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Chrysalis was certain that it was the time to birth a successor to the throne after capturing all of her enemies. But her reign came to a swift end and she could no longer abstain the birth when she had finally begun. Her child was born under her sole protection. No changeling army to ward off her foes, no secure hive to leave her child in with complete safety.

But then she established a truce with Tirek and Cozy Glow and together they had attained the power of Grogar from the legends. Before her successor would hatch from its egg, she will attain a kingdom that is befitting of the next queen...But in the end, she failed yet again.

Peace was struck amongst many creatures in Equestria and they have lived plentifully of years of harmony and happiness. But what of the egg that only Chrysalis knew of? The egg that was now orphaned due to the power of friendship.

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Progress: 14/27+

Chapter 15: Monster Brawl

Cover art commissioned by Doodle-Mark


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So, I haven't read any stories of yours yet but I can tell that what you have written is of great quality based on the first one.

You might be one of my new favourite authors depending on how much I like the stories, they certainly seem like I would like them.

We need more authors with consistent, high-quality, stories of a decent length so as to get engaged in the universe.

I'm honored you feel that way about my writing. I actually have one more series I plan to publish later on (hopefully this April), but that has a ridiculous amount of world-building I have to work through. If you're curious about it, I don't mind sharing a concept google doc (11-page) of it for some feedback. I think I just need someone's seal of approval so I can feel comfortable drafting it.

I wouldn't be opposed to it.

I'm not the strongest with advice but I do feel like feedback is still helpful in all forms so if it helps I'd love to do it.

This is interesting I'm going to keep an eye on this just one question is this like after the coronation of Twilight or right after the final season episode

After the coronation. But the main story will begin at the timeskip to "The Last Problem".

Oooh I like the premise. Looking forward to more.

Just wondering but will this queen be evil, mischievous or something else? And will she feel on love or some other kind of emotion? Also, one last question, is it the queen that lays all the eggs in this story or can the subjects lay eggs too?

Ohh! Why do you make me feel these emotions! I hope wisteria doesnt find out that it could have been her that lead the royal guards to her home. But anyway, wisteria should be able to live in the forest with all her knowledge on it, and she might be able to learn some more magic from her pony friend whenever she comes to visit!


But, I can see wisteria beginning her travels around equestria to find her mother, hopefully she can (when she's old and strong enough) break her out of tarturus(the ponies really love sending people there)

my feeling are going to take a beating:eeyup:. you are going to hurt me i can tell, if there is light at the end please do not stop while its still in darkness, already one good story about sad changeling that i liked died before it got better and its still haunt me.:fluttercry:

but for all that is holy on this good earth, if thing have to go from bad to worst along the road, at least let it lead to a true ending.(a happy one please.:twilightsheepish:)

If Thorax and everyone else say the Wisteria has to reform so she doesn't have to be a monster. She'll see it as an insult to her and drain Thorax's love


Well couldn't wisteria just do what Chrysalis did before the wedding? Just sneak around draining emotion from parties (groups of ponies) but keep it at the level where no one notices? And she could set up her base deep in the everfree so it would be hard for people to stumble upon.


I wonder if wisteria will become the "princess" of equestria's underground drugs businesses?

And I'm going to guess that since luster is named and is a friend she's going to end up as an element bearer and/or take up twilight old position because coincidence' like this are natural in stories

I'm injoying this so far I can't wait for more but take your time I can wait it's getting interesting


already one good story about sad changeling that i liked died before it got better and its still haunt me.

There was? If possible, could you give me a link to it? I may need it for reference.


I'm not sure but I think it's the one where chrysalis dies at the wedding, but leaves a royal egg behind at the hive, she tells celestial about it and she sends the Indiana Jones rip off to get the egg, it stopped just as she found her mother's grave, hidden in the castle... she's also the last changling as every other one dies at the wedding too, cadence is depressed due to her part in the "genocide"

I can't find the story though... I'll continue looking (that is if this is the same story that was mentioned)

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.:trixieshiftright:

Yes, that's the story I was on about, there are some more that ended way to soon in my opinion, like Call me queenie and I am a pet changeling

this one indeed but also this one

and this one

and honestly most good story with changeling protagonist die an early death or never get finished, call me queenie, was and still is a unfulfilled piece of art.

Just some suggestions for revisions you might want to consider.

“Hah, you wouldn’t have what it takes to raise much less a baby pony.”

Reasonably sure their's something missing here. Might I suggest this revision? “Hah, you wouldn’t have what it takes to raise a baby pony much less my daughter.”

Discord, is to take precautions against any dangerous artifacts they might have left.

And within that hole lay a creature she had never quite seen before in her life.

Sorry for not answering but I was busy at work. That could work but who's to say some reform changelings or arrogant ponies would flap and rant their big mouths about them. Mocking their appearance, laugh at how they eat and call them a parasite.

It's in the description, says it's expected on the 10th and that there's a planned 27 chapters

A new chapter and the new Changeling Queen already turned Thorax into a monster. Loving her personality already

Another great chapter! Can't wait to see what you write next.

I'm really injoying this but this chapter got confusing regardless keep up the great work I can't wait for more

It did? If you don't mind, could you elaborate on which part got confusing? I would like to not repeat the same mistake.

What confused me was the jump from the second chapter to her raiding a village it just feels like I missed something in between that's all

Great chapter, and wicked witch of the East! That's quiet over the top and entirely in line with her character so far! And she does whatever she wants to do to... I have a feeling she's going to go and live in the everfree for a bit before running into luster, luster could then act as a messenger between wisteria and twilight, I wonder what magic wisteria should know but hasn't been taut?

She might know some illusion spells cause she hasn't been spotted but that could be up to know one looking for her... I do wonder...

I see what you mean. Perhaps I should improve on the transition the next time around to make it feel natural. Thanks for the critique!:twilightsmile:

She’s looking for Luster isn’t she?

will we see chrysalis in the future?
the story is great btw!

Hello, don't mean to be rude but when is the next chapter expected to be out? Just asking because the description says it's expected on the 17th... I'm not trying to rush you just asking

Sorry, my college assignments have been holding me up (finals week coming up). Plus, I've accidently set the chapter to be too long...again. I think it's starting to become a bad habit of mine. I think I'll splice things up to save time.

Again, I apologize for the inconveniences. The next chapter should be coming soon (hopefully today since it's nearly finished).

No, no,Take your time with it! I was just being impatient is all!

why do i feel like if chrissy and the others do get set free it will be by accident on wists part

I think Wist wants Starlight to tell her she's home and if she betrays her, she'll get dusted along with everyone in the school who gets a whiff of it.

I wonder will they ever find out who her real mother is I am loving this

I feel like wists have traits from three certain individuals her mama chrysalis, cozy and poison in her, *huff* predictable, wists may end up being starlight student she will learn about "magic of friendship" but not take to heart, she's dead set on becoming a witch with the inevitable return of her mother she may one day become a Queen. Queen of the witches. poison is not the only witch that exist...( i hope not) there may be a lot of creature that do witchcraft after all. Nice chapter can't wait for more.

I can agree with that. I mean if you constantly keep hearing about friendship from everyone in one place, you'll subconsciously refuse to accept it and refuse to believe in it. I guess Poison was right about seeing friendship as a cult.

Yea with sooooo many people talking about friendship where ever you go, and constantly preaching it to you, you will see it nothing more than a cult and.......wait a minute, is magic of friendship in equestria is nothing more than a disguised Imperial rule?

Yep, if you view it from outside of the view of Magic of Friendship. It's like a mandatory law that your force to follow.


So everyone who doesn't have a friend goes to the gulag?

More like constantly harassed until they accept it. To me at least.

“I don’t didn't think it would've taken me hours to find this place on my own.”

Twilight mentioned that this changeling was young. Perhaps her ideas are not as stapled as another queen she knew. Maybe this time may be different. Perhaps all that changeling needs is a little guidance. Maybe she can be her...

Bad idea... especially when she finds out what all of you did.

Cozy is gonna be so mad when she realizes she hasn't grown up at all, compared to her "Goddaughter".

“Well, maybe Starlight Glimmer can enlighten me then.”

What could Wist possibly want from her?

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