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    - December, 2014
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When Fluttershy introduced Mage Meadowbrook to Zecora, it was with the hope of fostering friendship. Yet, an unfortunate mishap and bitter words have led to something far different. There will be a duel, and Discord is more than happy to turn such a rare occurrence into the spectacle it deserves to be. Can Fluttershy, Twilight, and Pinkie help mend the budding friendship between Zecora and Meadowbrook? And what about Discord? Does he wish to fuel the flames of rivalry, or does he have a larger plan in store?

In the spirit of arena culinary combat, it’s time for Elixir Master!

Preread, Edited, and Reviewed By
El Oso, Illustrious Q, BronyWriter, Winston, Wanderer D, Level Dasher

Cover Art By

Chapters (7)

What happens when you throw a Roaming Princess, space exploring Pegasus, country equa-lion, meek vampire, and a haughty seapony into a modern waitress’s home with no explanation?

Confusion, destruction, and friendship as they try to find a way home. Followed closely by secret societies, forbidden magic, and a heaping of destiny as they battle to save their friends from a dark cult and rescue the world in the process.

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Ted Valiant has been running the Valiant and Valiant detective agency on his own since his father Eddie passed away. When Twilight Sparkle, one of the stars of the hit show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, goes missing, the studio calls Ted to find their missing actress.

Crossover with Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle will not pass up on an incredible opportunity. A batpony came to stay in Ponyville and is willing to share information. This would allow to finally fill all the gaps in Equestrian knowledge about their species. The questions are prepared, the tape is set. Let's start the interview!

5th place in the EQD Batpony Writeoff Competition (link)

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When Twilight receives a letter from one claiming to be a changeling, she is shocked. As she starts reading, however, she soon learns that there is far more to it than she ever suspected.

Reading by Goombasa.

The story had been translated to Russian: Here and Here

Special thanks to PoisonClaw for editing.

For the Weekly Prompt (changelings) of the Hazardous Writing Materials and Challenges

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One thing that was made clear to Luna during the Tantabus Incident was that the dream-fighting skills of everypony in Ponyville needed work. So she started an event to change all that.

Hilarity, chaos, awesomeness and friendships ensue.

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"So, um, do we walk back up the slide or... or what?"

And with that the ponies began their trek through Pinkie's party cave...

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A compilation (done with permission) of the following group: The Mailbox

The Mane Six have left Ponyville for the summer, each traveling to a different part of Equestria for different reasons. But a few months and a little distance can't stop their friendship!
This book collects the letters they send back and forth, telling each other about the new places they go and new ponies they meet, comforting each other when they get lonely or homesick, and keeping the spirit of friendship alive.

Rated Teen Sex for alcohol references and some innuendo.

Be sure to check out the Cast, Crew, and Extras chapter for links and titles of the side stories!

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The city is in a state of unrest. The bronies have been plaguing Equestria and the ponies have been treating them like dirt. Now, both communities believe that the only way to solve the problem, since neither side wishes to atone or forgive, is to fight it out. This leaves two friends, Apple Bloom and Black Gryphon, to come up with a solution and make peace between their respective neighborhoods. Will their efforts to mend the bond between the ponies and the bronies succeed, and what dark secrets will be uncovered in the process?

There's going to be a lot of characters, both canon and original, in this story so get ready. I won't be mad or surprised if you forget a few names.

Based on and inspired by AnimatedJames' PMV

Chapters (8)

While visiting Applejack's farm, Twilight comes across a creature she had not expected to find in the world of humans. Thankfully, Sunset Shimmer is there to help her along.

Chapters (1)
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