear about this yet. I guess I'm just not used to having a secretary yet. Good work." She smiles and blushes. "Just let me take a look at it too when you are done. If it looks good, I'll let you take care of more on your own from now on."

She nods and the two of you leave the elevator. The files you need are all set and ready on your desk. Even organized perfectly. As you leave your office, Fluttershy brings you a cup of coffee.

"Thanks, Miss Fluttershy." She goes red and returns to her desk. Something doesn't seem right here.

Out of habit of Fluttershy's old antics, you pour a bit of the drink into a nearby potted plant. You slowly head towards the elevator, seeing if there is any immediate effect. It didn't instantly wilt or burst into flames. Huh. You taste the coffee. It's not bad. In fact, it's amazing. You kinda want that bit that you put in the plant back now. You get in the elevator and have one of the best meetings of your life.

Heading back down to your desk, you put your coffee on a coaster and see Fluttershy's work sitting on your desk for your review. You know... this might not end up so bad. Things look like they are beginning to turn out alright after all. You check the clock with a smile, and to your joy it looks like there is only about 3 more hours for today. Let's get some work done before you get drinks with Brand.

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