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It all began innocently enough. Mickey asked Donald and Goofy to help him find an anniversary gift for Minnie, and settled upon a gorgeous antique mirror.
Unknown to the unwitting buyers, there is another world just beyond the surface of the glass.
Through the magic mirror, all manner of villains, cutthroats and other evils have found their way in, and begun to wreak havoc to steal all the magic they can from the peaceful kingdom of Equestria.
In dire need of a hero, the source of Harmony in the kingdom sends for help, only for the saviors to be nothing more than a plucky little mouse, a hot-headed duck, and a dim-witted dog.
Will the three be able to save the kingdom of friendship? Only their adventure will tell as they journey through the magical kingdom, and uncover the mystery of the missing magic.

Chapters (69)

"The stars shall aid in her escape," it said.

It never said anything about a space bridge.

Megatron and his elite warriors had expected to teleport from the Oregon desert to Earth's moon. Instead they found themselves in pony bodies, stripped of most of their power, and forced to learn how to live like other organic life forms.

But Megatron has a plan. He will bide his time, learning about this new world and its new potential while his underlings try to find a way back to their home universe. If he can figure out a way to overthrow Celestia and conquer this land of ponies before then, so much the better.

This, of course, requires that his subordinates not act like idiots... and while he can count on Soundwave and Ravage, the same can't be said of Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Thundercracker or Skywarp.

And especially not Starscream.

A series of slice-of-life stories (with a little adventure) in which some of Ponyville's background ponies are more than... well... you know.

Cover artwork commissioned from Jason Meador. (From left to right: Megatron, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Starscream, Ravage.)

Chapters (5)

Equestria is gone.

In its place a barren and inhospitable wasteland, inhabited by the worst of ponykind's darkest nightmares. But some small remnants of the old ways survive, clinging to a harsh and unforgiving existence constantly on the edge of oblivion. These lucky few are the descendants of the nation of friendship, the survivors of magical cataclysm and the harshest punishments ponykind could levy upon itself. Some hid themselves away in great underground vaults called the Stables, sealed away until Equestria was habitable once more.

However, there were other things that weathered the storm. Things hidden in dark places beneath the earth, concealed by their creators for use in the great war, before the creators were themselves destroyed. And here we find one such thing. A weapon, a device for killing that fed off the lives of its victims, artificially filled with spite and malice.

This weapon had a name, but he can't remember. This weapon had a life, now torn asunder. This weapon had a love, irretrievably lost.

And now he wants payback.

Chapters (7)

Ganondorf, King of Thieves, Lord of Darkness, Master of Evil and Wielder of the Triforce of Power, had long since grown thoroughly and completely bored with the path the gods had decreed for his destiny.

Time after time it was always the same, try and unite the Triforce, plunge the world into darkness for a time, search out and then kidnap Princess Zelda, watch his minions be defeated one after another and then finally battle Link for supremacy. Rinse and repeat.

All the while knowing that regardless of winning or losing, that no matter what he did or didn’t do, that in the end everything would end up repeating itself in another time and place afterwards, again, and again and again, in an utterly pointless never ending cycle.

Having decided that enough was finally enough, and refusing to continue to be a simple pawn at the hands of the gods, he vowed he would find a way to escape from his cumbersome destiny, a way to start anew far beyond the meddling grasp of the gods, a way to reach a realm upon which he could be the master of his own fate.

And after years of careful planning he had finally succeeded.

Sure, the fact he had to drag the know-it-all Princess and the green obsessed Hero along for the ride for his plan to work was a minor inconvenience, but he knew that sometimes sacrifices had to be made. And the fact that this new realm apparently decided to turn him and his two unwilling companions into miniature pastel colored ponies upon arrival also wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but he could cope.

After all, that was a negligible price to pay in achieving his deepest wish: freedom.

In this story Ganondorf, having grown sick of following through the motions his destiny placed before him as the eternal bad guy to be defeated time after time, seeks out to escape from his fate by breaking through the void between dimensions and running away from Hyrule to another realm entirely, Equestria, all the while dragging both Link and Zelda along for the ride.

Arriving long before the founding of the country, back before the events of Heart’s Warming Eve and at the highest point of the conflict between the Three Tribes, he and his two new companions will have to deal with a whole new world and it’s wonders and dangers. All the while this new magical world will have to learn to deal with its three new strange inhabitants in kind.

Just a warning: This is NOT a Displaced fic. All three main characters are the actual characters from the Zelda series that have been taken to Equestria due to Ganondorf’s master plan, and not humans turned into them.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!
Cover Art: The Incredible swagmu!
Proofreader: The relentless TranquilClaws!

Featured for the first time! 07/06/2018 to 07/11/2018

Chapters (20)

Barrett Biggs, also known as "Bad Luck Biggs" wanted nothing more than to escape his reclusive life. When he discovered a chance to fulfill his wildest dream, he believed that his bad luck had finally ended. However, when he ends up in the exact opposite of the world he expected, he realizes that life just isn't that generous. Now, surrounded by six effeminate stallions and no way home, Barrett must attempt to make the most of his new life. May Solaris have mercy on his soul. Which of course, he won’t.

Satire on harem anime, complete with fun tropes and nonsensical torture of the main character for everyone's enjoyment.

Collab with An Empty Shell, Vewpoint Robin and The Great Lord Inquisitor

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

But that new school Twilight is having built might be a bad place to start.

Chapters (168)

Sombra, the dreaded King of Darkness, was defeated and his body shattered, but his dark soul survived the return of the Crystal Empire and went into hiding. Some time later it found a path between worlds, a mirror portal, and arrived in a place called Hueco Mundo, where it gained a new body to start a new life. In the process Sombra loses his memories and becomes a shell of his former self, searching for something that he knows that he lost while having no idea where to find what he was missing.

Along the way he somehow finds his way to Karakura Town, into the hands of Kisuke Urahara, and learns more about his new body than he could have learned on his own, before coming into contact with Ichigo Kurosaki and his small group of friends. From there he starts an epic journey to help them save another friend from a terrible fate, fight the people that were in their way, and face an evil that was hiding in plain sight at the same time... along with finding out what happened to his missing memories.

(Bleach/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)
(Also, the story will not include the Fullbring or the Thousand Year War Arcs)

Chapters (75)

This is going to be a long mission.

I normally don't get involved in the timelines of other worlds aside from my own, but if this world is the reason the Supreme Kai of Time has gotten so riled up then it can't be good. Let's see...home to talking horses. Horses with magic. And wings. And a whole nation set up. Sure. I've seen weirder. But something is messing with the time stream, something that is constantly changing the time line of this world. And I can't allow that.

Guess it's my time to step in.

Trunks will be based off his future and xenoverse version. Yes, I like both.

Chapters (34)

The lands of Equestria aren't as safe as they once were.

What was once a gently trek across fields of beauty and wonder have changed to battles with spirits and death. Most ponies can't go a few miles without having to battle for their souls against ghosts and spirits, all who wish to drag them to the dead.

And to top it all off there's a creature that haunts a mountain at the edge of Equestria, a creature that no pony has ever fully seen. Fast as a blur and cold as the grave, none know who or what it is.

All we do know is that whenever it appears, it brings disaster with it.

This story is a bit of an experiment for me, so if things seems weird or don't add up all the time, that is why.

Chapters (40)

A month after Sunset Shimmer entered the portal that's located in the base of the Wondercolt statue, and disappeared without a trace, Adagio and her sisters decide that its time to investigate what really happened and see where the missing girl went. When they enter the portal themselves, however, they are brought to what appears to be another world without magic, until an explosion of some kind knocks them onto their backs and awakens something new inside them. Despite being wounded they help a survivor of the explosion to his feet and help him find his way back to his friends, while witnessing the power that woke up inside him.

When Cole MacGrath awakens from his ordeal he and the Dazzlings begin training with their new powers, while the Dazzlings try to control their excitement about having some sort of magical nature again, even if their new powers are different than their old ones. Once a few days pass the four of them venture out into the decaying city, determined to stop the Reapers and to find a way to save the city... while at the same time the Dazzlings learn what it means to truly be heroes.

(InFamous/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (50)
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